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Watching Knowing Better, when you see a PragerU
video, it’s not like anyone else, because you see it, you know you have to do something
about it, because you know you’re the only one who can really help. Someone who watches Knowing Better is someone
who can look at the world and really see what it is, and not only look at it and see it,
but be able to go pew and be effective and do something about it. Haha and uhh… they said “so like, have
you seen a 4KTV?” Hahaha! And I looked at them, and you know, and I
thought what a beautiful thing because one day, it’ll be like that, you know what I’m
saying? Maybe one day it’ll be like “wow 4KTVs,
like, they’ll just read about those in the history books,” you know? I do what I can and I do it the way I do everything. Haha. There’s nothing part of the way for me,
haha it’s just pew! The story of Scientology is really the story
of its founder, L Ron Hubbard, which his followers abbreviate to LRH. We’re going to be hearing a lot of Scientology
lingo here and much of it is just initials. L Ron Hubbard was a navy brat and his father
was stationed in Guam, he failed out of university and tried to join the military once or twice. Then he became a science fiction writer. During the Great Depression, he became the
most prolific writer in history using twenty different pseudonyms. He still holds several Guinness World Records. He was paid a penny a word for his pulp fiction
novels and would top out at 100,000 words a month. This script is just shy of 6000 words. His science fiction books actually contain
a lot of concepts and names that later come up in Scientology. But that’s not really the point of giving
you his background. The reason I went through that is because
of his father’s military service, his short university attendance, and his seemingly constant
book publishing… We pretty much always know where he was and
what he was doing. Yes, I’ve slept with bandits in Mongolia
and I’ve hunted with pygmies in the Philippines, as a matter of fact I’ve studied 21 different
primitive races – including the white race. No he didn’t, he’s lying. Pretty much his entire life is accounted for
and he never went on any adventures to the far reaches of the world. But then World War 2 happened and the standards
for entry were lowered. This is probably the most important event
in his life – as it was for many others I suppose – he was a Lieutenant put in charge
of a subchaser patrol boat. And by all accounts was a major soup sandwich. He once dropped all of his ordnance on what
he thought were two Japanese submarines but turned out to be a floating log and a month
later he accidentally shelled a Mexican island. His evaluations from superior officers aren’t
very kind. Consider this officer lacking in the essential
qualities of judgment, leadership, and cooperation. He acts without forethought as to probable
results. This officer is not satisfactory for independent
duty assignment. He is garrulous and tries to give impressions
of his importance. Not temperamentally fitted for independent
command. Those were three different people across three
different years. After the war he rejoined his writing buddies
Hollywood and got involved in a black magic sex cult. Trying to summon the literal anti-christ. Now, I tell you all of this not to make fun,
although it is pretty funny, but to tell you the foundational myth of Scientology. Think of it like the crucifixion of Jesus
or the parting of the Red Sea. LRH claims that he was crippled and blinded
by the war – the story shifts depending on when he’s telling it, sometimes he’s
the sole survivor of his downed destroyer and was blinded by the sun while adrift at
sea, other times it was shrapnel and muzzle flashes. The important part is that L Ron Hubbard claims
he healed himself using the methods that later became Dianetics. Proving this wrong would be akin to finding
Jesus’ body, it would shake everything. Military records are pretty solid and easily
accessible. He never earned a Purple Heart or any of the
medals that he claims, at the end of the war he was hospitalized for a stomach ulcer and
pink eye. After treatment, the Naval Board stated that
he was… Considered physically qualified to perform
duty ashore, preferably within the continental United States. He also wrote to the VA several times requesting
psychiatric treatment for “long periods of moroseness” and “suicidal inclinations.” The Church of Scientology claims that these
records have been falsified in order to cover up the truth. They also claim that his involvement in the
occult was part of a Naval Intelligence assignment… so… you know. After World War 2 there was an explosion of
religious fervor in the west. Not only was there an increased interest in
established religions, which gave rise to evangelicals like Billy Graham, but an interest
in previously unknown eastern religions, like Buddhism. This was also when alternative medicine, and
acupuncture, and yoga became popular. People were hungry for new ways to improve
their lives and expand their mind… which is why drugs also became more popular. The point is that the stage was set for someone
like L Ron Hubbard to come along. In 1950, he wrote Dianetics: The Modern Science
of Mental Health, and middle class white people ate it up. It spent 28 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller
list. In this book, LRH claims that these are the
methods he used to cure himself of his war injuries, and that using these methods, you
can cure yourself of all sorts of mental and physical ailments. He also claims that for every hour of Dianetics,
your IQ will rise by one point. I tested people before Scientology processing
and after Scientology processing and uniformly found that their IQ has rised,
He once claimed that he raised a boy’s IQ from 83 to 212. Now, for those of you who don’t know, IQ
is a standard distribution where the average person – and the majority of people – are
at 100. The majority of tests really only place people
