CDC: Tips from Former Smokers – Jessica’s Asthma Ad

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My son, Aden, has asthma. Secondhand smoke has
triggered his asthma so bad to the point where he has
to end up in the emergency room. And he has spent multiple nights
in intensive care. Now he’s on a whole bunch
of medications. My tip to you is: Don’t be shy to tell people not to smoke around
your kids.

82 thoughts on “CDC: Tips from Former Smokers – Jessica’s Asthma Ad

  1. Back in the 1920's and 1930's taking up smoking was one of the "treatments" for asthma. Obviously it was a really bad idea! One of the things that can help reduce the trigger effects on people with asthma (including children) is awareness of the impact of over breathing. Significant reductions in asthma symptoms have been proven by learning methods that decrease what is called "hidden hyperventilation". This means that people can be over breathing – and it feels normal to them. More info.

  2. Banning tobacco products would be an issue for Congress, not a federal agency. CDC works to educate the public on how to prevent disease and lead longer, healthier lives. This campaign encourages smokers to quit by raising awareness of the human suffering caused by smoking and providing access to resources to help smokers quit.

  3. I have had asthma my whole life (not for smoking reasons – I was born with it). I always get so mad when I see people smoking around their kids. My parents would have done anything to prevent me from having asthma, and here these parents are carelessly putting their innocent kids at risk. My asthma is not severe, but it is still something I have to deal with on a daily basis. I know I'm lucky. I know many people's asthma is as bad as it is in the video. But I wouldn't wish any kind on anyone

  4. The CDC should be ashamed of its abuse of our love of our children for political ends, both in this ad and in their commenting. Feeding unreasonable phobias of children by encouraging them to "hold their breaths" whenever they smell smoke in the air and then telling them that even holding their breath won't protect them from inhaling toxic chemicals is so close to criminal child abuse that it's unbelievable!

    Michael J. McFadden
    Author of "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains"

  5. Government likes the revenue that comes in from 'em.

  6. The CDC should be ashamed of its abuse of our love of our children for political ends, both in this ad and in their commenting. Feeding unreasonable phobias of children by encouraging them to "hold their breaths" whenever they smell smoke in the air and then telling them that even holding their breath won't protect them from inhaling toxic chemicals is so close to criminal child abuse that it's unbelievable!

    – MJM

  7. Then if you're fighting against smoking and helping smokers quit aren't you effectively cutting down on the profit tobacco companies make? So you might as well just support the banning of tobacco products along the way.

  8. Why not ban alcohol and unhealthy food while you're at it? They kill considerably more people, so it's logical to ban them as well, right?

  9. CDC’s Office on Smoking & Health addresses health risks related to tobacco use. Alcoholism and Obesity are important health topics, and the CDC is committed to helping Americans live longer, healthier lives through its work in these areas. Smoking, however, is the single leading cause of preventable death, killing more than 443,000 Americans every year. For those who do not die, as many as 8.6 million live with a smoking-related illness that greatly impacts their health and quality of life.

  10. Smoking is the single leading cause of preventable death and illness in the U.S.. All of the illnesses depicted in these ads can and do result from smoking. This campaign aims to educate the public about the many adverse health conditions for which smoking is a contributing factor. There is no safe level of smoking. Each cigarettes damages your lungs, blood vessels, and cells throughout your body, which can lead to serious, long-term health problems.

  11. I was just replying to that guy. Outright banning is a terrible idea. It's initiatives like yours that make an actual difference.

  12. It's not about banning anything, its about telling the truth about the effects of smoking. This message needs to be out there. The message that there is help to quit. Hopefully people will use this help before they inflict these negative health effects on their loved ones. It is a small counter to the billions of dollars(15.3 billion each year, 41 million every single day) that the tobacco industry continutes to spend to push their products (coupons, point of sale ads, movies).

  13. Both my parents smoked 2+ packs/day. Neither my sister or I smoke, but I developed adult-onset asthma in my early 20s and both my sister and I have serious sinus problems (allergies). We are positive it is a result of long term secondhand smoke exposure. Parents, don't do this to your kids.

  14. My asthma is easily triggered by smoke. Both of my parents were smokers. When I moved to a smoke-free environment, my asthma greatly improved, to the point where I don't need regular medication, and I rarely need a rescue inhaler. But when I'm back in a smoke-filled environment, it starts acting up again. So I have no tears when someone whines about their freedom to smoke, because their freedom to smoke infringes on my freedom to breathe.

