Cholesterol the Killer?

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near the end of the vid I talk about inflammation–I
mistakenly stated that the components and substances were inflammatory
when I
should have said anti inflammatory–these things
mentioned would do the same as any coumadin or stain without
side effects—sorry for the error
28:54-29:20 Tony

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  1. Tony, I just got the results of my blood test back and my total cholesterol was 260, whereas last year it was 230. Of course, he wanted to put me on meds and of course I said nope, that I would handle it. My LDL was 163 and HDL 59. Not great I know. I was going to start taking the Serrapeptase, but I wanted to know your thoughts on Policosanol? I believe it is supposed to increase HDL and decrease LDL…..any advice on what to do with those numbers? perhaps taking both of those together? I can't thank you enough Tony.

  2. Tony, my humble apologies. I made my previous comment a few minutes into your video and should have completely watched it before commenting. I knew I was brainwashed, but I didn't know I was THAT brainwashed about cholesterol, HDL and LDL….That was a ton of information to digest, but I have no doubt that you are correct. Thanks again for all you do….

  3. Tony I would like to have a Pdf with the ingredients for the erectile dysfunction and something for a kidney cleanse.Thanking you in advance again. Minister. 

  4. These enzymes you mention for folks over 40. What are they??? I love all your videos and take several of your mixtures to stay healthy. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. lol when I look at this guy I think Mad Scientist. People trying to live forever when there isn't one. Everyone is going to die. If you eat healthy(stay away from processed foods), exercise you will live a long happy life. Worrying about all this bullcrap this guy spews will make you die lol.

  6. I live in NZ am 70 yr old female. Have high BP, High calcium take medicine for both of these. Have high cholesterol (was on statins until dec 2013 when Tony published this video I immeditaely came off statins but took nothing else for the cholesterol). Had recent blood test & cholesterol reading was 8.6 (not sure how that converts for US). So dr wanted me back on statins which I refused but asked if there was a test to check calci/ plaque levels in arteries. Paid to have a calci score test (an angiogram) and was immediately taken into hospital because it showed fluid around my heart although I had no symptoms and felt great. 360ml drained from around my heart so paying for the scan might have just saved my life. But also my calci score was ZERO meaning there is no build up of plaque in my arteries or heart to cause a stroke or heart attack and NO STATINS ARE NEEDED. my GP told me I would not have to have another angiogram for at least 5 years and then probably too old to be worthwhile. So for those of you with high cholesterol it means nothing – even my GP told me the medical people do not understand cholesterol and the method of calculating / measuring it is a crude basis and same readings for different people mean different things. Thank you Tony you showed me that statins are killers and because if this I took your highly valued advice and refused to take statins which as it turns out were totally unnecessary and prescribed without clear evidence to warrant taking them.



  8. The heart is a pump.  Think of a swimming pool pump.  If you start to slowly block in the discharge valve of the pool pump the discharge pressure will rise.  In my opinion, when the nurse puts a blood pressure cuff on you and starts to pump it up it is the same as slightly closing the discharge valve on a pump: the blood pressure will rise.  There's no way to check the real flowing blood pressure unless the nurse would stick you with a needle with a gauge on it !!!!  They're causing the blood pressure to rise by restricting the blood flow !!!  It's not an accurate reading.

  9. Great video Tony the whole truth it's all about the dam pill pusher's  so many people have gotten sick taken the statin drug's and died again good show.

  10. Tony I have to agree with you my grandparents homes always had fresh churned butter on the kitchen table 24-7 and was eaten on everything and never were sick come to think about it.

  11. I eat 8 raw eggs and 8 tablespoons of olive oil per day (for testosterone production), i'm thinking of adding dried fruit (high in sugar) to get carbs, will that be a healthy decision?

  12. Hey Tony, 

    I've just planted some rosemary and boiled some sprigs in water to make a tea. 

    I've read that Rosemary can help anxiety, can this be true? Also I've heard it can raise blood pressure which worries me because i've got border line High BP for which i've just started taking Magnesium, Coq10 and Hawthorne Berry.

  13. hi tony you mentioned serrapeptase?what brand you recommend? I went online as usual so many brands!i take super enzymes by NOW has betaine hcl and ox bile extract and papaya fruit  powder and enzyme blend of amylase 37000 usp and protease 37000 and lipase 2960 and bormalain and papain and cellulase and pepsin ; as always your information is superb

  14. my blood test results came back and my cholesterol is 148, im 100% Vegan this proves once again our bodies make the amount of cholesterol,we need for brain , heart , and inflammation control, one cause of a high cholesterol reading is a acidic diet which all animal products cause. to deny that is foolishness . my b12 reading was normal and i do not supplement im 53 and can walk on my hands 53 feet plant protein is where its at. if man makes it dont eat it, if blood is shed its dead, walk in the light. im gonna make a video proving how deadly and toxic eggs are to our bodies even raw eggs screw up your blood sugar levels , cooked and fried eggs make your pancreas go into overdrive, gmo soy is the top feed for caged tortured birds and unfermented soy is loaded with a process that destroys iodine levels etc.. if it wasnt for the billion dollar egg indusrty you would be paying 20.00 minimum for a whole chicken, a chicken in the wild,or a natural setting would lay 17 eggs a year, it goes againt nature to a force a chicken via lighting , drugs and STRESS to lay so many eggs in the industry then after there layed out they end up as rotisserie birds at 12 to 18 months, just as jesus wants… oh and that gravy mix or soup,that says natural flavors , its the baby male chicks that get shredded alive cause they cant make eggs, once again just as god intended .