between 30 and 170, but technically the whole scale goes from 0 to 200. It’s just not possible to have an IQ over
two hundred. Surely you’ve only got as much brain as
you’re born with. Oh no, brain has nothing to do with it. Brain is a sort of… well I don’t know,
brain is brain. What it does I’m never quite sure and I
don’t think anybody else is. In Dianetics, Hubbard theorizes that there
are two parts to the human mind. The analytical, which is just stimulus and
response, a completely rational machine, like a computer that perfectly processes and records
everything. And the unconscious reactive mind. This is where all of your emotions, fears,
and psychological ailments come from. It’s also the source of physical ailments
like asthma. Your memories and thoughts are recorded into
what he calls engrams, and its these engrams that cause all of your problems. As anyone who’s ever talked to the cryptarch
would know. You can get rid of these engrams through a
Dianetic Reverie, which was basically self-hypnosis, where you would think about a thing until
it no longer had any effect on you. Kind of like exposure therapy for PTSD or
a phobia. You would continue to do this until all of
your engrams had been erased and your reactive mind was completely eliminated. This is what he called the state of “clear.” That means that the individual has erased
what the Freudian said was his basic illness, which is his reactive mind, his unconscious
mind is gone. And he is totally alert and totally capable. In August 1950, three months after Dianetics
was published, Hubbard produced the first clear, a physics student named Sonya Bianca,
and presented her to an audience to show off her abilities. She couldn’t remember basic formulas or
even what color tie LRH was wearing. It would be another 16 years before he produced
any others and of course, not publicly, but that didn’t stop him from continuing to
sell and practice Dianetics. LRH thought that his book was going to be
a breakthrough in the field of psychology and mental health. But it was rejected by the APA and described
as neither science, nor science fiction, but fictional science. Dianetics was the homeopathy of psychology. It rose at the same time as other new religious
movements, alternative medicine, and self-help, and as people started to realize that they
weren’t getting the gains that he had promised, it fell apart. Hubbard was hit with numerous lawsuits for
false claims and even criminal action for practicing medicine without a license. By 1952, Dianetics clubs around the country
had shut down and Hubbard was bankrupt, even losing the rights to the name Dianetics. Because of these legal issues, LRH went to
great lengths to distance his next project from psychology and psychiatry, even branding
them as the enemy. Is this a form of psychoanalysis? No, psychoanalysis they lay back and… don’t
associate Scientology with such people. In 1952, he incorporated a number of different
churches under different names but the ultimate winner of the branding war was the Church
of Scientology. Scient, coming from the latin Scientia for
knowledge, and ology meaning the study of… the study of knowledge. He replaced the idea of self-guided Dianetic
reveries by introducing an auditor who would use an e-meter to “process” people through
eliminating their reactive mind. According to Scientology, an e-meter locates
an engram and measures its charge. In truth, an e-meter measures the galvanic
skin response, or skin conductivity, it’s one of the measurements used in a lie detector. It just measures how sweaty your fingers are. Years later, the FDA required e-meters to
carry a label stating that is does not diagnose or treat any illnesses and is instead just
a religious artifact. Because of the two handles, Scientologists
refer to using an e-meter as being “on the cans.” Scientology uses a number of different symbols,
but perhaps its most recognizable is the eight-pointed cross. Which seems a little bit like plagiarism,
but is also somewhat intentional. I discovered that the common denominator of
existence was survive. Whatever else man was trying to do, whether
he was cultured or primitive and so on, he was attempting to survive. Survive. The eight-pointed cross represents the eight
dynamics of survival. The first dynamic is the survival of the self. The second is the survival of sex and children,
which they usually sum up to mean family in order to sound a little less weird. Then the survival of the group, whether that’s
a country or a race. The fourth dynamic is the survival of all
mankind. Then all of life, including all animals. The sixth dynamic is the survival of the physical
universe, made up of matter, energy, space, and time, or MEST, this becomes important
later, so remember that. The seventh dynamic is the survival of the
spirit. And the final eighth dynamic is the survival
of infinity, which is sometimes viewed as the Supreme Being or a Higher Power. Hubbard and therefore Scientology, views individual
humans as three entities, the mind, the body, and the spirit. Not exactly groundbreaking, most religions
have a similar view. The key difference here is that the spirit,
known as a thetan, is an immortal being that has lived and will live many lives. Again, reincarnation isn’t exactly a new
idea either. Hubbard had initially rejected the idea of
past lives during Dianetics, but as people continued to report engrams from Napoleonic
or Elizabethan times during auditing sessions… in order to explain that, it was incorporated
into Scientology. Scientology wasn’t just written and then
handed down to the masses, it was developed as he was getting feedback from his followers. As part of this development, L Ron Hubbard
created the Bridge to Total Freedom, it’s kind of like a course list for Scientology. Buddhism has the Noble Eight-fold Path, Scientology
has the Bridge to Total Freedom. It’s fairly complicated looking, the left
side, known as Training is for auditors, and the right side, known as Processing is for
everyone else. Most everything up to the state of Clear is
