Cholesterol and Cardio Risk Ratio Are you a 3 or a 10?

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this is dr. Annette and thanks for
watching dr. Annette’s health minutes I wanted to talk for just a moment about
cholesterol. someone mentioned to me yesterday that their doctors said their
cholesterol was high and when I asked them what their number was they weren’t
even sure they said I don’t know he just told me it was high well let’s talk for
just a moment about that I’d like to see total cholesterol above 140 I’ve heard
other people say lower than that but honestly in a natural medicine from a
natural medicine standpoint you really want to see total cholesterol above 140
and I’d like to see HDL between about 40 and 65 depending on the person something
else to consider is of course your cardiovascular risk ratio which is
determined by taking your total cholesterol divided by your HDL which
gives you a number so let’s consider total cholesterol of 150 divided by a
somewhat healthy HDL number of 50 gives you a ratio of 3 anything less than 3
point 1 is considered healthy now you can use lots of different numbers and
come up with different ratios but if your ratio is 3 and your cholesterol is
a little bit higher you’re still not in a really bad place because your ratio is
healthy because the HDL and LDL are in the proper ratios within your body now
of course a high cholesterol is super high cholesterol is definitely a concern
but particle size is actually more important than the ratio as far as it
comes to cardiovascular risk but we can discuss that in another video which
would probably take longer than just a couple of minutes so if you’re looking
at your cholesterol and concerned about your risk
just remember the risk factor number take your total cholesterol divide it by
your HDL cholesterol and if it’s less than three point one you’re in great
shape and as it goes up remember your risk it gets higher so the
best thing you can do is get that HDL up by using exercise and healthy fats and
getting those LDLs down by 2 a little bit of exercise and staying
away from some of those carbs

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