CDC: Tips from Former Smokers – Nathan’s Ad: Secondhand Smoke and Asthma

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(Nathan) When you smoke, it affects more
than just your health. I love to dance. That’s something that I handed
down to my family. I was pretty good at it too. Before my doctor told me that secondhand smoke at work
caused me to have asthma attacks, infections, and lung damage. And I never smoked. I can’t work there anymore and I can’t dance
much anymore either. (announcer) If you or someone
you know wants free help to quit smoking,

38 thoughts on “CDC: Tips from Former Smokers – Nathan’s Ad: Secondhand Smoke and Asthma

  1. Those of us who smoked we are only reaping what we sowed, but what of those who did not smoke and are taken down by our bad choices. Smokers are not just hurting them selves they are hurting every one around them. My heart goes out to you Nathan maybe that casino should be held responsible for not protecting there own.

  2. This is sad, very sad. My heart goes out to Nathan and his family. I don't know and hopefully will not know the pain he has knowing he can't do something he loves, I bet it is tortuous to sit by idly and watch others dance. I forward this onto my wife so she can send it to her parents who smoke (also smoke inside their house) and get upset when we tell them that our kids (ages 5, 3, and 1) cannot spend the night at their house.

  3. Great comment Michael. Part of the issue was being uninformed of the side effects. I really sucks that he didn't smoke yet now has bad health due to it.

  4. narksen you have no idea what you are saying. I know this man and even though he may not like me much, i am not going to stand for rude comments. I have seen his health deteriorate from more than one thing at that casino. This man busts his butt to take care of his family, now he has this crap to take him down. Why dont you shut yur mouth and keep yur comments to yurself. Second hand smoke is horrible and non smokers dont deserve this from us smokers.Yes I do smoke and I need to quit.

  5. Pennsylvania passed a law that smoking is not allowed in any restaurant or bar. There are some exceptions for certain non profit groups. People who worked at these place; and customers were at risk from the second hand smoke. And many non profit places that have bingo don't allow smoking inside. Some bingo players got an attitude. They said if you won't let me smoke I will take my money some place else.

  6. give me a break. All those people complaining about second hand smoke and let their kids watch racecars for four hours breathing in fumes…no problem. Sit around campfires…no problem. They burn candles all day in their house with all sorts off chemicals in them…no problem. Hand them sparklers to run around with …no problem. I could go on. BULLCRAP.

  7. gipper you have no clue what you are talking about those products do not contain the thousands of deadly chemicals that the smoke from the cigs. Tabaco was first used to kill insects so that tells you the dangers behind the second hand smoke that every one else is breathing. Your not just killing yourself your killing everyone that is around you as well.

  8. I'd like to know if he was heavy for sometime. Being overweight carries a number of health probs. One being a lowered immune system. I would take an independent studies' statistics over the CDC's any day. As long as the data found and the formula of study is proven credible.

  9. I quit smoking a couple weeks ago, but a lot of these quit smoking ads I find unappealing. They seem like very unusual cases, only a small percentage of smokers would come down with. But this guy, makes me think about the weight issue as well. Smoking isn't good for your health but neither is obesity, so I wonder how much that his weight factors in.

  10. my sons father began smokeing at the age of 34..when i got pregnant with our third son…he Was a severe asthmatic and would catch broncitis and pneumonia every winter…on top of the smokeing…he free based crack cocaine and marijuana since he was in high school…he is 41 yrs old now…we r no longer together but when our baby was new born he would smoke all of the above things and then want to pick up the baby…i would flip…he had pnemonia so bad when our third child was new born that during a night feeding he caughed so hard and fell to the floor in pain…i called an ambulance and long story short…he had so much fluid in his lungs that when he caughed he broke 4 ribs….we r no longer together and he has visitation with the third son the other two are over 18…but when he picks up our 8 yr old hes smokeing….when he drops off our son and i hug my boy…he reaks of ciggarette smoke…our son has severe asthma as well and when i saw this commer ial…it made me angry…angry that this pooran lost his life because of others discusting habbits…and my son is paying the price for his fathers discusting habbit…..!!!! i beleive in new york where i live it is illegal to smoke with children in your vehicle…$250.°° …but still no matter what ppl think they are invincable…like my sons father….it cant happen to me…but it will…!!!!

  11. I was fortunate enough to see this man dance at an ISU international night presentation. It was a real treat to see him and his group perform. I'm saddened to hear of his passing. Rest in peace, Nathan.

  12. How many die of smoking this year 443,000 and the numbers keep on going up every year thats why I dont smoke and People die of smoking each year Listen to me People dont smoke 

  13. I believe have #ASTHMA from #SECONDHAND_SMOKE & #SMOKING. Had My #FIRST #ATTACK @ 60 Years Old on #THANKSGIVING2015, now on My #Namesake: #RESPIRONICS_EVERFlo_Q_OPI Since.

  14. As a former smoker of thirty five years, I support Smoke Free Oregon 100%! Smoking is simply the worst thing you can possibly do to your body, and it is totally unfair to subject someone else to your second hand smoke!!!

  15. Ok, ok. We get the message. I was gone from my home in North Dakota for three months. When I left, I had heard this ad so many times it became annoying. I am now back home and gosh, this same ad still plays over and over and over. Enough already. I am not nor have I ever been a smoker and can sympathize with people who are affected by second-hand smoke. But enough of this commercial! Figure out another way to convey your message!

  16. My parents both like to believe that second hand smoke won't hurt anyone. My stepfather especially believes this because his mother smokes in the house all the time and he says he never had problems with it. But he also has asthma, so I can't believe him when he says her smoking never hurt him. My mother smokes and has claimed that she has been trying to quit for the past 10 years. I am 20 and possibly pregnant and her smoking is causing me to not want to be around her. She says she tries not to smoke around myself and my three younger siblings but she must not see that she ONLY smokes around us. I will sometime go to talk to her but the moment she sees me she lights a cigarette and I have to go right back into the house. My would have been mother-in-law (as my Fiance sadly passed away) quit cold turkey for me because he had told her about my problems with smokers and why I hated being around people who smoked. I don't see why a woman who I barely knew was willing to quit but my own mother refuses to. And my mother lost my grandmother when I was 17, the cause? The lung she got from her transplant was failing after the 7 years she had it. She had to get the transplant because she had ruined her lungs from smoking. You would think that losing someone due to the very thing you also do would motivate you to quit, but that was not the case for my mother. I can just pray that she can quit before she gets to the point that my grandmother had been at. I don't want to lose her too so soon.

  17. this is honestly much sadder than the people who smoked themselves, because even if the smokers didn't know about the possible health complications, this man truly did nothing wrong

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