Cholesterol ayurvedic treatment sri lanka Dr  Ranpatha Ruwan Rathnayake

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Cholesterol is one of the most fearful diseases in our society also people are afraid of high blood pressure and heart diseases as well. Ayurveda has medicines and treatment methods for these conditions As Ayurvedic doctors, our main focus should be doing the treatments for the root cause of the cholesterol condition to cure the disease completely We need to consider these facts when we do the treatments for cholesterol patients, High blood pressure/ heart condition/whether the patients has been referred to do the by-pass surgery by the doctors It doesn’t matter which stage your cholesterol condition at , Ayurveda has treatments for all type of cholesterol patients , we have Ayurveda medicines which can be dissolved the Cholesterol deposited at your heart veins We also consider all the side effects of the patient before we start treatments for cholesterol We have cured many cholesterol patients including the people who had very serious conditions. Especially most of the young people are facing this issue so they might think that it is difficult to take Ayurveda treatments while attending to their daily activities but these Ayurveda products which have been manufactured by us (ready to use instantly ) can be used anytime at any place without facing any trouble. We have the Ayurvedic treatment methods to cure all kind of cholesterol diseases. Please Subscribe to our you tube channel for more video like this

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