Choosing an Essential Oil Diffuser

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I’m often asked which essential oil diffuser
is best because there’s several different types to choose from depending on how you
want to use it. So today I’m going to tell you what you need to know in order to choose
an essential oil diffuser. A diffuser is something that disperses an
essential oil into the air so that you have a constant stream of good smelling therapeutic
essential oils floating around. There are four different types of essential oil diffusers:
Nebulizing, humidifying, evaporative, and heat diffusers. We’re gonna be talking about
each of these today in the video. The first one we’re gonna be talking about is the nebulizing
diffuser. A nebulizing diffuser is one that you screw
an entire bottle of essential oils into. There is a small plastic tube that goes into the
essential oil bottle, an the other end has a focused stream of air passing right over
it. And this creates a vacuum to pull up more oil from the bottom at the same time it breaks
up the essential oil quickly and disperses it into the room as tiny droplets. The nebulizing diffuser is a work horse and
it quickly saturates a room with essential oils. This means that it goes through essential
oils more quickly, but it is perfect for large spaces. It’s usually a good idea to use the
timer on your diffuser so that it’s only running 15 minutes out of every hour because too much
essential oil in the air will be overwhelming to your senses. This type of diffuser also
tends to run a little louder than the others. Ultrasonic diffusers are also known as humidifying
diffusers. They break up the essential oil into super fine particles, much finer than
the nebulizing diffuser. The super fine particles are much easier for your lungs to absorb.
So let me show you how to set one of these up. This is the AromaReady diffuser. The top comes
off like this. Fill it up with water to the fill line, I already have that done, and then
you add about three to five drops of essential oils depending on the size of your room and
how saturated you want the air. So I’m just gonna put three in. And I’m using Wild Orange
here. The top goes back on. Turn it on. And then a mist will come out the top. So this
fine mist is a combination of water and essential oils. Creating a mist from water usually requires
heat, but the ultrasonic diffuser does it differently. There is a small disc underneath
the water that is made to vibrate very fast. This is what creates the mist so no heat is
required. The ultrasonic diffuser has a nice gentle
water sound while it’s running. And you can consider this diffuser a gentle diffuser in
general because it doesn’t use up a lot of oils and it doesn’t blow the mist anywhere,
it depends on the air flow in the room to disperse the mist. Now on to evaporative diffusers. These diffusers
depend on a fan that blows through a pad or a filter that has essential oils dropped onto
it. This evaporates the oil and sends it out into the room. Some are battery operated.
There are even ones you can hook into your computer through USB. There’s even a manual
called a Whispi diffuser. You put a drop or two of oil on the pad and then pump it yourself. Another type of evaporative diffusers are
ones that don’t utilize a fan but depend on the air in the room to slowly evaporate the
oil in a small area. These are usually personal diffusers, so diffuser necklaces, diffuser
bracelets, or diffuser pendants that you can hang in your car. There’s one drawback to evaporative diffusers
and that is the lighter more volatile molecules will evaporate more quickly than the heavier
ones. So you won’t get the whole oil all at once, you’ll get the lighter molecules at
first and the heavier ones later on. If you remember my video about How Essential Oils
Work, you’ll remember that the whole oil has different therapeutic properties than just
parts of the oil. So this type of diffusion may affect the therapeutic qualities. But
despite that this is still a great way to get the aroma of the oil into the air and
into your own personal space. Heat diffusers use heat to evaporate the oil.
So just like evaporative diffusers, you’ll run into the same problem of not having the
whole in the air at once but just parts of it at a time. These diffusers are completely
silent and if you’re looking to buy one, you’d want to find one that uses a low level of
heat because high levels of heat can change the composition of an oil. My personal favorite diffuser is the ultrasonic
diffuser, by a landslide. If you are looking to buy an essential oil diffuser, you can
find great ones on Aromatools, or even some on Amazon. I will link to those in the description
below. Now I want to hear from you. What is your
favorite diffuser? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to subscribe to my channel,
to like this video, and we’ll see you all next week. Thanks for watching, bye!

77 thoughts on “Choosing an Essential Oil Diffuser

  1. I love the ultrasonic petal difuser by doterra, my parents recently bought a kit of oils that include this difuser, and it works very well! I put breathe in it every night when I'm sick to help with the congestion.

  2. been looking for a video like this for two days.. finally, i found it. thank you so much for breaking this down!! which one is your favorite ultrasonic diffuser? 