  15. There are so many dumb comments on here. Especially the girl saying that by only smoking 1 cigarette a day none of these atrocities could happen to you. And if you're just so healthy then why are you so worried about these ads?? So what your grandpa wasn't harmed from tobacco? Great for him! The fact of the matter is hes not the only one in the freaking world and these things can and do happen to people, and people need to know that!

  16. they need to make cigarettes illegal 🙁 i be so sad seeing these peoples life go to waste from just somking cigarettes

  17. The reason why these people die from smoking every year is because they chose to & when they do, it'll be harder for them to live healthy lives. I have a friend who's dad had a tumour Idk where but it was from smoking so he obviously had to quit right away before the problem got worse. So its not all about scaring ppl into quitting but its for our own good so that we don't die of the same cause as them. Its our choice to decide whether to smoke or not. Plain & simple just don't smoke & you're ok

  18. My step dad's grandma lived to be 93 and she smoked 3 packs a day.
    But what does that have to do with anything?
    As you say, it doesn't happen to all smokers, but it's just that, that sentence means it still happens to most smokers.
    How is it natural with all the chemicals in it too? that's like saying milk is natural, fruit, vegies, meat, all that stuff is not natural in today's time.
    Jumping off a building may kill, or injure some, but there is still damage. Just like smoking, there is damage

  19. I remember in middle school, a public speaker came to our school to talk to us about smoking. He told us that whenever we were near someone who was smoking, cough and say you can't breathe.
    So one day I go to Applebees, and one guys just kept smoking. I dropped to the floor, rolled around and screamed "NO AIR, NO AIR" lol.
    One lady thanked me when we left because her kid had asthma. I got beat that day when I got home, but it felt good to help another person from second hand smoke 😀

  20. A boy I dated in high school lost his mother when she was only 50. She left behind three children and plenty of beautiful grandchildren. She was an average smoker, too. She smoked carefully to protect her family. It doesn't mean she didn't get lung cancer which killed her very very quickly. She beat the first wave only to die two years later, only two months after the routine check-up she went to BECAUSE of her cancer caught it. It can and does happen to anyone, regardless of habit.

  21. this guy was smoking right next to my son so i asked him to stop and he took a big wif and blew it in my sons face….then i blew my fist in his

  22. Yes? I think because if the smoke can make the walls smell like smoke that means your clothes can and your nose or mouth. Kinda weird… But the Cig smoke is very strong.

  23. I would've done the same . . . If he done that to my kid, I would've superman punched him out of his chair.

  24. Your grandfather is a one in a million case. My grandpa also smoked cigars, and it was smoking the cigars that killed him. I remember sitting by his hospital bed when I was five to say goodbye to him before he died. He died from lung cancer. Also, arsenic can also be "natural". UV rays from the sun are "natural" as well, that doesn't mean they're safe or are incapable of being harmful. Your granfather took a gamble and won. My grandpa didn't. My experience is as valid as yours.

  25. "Second hand smoke" doesn't really cause that much damage. Don't believe the lies of the fear mongering New World Order. In Eastern Europe people smoke around their kids all the time and they are perfectly healthy.

  26. theres 20 year olds in hospitals with cancer in their throat and their lungs. it really can happen to anyone. stop polluting your body. Humans are the only animals that are stupid enough to poison themselves, but smart enough to be able to justify it. But in reality, there is no good reason to poison yourself.

  27. You don't get it, after a long time of being around it, it can cause problems for people and kids, especially people with asthma. You can keep saying it's not true, you're just feeding yourself lies.

  28. I used to have asthma.Not as bad now,but BAD when I was younger (?-8)I used to need 2 inhalers!!I was also affected with how many people in society smoked around me.It is arousing.Never smoke…Not only does it affect you,but the people around you who are trying to help.

  29. Its sad parents choose cigarettes over their kids health,because they to lazy,or its too cold outside. I'm glad she quit before it was too late.

  30. My mother had really bad asthma for 17 years (1973-1990).  In winter, she couldn't even walk to the corner without an attack.  Someone told her to take vitamin zinc @ 75mg EVERYDAY with food and vitamin C.   At 3 months she was cured.  She did have to keep taking the zinc everyday because if she didn't take it, after some weeks the wheezing would begin again.  Also, in 1998 my father had to have 3 asthma treatments one day and he was given a bag of asthma medicines to take for life.  He did what my mother did and in about 3 months, never again had to take asthma medicines again.  Also, I've told many of my clients that have asthma and many have called me several months later to thank me from the bottom of their heart because either they or their loved one no longer has asthma. . (Don't know if it works for children, maybe 10 – 30mg but have absolutely no experience with children).

