Childhood Asthma: Why Does It Matter?

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[MUSIC PLAYING] BARBARA: About 7 million
children in this country currently have asthma.
4.1 million of these children had an asthma attack in
the last year. DR. WOLF: People who are at
greater risk are those with allergies, those with a family
history of asthma and those who have a predisposition to
develop the swelling around the airways. MAUREEN: An asthma trigger
is something that causes an episode or attack
to start. It’s what makes your asthma active. Some of the
most common triggers are a cold or viral infection,
tobacco smoke or smoke in other forms. PAUL: If you have carpets
it’s a good idea to take up. Carpets harbor dust, dust mites.
If you have a pet, don’t let the pet sleep in the
bedroom with the child. TRINITY’S MOM: Trinity’s
life now is much better. I’ve gotten rid of a lot
of household products that I should not be using because
it does trigger her asthma. DR. PALFREY: Asthma is a
common illness and it has a severity that goes from quite
mild to very severe and while it’s rare, asthma is one of
the diseases that can kill children. TIFFANY: I was in
emergency rooms all the time more than I was
in school. I had a real bad case in fourth grade where
I was in intensive care for about eight days. I couldn’t
breathe on my own. DR. PALFREY: Children with
asthma can do anything once they are on their medicine,
being well managed, they can swim, they can run,
and they can play. We’ve learned that the more that
they exercise, the better their asthma comes under control. TIM’S MOM: Timmy is
responsible for keeping his inhaler with him at
all times. He needs to throw it in his hockey bag, lacrosse bag
or his soccer bag. Timmy loves his sports and he’s not going
to stop them just because of his asthma. MAUREEN: We need to
take the disease serious. Children with asthma can
lead a full, active life just like anyone else with
the right medication and the right education. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC ENDS]

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