Children’s Health: Asthma & Bronchiolitis

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(upbeat music) – So, when we talk about asthma, I think it’s important to realize that asthma is part of the spectrum of illnesses in children
that include bronchiolitis. Typically an RSV is one
of the more common viruses that causes bronchiolitis. RSV is Respiratory Syncytial Virus. It’s a fairly common
virus, it’s been around, and we’ve known about
it for about 40 years. Approximately 95% of children by the time they’re two years of age, will have been exposed to RSV. Asthma is very common. There is a very strong relationship between asthma and obesity. And asthma will initially
manifest as bronchiolitis. Now, typically, bronchiolitis
does not respond to the therapy that we use for asthma, mainly the albuterol metered-dose inhaler. So, depending on how your
asthma is classified, and asthma can be classified as chronic or acute,
intermittent or constant, then it’s likely that you will be on long-term inhaled steroids, and what the inhaled
steroids do is they tend to decrease the inflammation, which also decreases
the number of episodes of exacerbation of asthma that you have. The other thing that
is important to realize is that if you have asthma, and if your asthma is well managed, you can lead a fairly normal life. – [Announcer] Live Healthy is sponsored by Grand Strand Health, and provided as a service
to you and your family.

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