33 thoughts on “Cholesterol Feeds Breast Cancer Cells

  1. There are many things that feed breast cancer, it is irresponsible to focus on one thing.  Cholesterol is healthy – I'm going to fry up my 2 eggs in coconut oil with tumeric and black pepper now.  Might through in an onion too 🙂

  2. I am skeptical of this conclusion.  Cholesterol is the building block of a cell, so it makes sense that a tumor would show elevated levels.  Just because firemen show up every time there is a fire, does not mean the firemen are the cause.

  3. I got excited inside when you mentioned how the cholesterol of cancer patients tends to be lower. I have long speculated that it was a sign that cancer cells are taking in the cholesterol, and thus one should lower their cholesterol intake if they have cancer.

  4. I just saw a study explaining that cancer cannot live without glucose.  Moving late stage cancer patients off of carbs actually healed them.  Complete remission.  It was shown that healthy cells can convert energy from fats and proteins for survival.  Cancer cells cannot use the energy derived from this chemical process.  I enjoy this channel, but there seems to be so much contrasting information available, all supported by science.  One thing is clear.  Science hasn't cured nor prevented cancer to date.

  5. I completely disagree with this conclusion.  Most breast cancers actual start in the mouth, caused my anaerobic bacteria developed by having a root canal.  Once you cut of the blood supply to the tooth these bacteria thrive when there is no oxygen.  As for eggs, keep eating them.  They are the building block of every cell, your brain is almost entirely cholesterol.  Just don't fry them.  By telling people not have cholesterol in your diet, you are subscribing them to getting Alzheimer's.   

  6. I have a question. I'm all about a plant based diet. It's obviously the way to go for preventing chronic illness and longevity. The majority of my diet is plants and starches. All that mcdougall, fuhrman, and greger stuff. I have meat/dairy 3 days of the week. And I get local grass fed, or free range, products. Organic of course. Is there any of these plant bases guys that research on organic local grown meats and dairy? all I ever see is conventional meats being compared. And I know their just terrible.

  7. its been said that cancer feeds off protein…SO YOU SAY NO PROTEIN, NO CHOLESTEROL ….wow what type of doctor are you …if you know so much about cancer…THEN CURE IT…the gauntlet has been laid down…ARE YOU WORTHY OF THE CHALLENGE

  8. Women with high cholesterol found to be at higher risk of breast cancer.

    Watch the video below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org:

  9. I lost both my mother and maternal grandmother to breast cancer (my mother was only 59).  However, there are two factors that have kept me from being fearful about it "getting me."  One is that I trust God and pray.  The other is reading "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell and discovering that (as he says on page 70) it is estimated that "…genetics only determines about 2-3% of the total cancer risk."  What determines the rest?  Lifestyle choices-specifically the food I put in my mouth.  This is empowering!  I am not a victim of my genetic makeup – I can make choices that will keep me healthy.  Thank you , Dr. G. for continuing to give us more and more scientific info that backs up the wisdom of eating a Whole Foods Plant Based diet!

  10. cholesterol with added glucose into the blood causes oxidation which results in potential cancer risks. 
    Debate over, go carb up you vegan nut.

  11. This video is quite misleading since cholesterol is a vital nutrient which is produced by your liver is 3x mores than what you eat in your diet, and believe me your liver is not stupid which you must think it is if you believe cholesterol is bad.  Pure disinfo to make people sick and sell billions of dollars of deadly cholesterol lowering medications.  Go and worship the evil rich men controlling big pharma if you believe the cholesterol disinfo and watch a video called the cholesteral myth if you want to learn more.

  12. I know of about 30 cures for cancer.  Stay away from all government or american medical association  or doctor magazines  or tv for cancer info, as they all support the suppression of cancer cures and support the trillion dollar cancer industry.  Its quite easy to do some youtube searches or website searches and find more than a dozen cancer cures in a single day.  The evil lawmakers make it illegal for anyone but a doctor to talk about cancer cures and doctors will lose their license or get jailed or killed  if they try to cure cancer. Don't %$#* with the trillion dollar industry which this video channel also supports as he is clearly not talking about cancer as something which had been cured for decades and even more than a 100 years.

  13. Excellent video!

    I was having 260 cholesterol and my daughters were very worried.

    My friend suggested me to use "cholesterol" mobile app which motivated and helped me to have good foods.

    Within 1 month, my cholesterol reduced to 220 now and my family is happy!

    Thank you!

  14. @NutritionFacts.org PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ON THE EFFECTS OF BIRTHCONTROL ON WOMEN!!! I'm 17 and during class, two girls were talking about how theyre on birth control and how weird and irregular their periods are. that freaked me out. does birth control fuck up with your hormones or is it ok? o_o

  15. But he said when LDL drops ( for no apparent reason) the BrCa is using it up. So an unexplained drop is something of a sign. See 2.38

  16. I bet if you take plant free high ldl people, the cancer risk stops. The understood mechanism says so. Which McGregor does not understand. A person eating carbs plus saturated fat, is more typical. It is the carbs that raise triglycerides and lower hdl. The insulinemia inflames Endothelium, nephrons, etc. The high insulin unlocks fat storage. And the train wreck happens. Carbs and sugars are the true enemy. Take these out, totally remove all carbs above 20g a day, and I bet, zero cancer. Combine carbs and fats, high calorie content , you have accerlated disease. Good luck going carb and sugar free, on plants alone…. Ie, the average person with high cholesterol eats a lot of crappy vegetable based food too.

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