  3. Kristina I usually tag people in my comments when I'm responding to them but it wouldn't let me tag you, so I'm also forwarding this to you in a message, hopefully you see it! 🙂 My favorite ultrasonic diffuser is the Aroma Lite. It can run for up to 8 hours which is quite long for an ultrasonic. It also has an optional light and it is quite small and can be packed away anywhere. 

  4. I have tried a few different diffusers and I love the Ace Diffuser (the first one in the video, for those who aren't sure). I like it because it's very easy for me to travel with since it doesn't need any water. That being said, I also really love the Aroma Lite diffuser (which is a humidifying diffuser that uses water). I have a large house so I have two of them. I like that I can just throw in a couple drops and turn it on. And it is much easier to make custom blends by simply putting in a drop or two of a couple different essential oils.

    Great video, Joanna! 

  5. Great video the most helpful I have found on explaining the types and differences of diffusers. I want to buy my first diffuser and I would like to know if there is a real difference between putting the oil directly into the water or into a cup as it is with the whisper from aroma tools, Also would love your opinion about the young living diffuser that looks like a rose and the do terra one if you could somehow review the differences between them.  

  6. Do you happen to know of any humidifiers that you can safely add essential oils to?  I didn't notice the warning sticker on my Homedics humidifier saying not to add essential oils, and now it leaks.  And if not, do you know of any large sized ultrasonic/humidifying diffusers?  Any recommendations of something I can buy easily at like a Bed Bath and Beyond or a similar store?

  7. Hi Joanna, would you please share the link of your favorite one? When I looked up on Amazon, they show a thousand, but none of them was aroma lite. thanks!

  8. Have you had reliability problems with the water/vaporizer style? My nebulizer style is now over 25 years old and like NEW. But wanted to try a newer water-vaporizer type but find humidifier styles fail constantly according to Amazon reviews. Any suggestions on a RELIABLE unit?

  9. In response to Mike Cartwright's comment – One of the reasons humidifying diffusers "fail" is because they are overfilled. I always fill mine to BELOW the fill line and I have never had an issue. When I fill them up to the fill line I start to have problems with them turning off. I hope this helps. A really high quality humidifying diffuser would be something like the Aroma Lite. It's a dōTERRA brand diffuser.

  10. Are there any ultrasonic diffusers which can scent a room that is 700 sq ft?  If not, how about 500 sq ft?

  11. I am looking into using oils in my practice, and was wondering about placement of the diffuser and how it affects the aroma in the room. We take care of children so we need to find a place where they wont mess with the diffuser. I've been recommended to use the AromaLite to address my concerns of a larger space (the office is 1900 sq.). However, would using the AromaLite at a higher level prevent the aroma or therapeutic effects from penetrating the room? Is a nebulizer a better option in this case?

  12. I have had first hand experience with the Aromis aromatherapy diffuser. also known as Orbis Nox Merus. This diffuser gives off a "burnt" essential oil smell that is nauseating. I watched all of there "how to" videos, bought their signature oil to use with it, and read the instructions top to bottom before I even attempted to get started…very poor results.  I have contacted the company to return it so we'll see what happens.  It was very expensive, over $100.

  13. hi joanna ^^
    i have a question please,

    i recently bought an aroma burner which has a small bulb inside as a heater, and tried to put drops of oil alone once and it didn't work ,then tried putting water before adding the oil and waited a couple of hours and no result seen!

    what could the problem be?? .. could it be designed for wax oils only? as the heat produced by the bulb is too weak to cause evaporation to the water ??

  14. So I'm a college student, and my room sometimes gets pretty messy and so the air becomes stuffy and unpleasant… Will diffusers help with that?

  15. Hi I was wondering if I can use another oil right after another? I used peppermint the whole day, and now it's night time and I was thinking if I can now use lavender? The peppermint scent is not that strong anymore. I was just wondering if it will produce any negative effect on my system. Thank you very much!

  16. about heat diffusors. i have a hand made candle heated amethyst diffusor where you place water in and then 1 or 2 drops of oil on top of the water. would that improve the therapeutic properties of the evaporated oils as oppose to what you explained?

  17. Thank you +Joanna Banana Strawberry. After going through about 10 videos finally found one that's best best by far. Very informative & clear review for newbies like me. Keep up the good work. Liked & Subscribed to your channel.

  18. Hi Joanna, Thanks for a very informative video. Would appreciate if you can advise me on the right type of diffuser for my Melaleuca (tea tree) oil.

  19. what a great video!! you really helped me on figuring out what's what!! I have been reading and I've researched so many articles about Diffusers I was confused.. you really helped me out. I'm looking to by one but want one that has more coverage and not just my room.. could you tell me which one you would buy?

