Children’s Asthma

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(upbeat music) – Asthma is probably the
most common reason why kids end up getting admitted in Orange Park. Asthma is a chronic disease
that is caused by inflammation and the bronchiospasm of a child’s airway. (upbeat music) It usually presents with wheezing and a lot of difficulty
breathing, sometimes coughing. It’s usually associated
with other conditions like eczema and allergies. (upbeat music) Asthma usually has a lot of triggers and sometimes the trigger
can be patient-specific, but a lot of common triggers
include smoking, for example, smoke inhalation, changes in
the weather, when it’s hot and then it becomes cold
or cold and it becomes hot. A viral illness can
sometimes trigger wheezing or an asthma attack. So kid gets a cold or a cough and then gets full-blown asthma. Dust and dust mites, pollen,
so certain times of the year, certain seasons can
trigger an asthma attack. (upbeat music) Rescue treatment is usually
albuterol and that could be a nebulizer or an inhaler. Some kids require what we call controllers and these are inhaled
corticosteroids like Pulmicort that they’ll have to take
once a day or twice a day. There are other controllers,
pills, that they need to take to decrease their allergic
response like Singulair. If you see that an asthma
attack is coming on, the best way is to start
treatment right away and not let it get worse. If you feel that they’re not
responding to your treatment, you should bring their
child to your doctor because some kids need a
short course of steroids to stave off a full-blown asthma attack so they don’t end up in the hospital. (upbeat music) Kids with asthma should live normal lives. The important thing to
understand is asthma is a chronic disease, so
that’s where we always have problems with kids is
families don’t understand that or they’re in denial and
they only treat exacerbations when they should be treating
the underlying inflammation and that causes less hospitalization, less inpatient treatment,
and less exacerbations. (upbeat music)

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