CDC Tips From Former Smokers – Jamason: Please Don’t Smoke Near Me

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JAMASON: I have asthma attacks
pretty often, pretty frequently. Um, and I try to stay away
from cigarette smoke because it —
it triggers my asthma. And — and it — it hurts. When people are smoking around
me, I have to tell them, could they either put it out or
go down or some — just go away or something like that —
nicely but not meanly. But, yeah, I have to. Their reaction when they learn that secondhand smoke, um, affects people with asthma is, they’re like, “Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll — I’ll go somewhere else
and do it.” I’ve asked my friends
not to smoke around me, and some of them do it,
some of them don’t, and if they don’t, then we can’t
be friends anymore, because that is my life. And if you don’t care
about my life, then, uh, we can’t be friends. Secondhand smoke triggers
severe asthma attacks for all ages.

5 thoughts on “CDC Tips From Former Smokers – Jamason: Please Don’t Smoke Near Me

  1. It's a shame you have not read the actual studies done about second hand smoke Jamason.
    It is a fallacy as was proven by several studies but most notably by the WHO. 
    Most folks just buy into this crap that "second,third, fourth and tenth hand smoke kills people.
    It is shameful that our government and those in the realm of "public health" have only the desire to keep the cash flowing into their coffers by denying facts about safer alternatives {snus, snuff, chaw & ecigs} while making folks believe their fear mongering bs.
    They will tell any lie and stoop to any level.

  2. I developed bronchitis because my uncles smoked around me. It got me really sick, and I still hate when people smoke near me.

  3. I'm a COPD sufferer. I has asthma as a child, I couldn't breath in the sweetness of life. Mom smoked. Back then the doctors denied any connection between environmental secondhand tobacco smoke and asthma. I never realized that I could have asked her to stop. Please cut it out don't smoke around children.

  4. im asthmatic and second hand smoke also triggers my asthma – largely when i tell people they dont care or are really nasty about it. even if they're smoking somewhere they arent supposed to

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