CDC Tips From Former Smokers – Jamason: “I Didn’t Know Why I Couldn’t Breathe”

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When I had my first
asthma attack, I was terrified, to be honest,
I was scared, because I didn’t know
what was happening, I didn’t know why I wasn’t able
to breathe. I didn’t know anything. I was just knowing
that I couldn’t breathe. I was at work,
and somebody was smoking, and it — it just got to me. I received a text message
from Jamason. And the text message said,
“Where are you?” And I said,
“I’m at home. Why?” And he said,
“Well, I’m trying to get air.” And I knew that that
was not a good sign. So I called my mother,
and she came and got me and took me to the hospital. And so I turned my flashers on,
my emergency lights on, like it was a siren, I guess, because I was driving fast. And I just held his hand,
because it was very scary. And I just held his hand,
and I told him to squeeze it every now and then just so I know
that he’s breathing. I didn’t want him to talk,
because I wanted him to save as much breath
as he could. Within a matter of minutes, they had him hooked up to an IV, they had a nebulizer hooked up, had him on
a breathing treatment — continuous breathing treatment. And they were just doing
everything they could to open up his lungs. When I was in the hospital, I was there for about
three to four days. And I wanted to go home,
but then again, I didn’t, because I knew in the hospital
there was no smoking. And outside of the hospital,
there was a lot of smoking, and I didn’t want to have to go
through that again. Secondhand smoke exposure triggers my son’s
severe asthma attacks.

46 thoughts on “CDC Tips From Former Smokers – Jamason: “I Didn’t Know Why I Couldn’t Breathe”

  1. Was nice meeting you and your mom in NCY Jamason, and thank you for helping me with my smart phone, problem with those things is you have to be smarter than the phone LOL! I wish you and your family the best and remember to speak life to all the kids around you! Thanks Man.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. Sad that you had to go through this but thanks to you and the CDC for getting the message out.

  3. there should be law against smoking outside in public. unless you at your own house or friend's house or bar/nightclub/restaurant that allows smoking.

  4. I hate when I go to a business, like a grocery store, etc, and there is staff outside smoking. Luckily for me I don't have breathing issues, but many people do. Someone shouldn't have to be exposed to other's smoke when going to a public place, like a grocery store, for things they need to live.

  5. Come to chicago. Politicians in chicago actually used their brains and passed laws against smoking inside of businesses. You are banned from smoking in: Gas stations, grocery stores, restuarants, schools, pretty much everywhere. Hopefully, most of the country will catch on to this, because it saves lives from second hand smoke.

  6. these ads need to be advertised more. after seeing just one of these ads, i promised myself that i would never smoke a cigarrette

  7. Second hand smoke is a lie. If you already have asthma then you should know not to stand around people that are smoking- common sense.

  8. they didn't mention anything about not having a history of asthma in the family…because that's what this probably is. It must have gone off from the smoke but its not like he got it..

  9. Massachusetts banned smoking inside all public buildings including bars and restaurants … Being a non smoker I really appreciate that law! I hated my mom smoking when I was young and vowed to never start

  10. My dad told me he completely regrets starting smoking. If he could, he'd go back and change it all. He's almost 58 and he's been smoking for 40-some odd years and hasn't slowed down since he was 15. He was on and off beginning at 14, but it got worse a year later and he hasn't stopped since and smokes a pack a day since he was 15. He's been mistaken a lot for my grandfather. I never started smoking and never will.

  11. I know what second hand smoke is.Is when someone is smoking cigarettes and someone is breathing the fumes.

  12. Back the hay day of smoking we where vary ignorant about the excessive dangers of it and the effects it has on everybody matter in fact you where allowed to smoke willy nilly in any building even at schools or doctor offices back in those days but today people are finding out that there is nothing really good that comes out of smoking and do to recent bans to curb secondhand smoke public places where smoking is permitted even outdoor places are becoming to be a hard to find site, ad's for cigarette sales that we used to see as a child in magazines T.V or on billboards are now a distance thing in the past replaced by anti smoking one like this  

  13. I have asthma as well. Its hard because I was very into sports and having asthma made it to difficult to participate. So I had to quit most of them. Running, plants, pets, dust, and smoke all give me hell when it comes to being able to breath.

  14. My heart goes out to everyone with asthma. People don't make it out to be as serious as it can be. My friend almost died from an athma attack, and she still continually has them and it's extremely hard to watch her struggle because I always want to help her but I can't.

  15. Whenever I hear these messages, it makes me sad and livid at the same time. It makes me sad that people have to go through this. I makes me livid because SOME smokers are so inconsiderate of others. They just pull out a cigarette and light it up without thinking. Do they care that some people have asthma, even allergies? If you want to smoke, stand far away from people. Don't come sitting next to someone and just light up. Utter ignorance -_-

  16. My Mom smoked and I had a severe asthma attacks a couple of times a month until I turned 13. so I had over a hundred with this experience of shear terror and being rushed to the ER. I literally died a dozen times or more. Bang! I was yanked back into my body by an injection into my heart. I am fortunate to still be here at 66.

  17. The time I turned blue in the back of Dad's car and was coughing and gasping for breath was the last time he ever smoked around me. Until then he had dismissed what I said about it bothering me. But that, however, scared him to death!

  18. l need to stop smoking it's soo Hard to quit smoking am 50 yrs old please help me, Godbless you's All keep the fight in Jesuschrist precious name okay Amen.💖

  19. If you read this, Jamason, I want to let you know how sorry I am that you had to go through that. You are not alone. I don't smoke either, but I work in a grocery store parking lot where smoking is much more common than it should be, and some of these smokers don't even care. In fact, a couple years ago, I was doing my rounds when out of nowhere I breathe in this cigarette smoke. There was a guy right behind me, and I didn't even see him until right after I breathed in his smoke. To add insult to injury, he asked me if I had a cigarette on me. I politely told him that I didn't, but inside, I was furious with him. I hope I never go through that again, and I hope just as much that you don't have to go through what you went through again.

  20. This is why I HATE AND DESPISE SMOKERS. I was diagnosed with asthma in my childhood. These people could literally kill me or seriously affect my health. This is also why I don’t and WILL NEVER smoke. EVER.

  21. Growing up everyone smoked around me. There's pictures of me sitting on family members laps and they have a cigarette in their hands. I never smoke and I was recently diagnosed with COPD…from second hand smoke. Nice isn't it? 😒

  22. My mom vapes now and my dad grandma an sometimes my sisters cape an it really helped my mom dad and grandma out a lot

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