Civil Action Over Almost Famous Allergy Death

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Shahida Shaheed was out with her
friends from university in the city centre on a night out going to Almost
Famous in the Great Northern warehouse just off Deansgate she suffered from
allergies she knew that and she was
extraordinarily careful about what she ate but she had a conversation with the
waiter about whether she could have the chicken burger
what Shahida hadn’t realised and the waiter hadn’t either was that it had
been soaked in buttermilk as part of the preparation process so her allergies
were noted on the order and it went across into the kitchen however not
to the head chef who had had the conversation with the waiter it went to
another chef who despite seeing what was on the order sent out the chicken burger
and Shahida ate it now a few minutes later as they after they left the
restaurant they were walking down Deansgate and Shahida started to suffer an
anaphylactic shock reaction she very quickly lost consciousness and it was a
very traumatic event to watch as it unfolded for her friends who were with
her she fell into a coma and she was taken
to hospital and despite the best efforts to save her at Manchester Royal
Infirmary she didn’t recover and on 15th January
they turned off her life support and obviously for her family they were
completely they were devastated restaurants shops retail establishments
don’t perhaps really appreciate how serious it can be people think of an
allergic reaction but they don’t think of somebody dying but that is the
potential consequence of this and one of the sadnesses is that only a few weeks
before Shahida died there’d been new regulations that had
come in in December 2013 EU regulations which had required that food
establishments provide more detail about allergies and the contents of what they
are selling to make sure that consumers are aware and have the best information
available but it all it had all gone horribly wrong due to effectively a
terrible breakdown of communication between their staff at the restaurant
with devastating consequences the regulations are there for a good reason
they’re there to protect consumers consumers who can expect to be given
foodstuffs which is safe to eat the family obviously saying what’s happened
what’s gone wrong how can we do something about it to reduce the chances
of it ever happening again the word justice is inevitably used in
these situations and the family very much wanted to see that justice was done
because that as they could see it the situation that had arisen shouldn’t have
happened so the family came to me and I explained to them that the first step
would be for the coroner to open an inquest process once the inquest
concluded there was a verdict of misadventure from the jury that gave the
family some satisfaction and obviously closure and where I come in then is to
act for them what we call a civil claim for compensation they would do anything
then give back any amount of money to which they were entitled to bring
Shahida back and the basis of the claim where there’s been a fatality where
somebody has died is that her mum who lived at home with Shahida was dependent
on Shahida’s financial contribution Shahida helped her mum out financially
and she helped her out around the house and that’s what I’m at the moment trying
to bring to a conclusion which is a compensation claim for her mum to give
her something to fall back on financially to get her through the later
years in her life and in some way to give her some comfort

2 thoughts on “Civil Action Over Almost Famous Allergy Death

  1. If she has a nut allergy he would know that there might be cross contamination. Why then eat food produced outside?? The fault lies with her not anyone else.
    The restaurant manager is now in jail. If he was white and called 'john smith' he would not be. One law for whites one for anyone else.

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