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we will talk yes but darling sometimes we say we take the good ones
drugs the right way and yet nothing goes our situation
even worse I’m doing this video because I have just seen on the naturopath page
that it was necessary to use the chili pepper to get pregnant
my ankles and yet my mother gave me always said that this is a knife to
double-edged the lady she said it was necessary
crush stopped with people without and purge with m and little darlings and august
well this please please chilli black still called these batches pjanic aupic
also known as suede for owls to Nigerians he calls
that like that or even others have by example pepper from senegal pepper d selim
can you ethiopia pepper from africa uda is a large aromatic tree with
evergreen that reach 20 meters high
present in africa in brazil america from south to 1 2 and well in others
continents noah chili contains flavonoids
attacks on the ideas of the Lord of phytosterols of state nils of saponins
glycosides had wounds from the bpn of the para dole brief it contains a lot
of elements so it’s very very rich and very interesting for your health
the uda be used as a spice for flavor foods like soups
the boiled yams the gossip the sources becomes
fish and lots of other stuff and can be ground or even use in
his whole seed the stem the Corsican leaves the uda
can simply be used to prepare traditional remedies on
pepper nuts cilina pepper as several other plants inhibits the
male and female fertility and can become a natural contraceptive but
listen to me well there are several others stuff that’s why please
but love you must imperatively watch this video all the way through
very interesting the world is indeed endowed with plants
which provides a solution to various diseases
plants and trees like him in black pepper were used to
treat and manage diseases caused by phytochemical constituents high in
everything that is chemical pollution of many side effects to the
Modena synthetic medicine have encouraged people to return to
roots to helpers just like our ancestors a wide range of activities
biological effects antiseptic antiretrovirals in chemo
antiasthmatic anti inflammatory anti microbial hypotensive and
vasodilators are attributed to this little gem the chillies nerves or chilli
noah with chili pepper also has the ability to cause abortion in
pregnant women listen to this excerpt
chilli noah can reduce so significant concentration in
hemoglobin moreover it also increases the time
bleeding and population and reduces the number of white blood cells and
from hemoglobin to average corpuscular that’s why they have capital
not to use it in case of pregnancy and worse in case of beginning
pregnancy is against it will appear contradictory I was fine this if
you never want to get pregnant at you can use this noah chilli
drying is usually used in blade
traditional signs increase the menstrual blood flow it can also
be used to treat amenorrhea which the abnormal absence of monsters hui to
but more contradictory how to use noah chilli as
that natural contraceptives listen well take five oars of one to wash and empty
the water put the seeds in a saucepan and poured about 60 cm of water
boil for five minutes let cool filter the liquid
pour into a container keep it in a cool place
preferably the wood fridge had of concussion properly shaken
immediately after the intimacy for prevent contraception
Besides, we push some women know that sperm are
often very very very stubborn it’s for that I would advise you to
to take earlier before sex and again after sexual intercourse
in conclusion its use is very complicated and his advisors are at
respect to the magnifying glass because it’s like any lower dose medication is
useless in high doses it becomes a poison of a common did not sign
but the one to enjoy all these benefits
just prepare an infusion pepper deaths the singles infuse
for five minutes in a liter of water in senegal we add to this infusion of
mint or even the lemongrass or even nails from
clove for even more contortion effective against all the evils already cited
an infusion of the scotland of the plant fruit is used in the
treatment of bronchitis disorders enteric dys is used as
drug for pain and even for fever
it is also used to treat asthma stomach upset
rheumatism Scotland powder is used to treat ulcers yes if you
have never suffered from ulcers you do not do not know how lucky you are it is
hyper painful root sy sy pied had aromatic pique
it is used as a mouthwash for toothache to an excellent like
chicken dressings please to I have fast and in the local processing of several
notches is a decoction of leaves and of roots is used as tonic he
treats fever and dengue fever decoction of fact and and meetic
it is used to treat the rheumatism the powdered leaves are
used to treat headaches the fruit of pepper dedicated to the peaks or
celta ethiopia case is very effective where it is carminati purgative antitussive and
acts as anthony co recommended to women who have just become mothers
before cleaning the bassoon of all leftovers after childbirth
for that this porridge 100 g of goos to using a weight makes you a freelancer
of a year while the water is still very hot do this every morning this
will allow the uterus to recover quickly its place to close this
very tight as if you were again conquer and vanquished the wrong way
after childbirth and of course from to promote rapid healing
seeds have medicinal properties different yes the ground seed increase
circulation of milk at mothers lactating a seed extract treats
the fact of women or even the intestinal worms the tapeworm the echo pillory
in premises and seeds believe are used for headaches and
neuralgic pepper of selim possesses antiseptic properties
curing expectorant antitussive effective in case of cold gills
10-entry influenza and severe asthma anti inflammatories make it a
relief for the same rheumatism aches and pains the pains
diarrhea relieves infections and practical and prevent the evils
of teeth other benefits of the goblin know that uda can be used as
herbal stimulant to treat gastrointestinal problems such
that upset stomach ulcers the extract that peephole is effective
against gram-positive bacteria and g negative also used as agents
microbial chilli we may have used to relieve pain because it
this is an analgesia oil essential noah chili can be
used for the manufacture of products cosmetics such as the screen is soap
and perfumes silo pjanic or picard has anti spiro properties
cocktail so it acts both as preventive measures in the
treatment of primary stages secondary and syphilis skies
noah chilli has properties anti-inflammatory and can be used
in the treatment of arthritis rheumatism and other conditions
inflammatory anti properties dida malaria make it a useful tool
for the prevention of the treatment of malaria in Africa and even in
other countries of the world the phytochemical constituents of
black peppers as flavonoids in make a useful tool for prevention
and the treatment of various cancers payments is said da are used to
prepare food given to women after childbirth to relieve
double and promote healing but especially for breastfeeding as we have
said above but soul or if you please use buses requires
a good knowledge of the dosages of the toxicity of the purity of the solvent
appropriate extraction and effects undesirable
prolonged application of the pia l silo pika without proper supervision of his
use may have harmful effects on the reproductive system of man
by affecting the number of spermatozoa mobility viability in medicine
traditional and is renowned for being beneficial eye health
especially against attacks micro eyes
the greens circulating in the eyes drink that you will see I you
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