  20. Joanna, we just purchased a new home that is awesome except for the not so lovely aroma of cat urine. We've cleaned and scrubbed and done all the right things but it still lingers. My aunt gave us some thieves oil and we diluted it and sprayed it in those areas and it worked very well but seems to only be temporary. She thought we might have success if we used a diffuser in the problem areas and that it would cleanse those areas permanently over time. What are your thoughts on this and if applicable, what would be the best type of a diffuser? Also, have you ever known anyone to successfully replace the oil in those Airwick or Glade plugin diffusers with essential oil? Thanks – Dick

  21. I Love Love Love Young Livings Aria for it's Durability of Solid Wood & Glass (no cheap plastics) & it's Relaxing Spa Music & LED Colours!!

  22. Great!! review I am looking to purchase a diffuser soon and your review helps in my decision making. I am leaning toward the ultrasonic diffuser. I will be back to let you know how it turn out.

    Thank you for sharing.

  23. I fell in love with diffuser on the first night of use. It went perfectly, and I think I even slept better!

  24. Excellent video – very clear and informative. I appreciate and thank you for sharing your knowledge. Have a fabulous day! 😀


  26. Exceptional video! Clear, specific, to the point getting the ultra sonic diffuser. Thank you for so eloquently and succintly explaining the diffusers available. Subscribed

  27. Hi! Great video! 😊 what do you think, what would happen if I put Fanta or other sugary drinks into a ultrasonic diffuser? Would my room smell like fanta? Thanks!

  28. Thanks for the video. With the supersonic defuser do you use a fan or similar to disperse the vapour somehow? I'm finding the supersonic defuser is not filling the room very well.

  29. I've used a heat essential oil diffuser, an evaporated one on a necklace and an Ultrasonic diffuser… the ultrasonic is by far my favorite.

  30. I asked for a diffuser for Xmas and I got a Desert Mist for Xmas….. IT IS A PIECE OF CRAP! Cheap plastic piece of junk. The plug that attaches to the unit if you lift unit or move to the side it falls out. You must gingerly place the unit on the cord and hope it stays connected. Directions mentions an led light…where I push on/off switch and nothing happens.

    This is too expensive to be this poor quality! You should be ashamed of selling this ! The oils do smell nice but the sub-quality diffuser has me questioning the oil quality. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!
    Show less

  31. What a fantastic video. I am trying to get into oils and seems youtube is clogged up with people trying to push brands. This was very helpful. Thank you!

  32. great video. after much researching i decided to order a victsing 300 ml from amazon. works great. very quiet. very attractive. will easily handle a large bedroom. will run for up to ten hours. really nice light ring with 7 colors which is nice at bedtime.

  33. I love my Doterra petal ultrasonic diffuser. I have had it for over 3.5 years and use it pretty much daily and it’s still going great. I love the even mist. I also have the dōTERRA aroma lite diffuser on my nightstand….and that’s another great one.

  34. Thank you so much for this video! Do you think this one is a good choice?:

  35. Soon there is going to pop up a video on my Channel about Young Living, then about the starter Kit and all the oils in it- i can realy recoment this for you to watch, because Young Living Oils are the cleanest and best on the market- If you would like to have more information about that or want the 24% (you will see on the webside)of from every product, just write an email to " [email protected] "
    follow me on You Tube for the videos and on Instagram " simon_jaskolla " for more 🙂

  36. Nobody talks about all of the extra cleaning oil diffusion creates.  Windows and mirrors show it first, but it can also damage upholstery, plastics, paint, and nearly every surface including marble and artificial stone by depositing a greasy film that attracts dirt and dust and then breaks down into rancid compounds.

  37. Can someone tell me how much mist the Ultrasonic diffurers create? My room is very humid and can easily get molds on the walls if I'm not careful, I really like the benefits of this diffuser, so much easier to use than the traditional candle ones (which I have currently) but it looks like from the video they create a lot of mist. Is there maybe a type that works similarly but doesn't humidify the room at the same time?

  38. You are the first one I’ve seen who has described (very clearly) how the nebulizing defuser works! Now I understand! Thank you!

  39. Very good informative video about all diffusers available. like you I personally like ultrasonic. But also use oil diffusers for ambience in a room

  40. Great video! From what I understand, given the mechanism, there can't be an ultrasonic diffuser with glass/ceramic interior, am I right? Does the fact that the recipient is made out of plastic hinder the therapeutic proprieties of the oils?


  42. Hi Joanna , We have therapeutic grade essential oils ,Blend oils and diffusers as well , we would like to showcase our products through your tube Channel..

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