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LOIC: Amanda, is it your first show? The very first one, I’m a new face! LOIC: Are you nervous before a show? No but always some sort of adrenalin rush. Those little butterflies in my belly. LOIC: Do you see the
people in the audience? I like to look at them sometimes. It’s nice to see them looking at you. Sometimes I see you. You know I look at you sometimes. I look like a small pink candy… LOIC: Are those clothes suitable
for when you’re on stage? Yes there’s plenty of choice. If I had to pick for the stage
I’ll go for the flat shoes. So that I don’t break my ankles. I also like the skirts
but I cannot wear them when I’m on stage because I jump a lot. I’ll wear them when I’ll be gardening
or for everyday’s life stuff. LOIC: Do you have a lot of Chanel bags? No. LOIC: Is this your first one? Yes! I feel like a child.

100 thoughts on “CHANEL ON THE ROOFTOPS OF PARIS WITH JENNIE KIM 김제니! by Loic Prigent

  1. Jennie Kim knows the real fashion… when everyone wears classy and sossy … she show us the cheeky side , the young and fresh side of channel 😉

  2. งานนี้คนเยอะมากเลยนะ โดนมุงเยอะด้วย งานใหญ่ขนาดนี้เจนนี่ทุ่มสุดตัวอยู่แล้ว ไม่ยอมป่วยง่ายๆหรอก
    แต่…เจนนี่ไหวหรอ? ว้าวว🎉🎉

  3. Jennie should be an influencer instead of being an idol. I think it suits her better and she's doing great. She looks tired in her stages.

  4. But can we talk about how anna, cardi, and jennie look like that one fashion group of students at school that always looked better than you?

  5. jennie being not too over the top Chanel in your face at the Chanel show. Less is more she looked cool, chic, trendy and effortless. A modern take on the Chanel woman

  6. Jennie was super shy. I hope she will be able to express herself more when she’s by herself bc she’s so different when she’s with the rest of the girls, but I understand personally how difficult that can be too.

  7. Yeeeesssssss Loïc Come back💥i love the chanel bag report voice 🤣🤣 and the slow mo at the end give life yessss Loïc 😂😂

  8. Mega cool….ich habe gerade Schweißnasse Hände….das ist so geil was ich DORT sehe!!! Absloloutly are the best.

  9. Everytime when the “fabulous” kpop stars were invited, i always have been disappointed by their lack of ability to formulate a single defined sentence to express what they saw at the show in the fashion language. No idea why they are ambassadoring with the ignorance.

  10. Cest horrible mec tu parle angalis avec un accent fransais mais WSHHHH fait le reportage en fransais ton accent est insupportable

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