Change Of Plans… Metal Detecting A Beautiful Spot

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I saw a nice spot on my way and couldn’t resist… First signal. (I made this hunt, before I lost the remote control). One second please, I need my glove. The weather is beautiful, it looks like spring… …at the beginning of February. Nice soil, no thick humus, there is a chance of finding something. A button – that was fast. GPS (Point Of Interest) #1 I don’t know what this could be. That’s foil. Oh no, a dog. I know that it’s me he is barking at… …from quite a distance. That’s the downside of a detector without volume control. A piece of wire. A beautiful spot and the perfect weather… In moments like this, finds are just a bonus. What is this? I think, it’s a gigantic brooch. I need my archaeological brush. Maybe a pendant. Or part of a buckle… It has some writing. “Geschützt” (protected, proprietary). #2 It’s big. Hopefully not a hand grenade. The bird is laughing… What is this? I see gilt and design. It’s heavy too. The brush… It’s hollow inside. What could that be? I will mark this spot. I “have to” dig out the iron next to it. A nasty piece of wire! Despite the finds, I think the spot was already hunted. The dog woke up again. The worm… And a ring. Wow, what a place. I don’t know what this is. GPS (POI) #5 (I should have re-checked the spot next to the hole…) Just a tube. Something long, made of iron. Hmm… A chain. That’s where the iron rings come from? It looks old, but I can’t take care of it. Maybe someone else will appreciate it… A button. A bottle cap. A pinfire cartridge. I will try this direction… The layer of leaves is getting thicker… A shotgun cartridge. And something else. A piece of wire. Still something in the hole. There it is. The second shotgun cartridge. A light deep (modern) object means, older stuff is out of reach. I should have stayed where I began. Part of a shell casing. The ground here looks better. A weak signal, which sounded partially like iron. Must have been slightly on edge… A small button. Nothing in the root. I stepped into a hole someone dug. It’s a coin. Hmm, nice imprint. It’s a “5 Reichspfennig” (1924?). The soil looked nicer than the coil. I should have kept it instead. That’s a shotgun cartridge. A big piece of foil. It’s just a tube, but look at the patina. Where is my brush… Nice colors. I made a circle and came back “to the dog”. He just realized it… Probably a piece of lead. I have to clean hands. A piece of wire. And a worm. Part of “something”. Hard to believe that it’s the beginning of February. Looks like a coin. “III Kreuzer” (1818). I think, that could be silver. (It was.) 2h and 10min into the hunt. A worm. Just a shotgun (or pinfire) cartridge. The last coil swing sounded like iron… It’s a tiny button… That was a nice hunt… …but now it’s time to go. As always – pictures will follow at the end… Oops. How are my assistants doing? They had an argument… The unknown find. A button. Not in the best shape… Another button. The next one… One more. “5 Reichspfennig” coin. From 1924. The ring. The gilded object. What could that be? Part of something that was outside a house? The buckle… I assume. “III Kreuzer” (1818). F. Wilhelm, Duchy of Nassau. Trash… And treasure. Detecting time: 2h:25min

45 thoughts on “Change Of Plans… Metal Detecting A Beautiful Spot

  1. Unreal finds. A great hunt all round. Your assistants need to stop arguing. They missed the whole event. X

  2. Hey is there anyway you can send me the settings you use on your deus in the woods , I'm getting a new deus on Monday and I need a good relic program and sorry to hear you lost your remote that really sucks bad man I hope your luck changes for you in the future

  3. Hi (m) another fantastic Hunt my friend. You would not like to hunt in the woods in the UK they are shotgun mad cartridges everywhere. I hope things pan out for you in regards to the new machine that's if you can't find your remote: I'll see you on the next Hunt 👍

  4. Some very nice finds my friend! Unknown large object might be a finial of of some type 🧐 As always enjoy your hunts👍👍👍

  5. Once again an interesting hunt.
    Yes it is a buckle, I had one almost the same with the two hooks which go into two holes in the belt. Looking forward to your next post as always. Thank you.

  6. The decorative piece could be the top of a fireplace set. The top final that was used as a handle for the tray the poker, broom and tongs sat on. Nice buckle.  I wonder what it looked like new. Great silver find today as well. Maybe father was just bored and wanted to stay home. But he will be ok.

  7. I’m so jealous of your sunshine and pretty bird songs all over the place! It’s been cold and gray in Oklahoma for 2.5months now and I’m tired of it.

  8. Very nice finds I wonder what that guild could be,for me it was the buckle looks in very nice condition my friend atvb take care buddy

  9. Is it possible for you to guesstimate ages of buttons when you post the your ending results? That big piece with hole through middle could be top notch on entrance gate with another just like it on the other side of the gate. As you post additional videos it appears you have made huge strides in your abilities to bend and crouch without favoring your hurt leg. Pray it is truly so, that you are still making gains in total recovery. Anticipate you finding a piece of beautiful jewelry on your next video….

  10. If the noise of the Deus is to loud for you, place a piece of duct or Gorilla tape over the speaker vent. Works great on my overly noisy Ace 400i. Awesome hunt with great finds. The gilded find may be a broken off candle holder. Looking forward to your next dig. Regards, Hank

  11. Ahoj MD24, skvělé video. I stříbro přišlo. Čas 8.55min, myslím, že je to část starého svícnu. Jenou jsem našel něco podobného. (tento není můj, nemám foto)
    Hodně štěstí, a už se těším na další video.

  12. Great hunt! Nice variety of treasure! Beautiful buckle and love how you showed the silver before cleaning and after! Maybe your companions were arguing over what the best find was👍🏻 HH🎧⛏

  13. As I always do, I find your hunts fascinating, and enjoy the wilderness you trek through. That 1818 Kreutzer is beautiful!!

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