  31. I am terrified of second-hand smoke considering my age (which is 11), so anything remotely related to tabacco, I hate. My dad wants to start chewing tabacco again when it was ne who made him stop. Even though it's not as bad as smoking, I still despise it. Whenever someone smokes in the parking lot, I hold my breath and plug my nose for as long as I can.

  32. I have asthma and my school was on a field trip and we were walking down town and there was a guy who was smoking you don't know how bad I wanted to throw that cigarette out of his mouth and just walk away but I asked my friends if we could be somewhere else that smoke didn't effect me

  33. I have asthma it's horrible I hate having it🔥I run for 1 min and I'm out of breath🤐it's like when your trying to breath your trying to climb a mountain but the breathing gets harder so I feel as if I'm falling from the mountain and I'm having to climb back over it again👎🏻👎🏻I can't breath when people smoke i feel as if I'm chocking,I feel silly when I have to leave the class room because I can't breath in hot rooms😵everyone looks at me as if I'm doing it for attention but I'm not🤕I'm really bad with it😓I panic over little things I start to cry and then I start to breath to quick💨💨that's when I can't cope🤒

  34. …Ill tell people to stop, due to me having asthma…But if I walk up to a thug, and asked him, pray for me I wont get jumped…

  35. I live in Manitoba, Canada where there is a new law that states you can not smoke in your car if any passenger is under the age of 16.  Police will issue a ticket if you get caught. I wish they had that law when I was a kid. I remember choking on my parents smoke  like a gas chamber! I would complain and they rolled the window down an inch. All that did was blow the smoke and ashes in my face.

  36. I am exposed to second hand smoke at age thirteen everyday of my life. I always have pains in my heart, not just emotionally, but physically. I would love to get help for my family but every time they try to quit or get help, they become monsters. I never even recognize them.

  37. I totally understand how Jessica feels about asthma. I myself have
    asthma from secondhand smoke when my dad was smoking around me at the age of three.And I'm only fifthteen, and a freshman in HS. To all the people out there who think that it's a joke, it's not. Things like this could kill a person with asthma.

  38. My neighbours are killing me. I have a consistent flow of second hand smoke pouring into my apartment unit on going. I now have wheezing, chest pain, coughing, and a stuffed up nose.

  39. When I first learned about the dangers of secondhand smoke, I avoided breathing every time I would visit my grandmother, who was a smoker. I was told that I sounded as if I had a cold every time I visited her.

  40. As a 12 year old who developed asthma at 5 and had it until I was 10, I can say that I am very protective of my younger brother who developed asthma from, you guessed it, smoking. It makes me extremely angry when people smoke around him knowing good darn well he has asthma. This woman (doesn’t deserve to be called my stepmom ) knew my brother had asthma and still smoked around him. She would just tell him “go in the other room.” Glad she’s out of my life but I feel bad for her children. I ALWAYS make sure he has his asthma pump when he goes over someone’s house for a sleepover and tell people they can’t smoke around him. I’m scared he might have an asthma attack from someone smoking and if I ever lost him I wouldn’t be able to live with myself thinking I should have done something. My brother shouldn’t have to deal with this at only 9.

  41. I've been exposed to second hand smoke for my entire life (my mom and a lot of my aunts and uncles smoke, including my grandma). thankfully nothing has happened to me, but I've learned to stay away from cigarette smoke, especially after watching these ads on tv as a little kid

  42. I had asthma too. My favorite part of it was the breather. It was fun for me.
    The one thing I hate about it was I liked to play around and run, but when I ran,
    I easily got tired because of asthma. My stamina only lasted for about a few seconds,
    Also my dad was smoking at that time, now he stopped and I'm very happy because my mom was running out of hope!

  43. Go on a bike ride, you think you’re all in clear until you see people smoking near the shops. It’s bad for people like me with asthma, if I’m already riding around struggling to breathe, you’re making it worse. Quit, please.

  44. If some moron decided to smoke around my kids, I'd deal with them the old fashioned way if need be, wouldn't even lose sleep over it either.

  45. Definitely not a fan of second hand smoking and smoking in general I was exposed 2 times today walking home and I have breathing troubles as is not smoking. I’m worried my breathing will get worse again it almost resulted in death when I was born and again when I was 23. I try my best to avoid second hand smoking

  46. One time, I went on a vacation and this lady was smoking right in front of me. When I pass someone who is smoking, I hold my breath until I pass that person. DO NOT SMOKE IN FRONT OF CHILDREN

  47. And you know what when children who have smoking parent a horrible healthy problem the adults better not say sorry because there not 😬😑

  48. My dad quit smoking at the end of college when he realized he was gonna be a dad. I advise you do the same if you’re gonna be a parent soon

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