  15. Wow.  Just wow.  You're dangerous.  Are you aware that there are a number different cholesterols, some good, some bad and some indifferent?  Are you aware that some people don't regulate cholesterol as well as other people, just as diabetics don't regulate insulin as well as other people?  You really shouldn't advise gullible people about things you have no understanding of.

  16. Very good info.    but your sound is really bad,   please not,  some young and elderly people cannot listen                                               thank you, basu basit

  17. @HerbsPlusBeadWorks
    As a fellow naturalist, I do disagree with your approach in-general. A healer should not operate under the assumption that the human body is invincible, or that if it's natural it can't harm you, or if it's only in small amounts it can't harm you.

    Medicine is medicine. The more specific the product is, the more carefully it should be used. Plant oils as an example, some of them aren't healthy for the body in any* concentration, nor could they be considered beneficial.

    The simpler an answer is, the better it is. Nutrition should outweigh use of herbs by a very large margin. Herbs are NOT nutrition, this is one of the main disconnects I see you making. Herbs are like the medicine of the natural world, they need to be regarded with respect, and only used under proper care. Throwing multiple herbs into a single concoction without having desperate need for it, is harmful to the body. You cannot live off of herbs, they're too potent, we need* foods that aren't potent, but are properly harvested/created(Grass-fed, GMO free, fluoridated water free etc, made with hugs & kisses).

  18. Hi Tony love your videos but I always thought ginger was an anti inflammatory? I have it everyday when I juice my fruits in the morning. Should I stop using ginger.

  19. My hands and feet turn white and then blue or black. They say I have Raynaud's.. I don't know of anything to help that because it is apparently a circulation issue.

  20. Thank you so much they told me my cholesterol was 730 I was a walking heart attack I took the pill I couldn't walk I hurt just like you said my hips my legs so I stopped taking it and they are not happyi've been researching and you're my number one man thank you for everything

  21. Sounds like you are saying Seropeptides or Steropeptides, of which i cannot not find in Google. Can you spell it out for me dummies like me.

  22. Tony, I'll talked to you before. I'm 69 I am on statins. I put myself on Co q-10. I also take a heaping teaspoon of coconut oil everyday. I put myself on a very healthy diet. My cardiologists said I can't get off of statins because I have two stint's. Is that true? I have lost 17 pounds in a month and a half, eating whole organic foods. Even losing belly fat. Two teaspoons of Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar comma and also 2 teaspoons of fresh squeezed organic lemon juice. Organic raw honey, in my organic green tea. Trying to do everything correctly. Please help me get off this heart medication.

  23. Ok Tony, did my research on Serreptase & Kyolic 108. Seems that if I take this I can drop all 5 of my heart medication. This takes their place! Now, do I get some of this in my system first, or do I just stop the heart medication, and start this. Wow I am so grateful for you. Please just give me an answer, I trust you completely. I don't trust the doctors anymore, and they do not believe in supplements. I know for a fact, they will just tell me know.

  24. Tony where are you buying your Rosemary, Vitamins C's, Bay Leaves? I have high blood pressure and want to get off them.

  25. Hi Tony,Thanks for your informative and enlightening videos. Please keep up the good work. I am interested in incorporating Rosemary Herb in my supplement regimen. I actually bought Rosemary capsules which I haven't started using because I read somewhere that Rosemary essential oil could increase blood pressure. If the essential oil has this effect, how come the herb itself has the opposite effect as discussed in your video. Thanks for your help.

  26. Tony, Does the Cholesterol synthesize to Pregnenolone solely in the adrenal glands? Does Pregnenolone synthesize to DHEA and Progesterone solely in the adrenal glands? What about from Progesterone to Cortisol and Aldosterone? Thank you.

  27. why have the comments stopped on this viddie..anyways i wanted to ask why you think the chinese do so good on soy?..

  28. I keep looking for one or two products I can take that meet these needs for overall health and help in my hypothyroid problem and autoimmune issues.  I have yet to find any that really meet my needs.  Yes, herbs are great, I use them, but I would like a great supplement that isn't going to break the bank.

  29. Tony u r Godsent. my husbands blood pressure is still high n he's dealing with enlarged heart what do we do. I need ur response ASAP

  30. I was able to regulate my high blood pressure with magnesium. No more bp meds. Now on to rosemary and butter. Thanks.

  31. Tony, you are the first intelligent person that has told the truth about what the big pharmaceuticals are doing to us, hey here in New Zealand all the tallow fat frozen fries have a heart tick now going to Canola oil, if only they all knew what that is doing to you!

