Chiropractic & Asthma

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I’m Kristen Hanson and this is my husband Dr. Dave Hanson, and we are the owners of Hanson Family Chiropractic. We have two sons, Jack and Jonathan. Jack is 3 years old and he is….. hilarious. Very funny. He hangs out with you most of the day, when I’m at the office. And apparently he’s pretty chill, but when I get home he just… Very excited! …goes bananas. I usually walked through the door being attacked by a 3 year old and things stay pretty amped up…. There’s a lot of wrestling. until bedtime. I get beaten up at the end of every day. It’s awesome. Jonathan is six months old and he is in love with Jack. Jack not so much with him. Yeah, well Jonathan just sits there and shrieks with joy. And is screaming at him. Yeah. And Jack doesn’t find that as funny as the rest of us. Today, we are talking about asthma. Yeah, and I really like it when people come in for help with asthma, because it’s something that I dealt with myself years back. I was never a sporty, athletic guy until my 20s when I found CrossFit and got super into CrossFit. Remember that? Yes. And I was out on a run one spring, and when I first got into this and all of a sudden I started wheezing, and I sounded like a teapot. I couldn’t get any air through and I actually had to lay down and wonder, “what on earth is happening to me?” and turns out I was having really bad asthma attack. It wasn’t until later when I went to see a chiropractor for completely different reasons. Right? I hurt my shoulder, also CrossFitting, but as a result of seeing him, my asthma also went away, and it wasn’t until later when I went to chiropractic school that I understood the science behind that and that’s because your diaphragm which controls your breathing even though it’s way down here in your stomach. The nerves that control it come from the top part of your neck, so if you have an issue going on in your neck that can affect the way your diaphragm moves and controls itself. And also you see so many people nowadays with this really slouched over posture where, you know, the shoulders come forward, the neck comes forward, and slouch, you can’t get a full breath of air like this. Lots of kids, I was a teacher, and lots of kids will slouch. I told them to sit up and there was a good reason for that. Yeah. And adults, too. Yeah, I mean teens are the stereotype. Right? But you see it in little kids, too and definitely adults that have especially like a desk job, hunched over a computer all the time, so you can’t get air that way. But the the third aspect of asthma is just inflammation, because it’s not just constricted airways, they’re inflamed, too. And our body’s main controller of the inflammation in your body also comes from the top part of your neck, so I always sound like a broken record when I’m talking to people about these things, but because inflammation is so much tied into every health condition out there, I end up talking to people about the top part of the neck for almost any condition that walks through here, because it’s so stinkin important, so a number of factors that go into asthma, but this is completely in the chiropractic wheelhouse, because if we can get the stress out your nervous system that controls these parts of your body that control your breathing, you should see those systems return to normal.

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