34 thoughts on “CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Sharon’s “Treadmill” Tips Commercial

  1. This is what smoking gets people to, sounding like Casey Jr. from Dumbo, with just as much smoke tied with the comparison of the little steam engine that could? Some life. 🚬😟🤢

  2. I saw this on tv, I thought it was fake but I’m not surprised it was real, NNEEEVVVERR SMOKE, AND DONT START. It’s easy to say no to smoking then to suffer cancer and get your voice box removed

  3. Smoking is too bad but I doubt that cancer is known reason , too many people were smoking for long time and the didn’t die with cancer … god knows

  4. Bro I saw this 2 months ago and I never smoked a single cigarette after that day. The trick is to replace the urge with something like doing pushups. Now I have abs 😉

  5. I’ve known smokers who quit. Keeping their sense of humor was difficult. This song and its lyrics can help —
    “Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette-
    Smoke, smoke, smoke yourself to death.
    Tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate
    you just hate to make him wait,
    but your just gotta have another cigarette."
    Tex Williams smoke smoke music

  6. My father started smoking at age 13 and he still somkes now he is 65 years old and hasn't have any problem with his health except cough from smoking

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