Chronic cough: what you need to know

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A chronic cough is usually one that lasts
for more than six weeks. Broadly speaking, there are
three main categories of causes: firstly, problems within the lung
and this may include diagnoses such as asthma, pneumonia
or scarring of the lungs. In addition, there may be problems with the
nose or sinuses and this may result in phlegm or mucus dripping down into the throat
that causes a cough. Thirdly, there may be problems with acid reflux
from the stomach into the throat that irritates the throat,
resulting in a chronic cough. And it will be important for your doctor to take a detailed history to try and clarify which
one of these groups of causes is responsible. In terms of when a patient may want to see
a doctor with a chronic cough may depend on a number of factors. This may include the
length of the cough, the impact of the cough
on that person’s quality of life and also whether it is
associated with other symptoms for example coughing up blood, or fevers, or pain in the chest.

35 thoughts on “Chronic cough: what you need to know

  1. Go to a ENT and force them to do a scan on your lungs and all sinuses and sputum culture. Tuberculosis , fungus, and parasites are common for this!! If any reaches the brain through the sinus , you can die.

  2. I keep coughing and it really hurts and it fills like I’m gunna throw up I’m getting pain in my cheast any idea what it could be and is it bad

  3. Doctor i am coughing from more than 7 weeks i have allergic problems kind of sinus you can say the allergy happens to me throughout the year on off basis, the alergy somehow is cured now but the cough still remains and my cough get worsens at night around 12 or 1

  4. Im having a dry cough for like 3 years its not a normal cough after the cough u dont feel that sensation it just feels stuck!

  5. Hi doctor I have a question my husband has been coughing since last year they don't find anything thank GOD he only cough when he goes to sleep, he don't smoke he is a healthy man any suggestion he is tired of coughing thank I will really appreciate ur response thank u.

  6. Hello doctor
    I am coughing from last 2 months . Cough is not regular but it repeats in every 2-3 days .

  7. Dr,. I have i sinus, it is normal to coughing continuesly when it cold, and i have always dry cough..?? Pls help me also i have alot of swollen lymph nodes on my neck

  8. My dad has been coughing for last 5 months! He is 48 and he was a chain smoker but now he don't smoke! It is getting worse and mainly at night or after having any meal! ! What should we do? We are very tensed.

  9. Hi Dr I am from india. I am suffering from cough since childhood. Now I am 22 year old and I consult with a lots of Dr. But still I am suffering from cough so please give me some instruction

  10. Some people are saying that they're are coughing for a long period of time. I've been having the same. I feel tired and my cough isn't harmful but irritating. I've seen doctors and they say I'm fine. But the overall point of this is that everyone with these coughs are in either too cold or too hot places with too many pollen around them. Or it may be that the temperature changes gradually over time causing your immune system to act differently, causing you to sometimes cough. I took some allergy pills from my doctor and I felt a bit better over time. I would recommend taking daily medications of allergy or your prescription pills recommended by your doctor, you should watch what you eat and how hot and cold your main home is. Now I am not a doctor, if you are having serious coughs that do not go away, seriously. Visit your doctor!

  11. Its been almost 2 months since i have these vomit coughs(thats what i call it now) and its really starting to annoy me.

  12. I just have a dry cough, almost 5 weeks, it had a green mucus but now it's just a dry cough which do not go away, I already went to a doctor and took antibiotics but the cough persists, should I worry?

  13. Doctor, i've been coughing for the past 2 and a half months i took all of my medicine and after the cough go away it will come back please help me 🙁 (im 11y/o)

  14. I am suffering the 2nd reason you menrioned from a long time…I consulted many doctors didn't they even pointed out the exact wgat you said sir…Please help me

  15. Sir i have this chronic cough and this trigger during post nasal, and this itchy sensation inside my chest area give gives me frequent coughing can anyone help me here tnx..

  16. What’s annoying for me is I can be sitting in a meeting at work and all of a sudden I feel this itch or something in the back of my throat and I know this cough is fixing to come that make me almost want to throw up what is it, is it allergies.

  17. Ive been coughing for about 2 weeks probaly longer but i have no runny nose and no sore throat i just been coughing really bad to the point where i gag. It feel like some kind of mucus or liquid comes up everytime so i have to clear my throat and swallow it. It sound like i have a cold when i talk but i dont. I dont know what is happening should i be worried im 14😭😩

  18. My dry cough was because of sniffing up espestos the doctor had said that. I wonder if years later would that still effect U? People should check for that if they cough so much but don't have Asama or a cold or smoker's cough. Check your heater vents and filters. Make sure your air is clean. Especially if U knew U didn't have that cough and U all of a sudden couldn't stop coughing.

  19. Dr i need your help ,i already go hospital but nothing change .please help me because i have dry cough now almost 2 month .usually cough always at night without open air con also dry Cough ,irritating cough ,so please give any medicine or other treatment

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