CHOLESTEROL – SYMPTOMS, CAUSES & PRECAUTIONS II कोलेस्ट्रॉल के लक्षण, कारण और सावधानियाँ II

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Welcome to health care at home Today we are going to talk about one of the very important subject i.e cholesterol. Many of us are worried of high cholesterol. So first of all you must know that what is cholesterol. Cholesterol is a kind of waxy substance which is prepared by our liver. And a definite amount of cholesterol is very much essential for our body to work smoothly. Because of Cholesterol only production of hormone, digestive juices & even vitamin D serves to the body. Due to high cholesterol several problems occurs i.e heart diseases, blockage Also the possibility of heart attack goes increase due to high cholesterol.Why does this happen? Cholesterol does’t get dissolve in the blood And as i said earlier that its a kind of waxy substance. Just assume that, our arteries are like a pipe in our body. If you dissolve wax in the pipe in which water is flowing & stirring it continuously. Since wax is not soluble in the water hence slowly it will start solidify on the pipe. It will also stop and block the flow the water Slowly the blockage will be increased and in result heart attack occurs. So that’s the problem due to high cholesterol:- Blockage in arteries When this blockage gets in increased then serious heart disease can happen. But a certain amount of cholesterol is very much necessary, Now let’s talk about, from where we get cholesterol ? What if I say that we get cholesterol from animals. then you’ll be surprised but its absolutely true. All the non-veg food items contains cholesterol. Also all kind of dairy products like:- Milk, Curd, Cheese, Butter, Clarified Butter contains cholesterol. And we get all of these items from animals only. None of the green vegetables and grains cholesterol. Now there are several types of cholesterol, you must have heard about Good.. Bad Cholesterol. Types of Cholesterol are HDL, LDL, VLDL, & Triglyceride. HDL is high in density. It is considered as good cholesterol.But why it is known as good cholesterol. Because it goes inside the blockage an removes it that’s HDL is considered as good cholesterol. A normal HDL count should be 40 and is considered good. But if the 25% of your total cholesterol is HDL So that’s very good for you. If your total cholesterol is 200 then your HDL count should be 50. Now let’s talk about LDL, Low Density Cholesterol which is considered as a bad cholesterol. After that let’s talk about VLDL, Very Low Density Cholesterol. This is the most dangerous out of all This creates blockage and it can also create several heart related problems too. How to check whether your cholesterol is high or not? Getting tired very easily, fatigue then it may possible that your cholesterol level might be on higher side. Poor diet is also the symptom of high cholesterol, Regular loose stools has much possibility of high cholesterol level, so you must get your cholesterol level checked. Depression and poor memory and small emotions. If you are getting emotional while watching any emotional scene in the movie, Even then it may possible your cholesterol level is quite high. Sudden weight gain and if you feel like heaviness in yourself. Even then it may possible your cholesterol level is quite high. Let me tell you some more symptoms of high cholesterol. If you have small boil on your eye-lash without any reason You must understand that its the time to get your cholesterol checked. Bumps behind the neck. small bumps which is also known as lipoma These bumps occurs when your cholesterol level is high. Also back pain, joint pain, headache If all these symptoms are there regularly then also chances of high cholesterol is there. Heart heart beating which is known as palpitation. If these symptoms are also there, you must get your cholesterol checked. Because it might possible that your cholesterol level is high. So out of all the symptoms I’ve shared with you, if you have any two of them And if you are 40+ and non-vegetarian too then a simple blood test called Lipid profile should be done. Otherwise too people who are 40+ must get this test done once. Get the lipid profile and make sure that you have to do 12 hours of fating for this test. You can’t even drink water during this fasting then only you’ll get accurate results. This will let you know about your HDL. LDL, VLDL & Triglyceride as well. So you must get this test done. Now let’s talk about, how to increase HDL (Good cholesterol)? Don’t try to increase it by eating Cashew nuts & almonds because it will increase triglyceride. There is a simple way, do walking. If you walk 20 -20 mins in morning and evening Then your good cholesterol gets increasing and bad cholesterol will be low. As in when good cholesterol will increase, automatically bad cholesterol will get decrease. Also you have to consume lot of green vegetables and cereal. You can consume Oata, Fenugreek leaves are very much beneficial Eating a certain amount of brinjal also maintains our cholesterol level. Let me tell you food which you don’t have to eat is :-Egg Yellow. As in it contains lot of cholesterol so don’t eat more than 1 egg yellow in a day. You can take more quantity of egg white But don’t consume more than 6-7 egg yellow in one week Else chances of increased cholesterol will be on higher side. Also limit the consumption of alcohol Because when you drink alcohol, process of cholesterol making becomes very faster. Quitting smoking will also low down the possibilities of heart related problems. Now what all points i have shared, vegetarian must be very happy That they have no possibility of cholesterol making because they don’t eat non-veg food. Let me tell you why level of cholesterol gets increased in vegetarians? Its important reason is Dalda..which is popular as Vanaspati ghee “Vegetable Clarified Butter Specifically when you eat outside because now a days at home we are very much aware of its disadvantages But in restaurants to enhance the taste of the food Dalda is used. When you eat such food then you bring back cholesterol with you. Junk food is also very much helpful to increase your cholesterol. We eat Burger, Pizza, several kinds of sandwiches which contains good amount of cheese in it And when you eat any type of deep fried food, your cholesterol level goes high. Name any oil, when you’ll check its cholesterol it will mention 0 in it. But then why we suffer from these heart diseases? This is a big scam in itself In my next episode I’ll tell you about this. How all these types of oils are harmful for our body. How to do prevention from them also some remedies to decrease the cholesterol level. All of this information i’ll be giving in my upcoming episodes.. 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