CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Marlene’s Ad

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(Marlene) I’m Marlene. I smoked and got macular degeneration. So I don’t see very well. If this happens to you, you could need eye injections
every month. Like I do. My first tip is: find a doctor that you
could trust. My other tip is: before they put that needle in
your eyeball, look as far away as possible.(Announcer) You can quit.For free help,visit CDC.GOV/TIPS

32 thoughts on “CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Marlene’s Ad

  1. This has good intent, but as someone with a severe phobia of needles and intimate medical procedures, couldn't you at least allow people to skip the ad, Youtube?
    I get that the gross factor is part of the persuasion tactic, but I didn't want to see this in front of my comedy video, and this'll probably affect some people far worse than it affected me.

  2. Thank you, for that. I'll share it with my friends. I never considered smoking, but after that, I know I'll never EVER do that. Thank you.

  3. Were supposed to believe people who intentionally poison our water and brag of doing it. Fluoride no way to control how much someone consumes and it is poison. FOD CDC. I smoked too, funny how doctors use to recommend it. Now they want to illegally tax people that they encouraged to smoke. You worthless people of the CDC should quit poisoning the world with your presence.

  4. HERE is legit public information, medical, regarding eyes. I with there was a way youtube could put this up top. ARMD means Age Related Macular Degeneration – and that is exactly what it is. AGE RELATED. MOST of the people I know that have it are NOT smokers. They are ALL seniors. Me too.

    IF YOU HAVE FLOATERS, like see "spots" or a "dot" in your visual field, GO TO A RETINA specialist and get it checked because it probably is DRY macular degeneration and needs to be watched, because nothing can be done but watch it. IF this dry turns to wet (neovascular) then you MUST get the injections – and they are PAINLESS. A flu shot hurts, at least you feel a flu shot. These are painless but a RETINA SPECIALIST has to do this procedure, not just some opthamologist.

  5. My grandmother had macular degeneration from smoking too, when she died she could only see blurry shapes. Don't smoke.

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