Check your lungs – June B’s Story

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I said ” oh at my age doesn’t it matter” and
I thought oh I am nearly ready for going, I didn’t realise I was going to live for nearly
ten more years! I’m born and bread in Hull, that’s all. We’ve never moved far at all! When I got married, we moved up to Longhill,
was only up there about a year and then we moved back down here into this house. We’ve been living here now going on, well
I have for the last 60 odd years. Well I smoked but I’ve given up smoking for
quite a while! It was just like an ordinary cold, you know
when you catch a cold, I just couldn’t get rid of the cough and that’s all it was. And then they sent me for the x-rays and that. They saw this little dot, they said it was
about that big, the little dot on my lung but that was it. I’ve never had chemotherapy, didn’t have any
chemotherapy at all. They sent me to see a doctor up at Castle
Hill about the therapy and he said “it’s not necessary, you don’t need it”. So I said, “Oh right! I could kiss you for that!” And he said “OH NO don’t!”. I said I won’t [laughing]. I think this is what the problem is half the
time, when people know that there is something wrong with them and they start dwelling on
it and when they hear about people like so-and-so and so-and-so and they think “oh my god!”
y’know. You think am I going to be like that? And I think that’s what gets you down, it
worries you more. I think that half of it is up here [head]. The grandchildren when they come, the little
girl Kasey. Now she comes, as she calls it a ‘sleepover’
on a Saturday. She comes and I help to show her how to do baking and stuff like that. She’s so full of energy! I say that I just hope I can stay alive long
enough to see you get married m’lady! [Laughter] but they don’t do that nowadays
do they [laughter].

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