  32. how much damage are you planning to do to the health industry do you not realize hospitals are essential to human health…

  33. Hi Tony, I'm really enjoying your videos, you seem very knowledgeable and are entertaining as well. Just wanted to mention that towards the end of "Cholesterol the Killer" at 28:53 on the video… I think you meant anti-inflammatory regarding various herbs and per aspirin 😊. I've watched several of your videos to know that may have been a woopsie, lol. I've been in the medical field for years and totally agree with you. Have a great day and thank you for the vids.

  34. I can not get unpasteurized butter in Alabama I use Amish Butter but in order to sell it to stores it has to be pasteurized Gt any help for this??

  35. I have hyperlipiderdemia which is bad dense LDL cholesterol—i avoid sugars-fructose etc.—what is your recommendations for dense LDL cholesterol???

  36. Hey Tony, I just found your videos a couple of months ago. Love your videos, good job. You've got a big heart and your well loved. You explain things in such a way it is very easy to understand, and the first time because you are direct and honest and I appreciate that. You've inspired me to go back to college and I'm 38 so I just wanted to say thank you.👍👐🏼✌️😃

  37. You mostly know what you're talking about but you are very wrong about Nattokinase. You need to read up on the latest (non-pharma) studies on Nattokinase. Nattokinase is not SOY Bean Natto!! It is extracted from a substrate of SOY! NIL soy residue.!!
    Also You need to get factual about the need for Enzyme protection. Serrapeptase is highly susceptible to stomach acid degradation. The best way to deliver serrapeptase is in a delayed release vegetable capsule infused with Gellan Gum …. AND 20,000iu is not strong enough to hit all the inflammation. How do I know all this? because I happen to be one of Europe's key people in Enzyme Therapy having helped tens of thousands of people in over 60 countries.
    You have a lot of good to say here but you ruin it with some of your erroneous opinions.
    However..Magnesium=awesome .rosemary=Brilliant. VIT C=brilliant but in high doses. fat=good cholesterol=good but only when it is sent to the right places!! Serrapeptase eats up waste cholesterol.

  38. Hi Tony
    Did anyone ever tell you your awesome? YOUR AWESOME BIG TIME ! I believe everything your saying. I trust you more than my doctor. I went for heart tests. Everything was fine but the doctor at that facility said I had just a very very tiny bit of cholesterol in my throat. Not sure what he meant. Maybe a little over what it should be.Like he made sure I knew it was SMALL AMOUNT. Like nothing to worry about. Then he proceeded to write a prescription for a statin. ????????. Go figure. I guess its all about pushing drugs. Anyway fortunately I was aware of this crap and told him I would not be taking this drug.😊i don't believe doctors anymore. Not listening to them anymore. I will be listening to me. I have actually learned alot from your channel. Thanks so much. Please keep up the fine work in helping us to get a grip on our health and well being.❤

  39. Right ! When I took stats I went onto serious depression and felt very weird . The indocronologist even admitted I needed to discontinue in fear of liver damage . They found none only because I got off it so quick . Other than that they put you on it so that they can give you something els for the side effects . They 'practice' on us ! I have lived with high cholestrel all my life and I never died , ha ha ha !

  40. how is Rosemary going to help a women if it blocks ESTROGEN, So, use Rosemary to help my heart but at the same time BLOCK ESTROGEN?

  41. 1 —Does Castor Oil help remove Cateracts?
    2 —What products should I NOT buy from a Veterinary Supply?
    Example: vitamins like should not be bought and used?
    3 —Where do I get unpasturized Milk? (Can farmers sell it in Virginia?)
    Get It HERE:

  42. Soooo, I can't remember all this stuff, it is not indexed, so I can't find it again!!!
    It's not even in the description!!!!!!!

  43. Fantastic presentation Tony, many thanks. Entertaining, v. Informative & probably more relevant than ever given the ongoing prescribing & administering of statins with criminal disregard.
    If anyone have been prescribed Statins pls take the time to listen to Tony’s video and then simply stop.
    My father unnecessarily took statins for 16yrs until he suffered a Stroke – he had been on them so long we no longer were properly/actively assessing the danger.
    It’s 6 days since his stroke,
    on day 2 I was happy to find the NHS had stopped the statins…….
    Day 4 unfortunately & the NHS have reverted to type with a return of administering said statin and because we acted fast so rehab is goin well…….
    Day 5 saw the arrival of his first (unnecessary) administered Blood Pressure Medication

  44. I’d imagine working hard at physio, re-training neural pathways, simple frustration and or the brain of an individual wanting to ensure sufficient oxygen supply could possibly be reasons why you might NEED to be acting with a higher blood pressure.
    It’s medical sabotage of the rehabilitation. He is on the stroke ward and unless the staff are also patients I’m struggling to fathom it.

    This video has been a great help and I praise your intellect and sanity. 🙏

  45. I eat a high fat diet and my blood cholesterol averaged at 160.

    I'm in my mid 40s and I have great cardiovascular health.

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