just repackaged Dianetics – and that is where most people see the most benefit. Scientology recruits people through small
courses that maybe only cost 50 to 100 dollars. It starts by taking a personality test they
call the Oxford Capacity Analysis and is not at all affiliated with Oxford University. The purpose of that test is to find your “ruin”
– in marketing they would call it a pain point, something that bothers you personally
that they can then sell you the solution to. Scientology is for an able guy like you, or
like me, able to function in life, able to make his own way, does his work and so forth. Alright, that’s the man that should be helped,
that’s the man you should help out, because that fellow is having a hard time. Yeah, I’m afraid that you are completely
miserable and totally depressed. I am?! I didn’t know that! Well there’s certainly no question that
you are a perfect candidate for Scientology. Are you having trouble with your marriage? Personal finances? Do you have a hard time studying or focusing
in class? What about drugs, do you have a problem with
drugs? Scientology has the solution… for a nominal
fee. That last one is particularly dangerous, they
market it as the Purification Rundown and it’s the first step on the bridge. They also call it Narconon, not to be confused
with the actual Narcotics Anonymous, a twelve-step program similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. There’s nothing new or even wrong about
having a religious element in a detox or rehab program. But Narconon and the Purification Rundown
have no medical or psychological aspect. Scientology teaches that the only way to get
this out of your system is through hard manual labor, exercise, and sweating it out in a
sauna. This is extremely dangerous, depending on
what you’re withdrawing from. But now you’re on the bridge and you’re
taking classes that guarantee the ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject
or the ability to recognize the source of problems and make them vanish. And relief from the hostilities and sufferings
of life… nice. It’s also vague enough that you can get
these things from most self-help, therapy, or even just practice. And if you don’t, that’s because there
is something wrong with you, not Scientology. If despite all that trouble and care, the
case did not gain — or if the case simply didn’t gain despite auditing no matter how
many years or intensives, then you’ve caught your Suppressive Person. A Suppressive Person or SP is the label given
to someone who doesn’t see any gains from Scientology, leaves Scientology, or speaks
out against Scientology. It’s quite possible that I’m going to
be labelled an SP, or at least a Potential Trouble Source. Many of the people who went through the beginnings
of Scientology in the 50s and 60s were kicked out and labelled as SPs, which then opened
them up to the Fair Game policy. Fair Game means that Scientology can use whatever
means necessary to discredit and destroy that person – which I am not looking forward
to. The Church of Scientology claims that the
practice is no longer in effect, but back then, LRH would write letters to the FBI and
the CIA talking about how these people, including his ex-wives, were secret communists. This was during the Red Scare and McCarthyism,
remember. Likewise, all of that information you gave
them during your auditing sessions is put into what they call a Preclear or PC Folder
and can and will be used against you in Fair Game. An auditor isn’t a doctor or priest, there
is no promise of confidentiality. As Scientology’s presence grew and they
became the subject of several lawsuits, the government found that LRH was using church
funds for personal gain. As a result, in 1967, the IRS stripped the
Church of Scientology of their tax-exempt status. To avoid any government action, Hubbard took
to the high seas, founding the Sea Organization, or simply Sea Org, the most important element
of the church which basically functions as its clergy and members sign a billion-year
contract. The Sea Org was LRH’s personal navy and
he even appointed himself commodore. It’s even marketed much like the navy and
their stated mission is to clear the planet. Roll Credits. They spent several years bouncing around the
Mediterranean looking for lost treasure, getting kicked out and banned from several countries
and even allegedly participated in an attempted coup in Morocco in 1971. It was during this time that LRH developed
the Operating Thetan levels. These are the levels on the Bridge beyond
the state of Clear, they are cause over matter, energy, space, and time. This is also where things go from self-help
and therapy to religion. Look is this a religion, because my family
is like Catholic or something. You could be a Christian and be a Scientologist,
okay? That you can be a not only Scientologist but
a Roman Catholic and an Anglican as well? Oh yes, as a matter of sober fact, we have
many many denominations in Scientology. Then how come that sign says Church of Scientology? It is a religion because it’s dealing with
the spirit, you as a spiritual being. Scientology could be called… well, you can
call it a religion of religions. They say that as a hook. If they came out of the gate saying it was
a religion, most people who already have a religion would just walk away. But make no mistake, the further along you
get in Scientology, the more of a religion it becomes. It starts out helping you with drugs or marital
issues, then you’re going through auditing to clear your unconscious reactive mind, and
so far, it’s probably helping. And once you’re in for seven or eight years
and a quarter million dollars, it becomes a religion. If you’re a Catholic, or any other sort
of Christian, or let’s be honest, even if you’re not a Christian, you know what the
first few sentences of this book are. Or at the very least you can paraphrase it. You can find this book everywhere, likely
for free, you’ve probably turned down someone handing these out on the street. The point is, you probably know the creation
story and can look it up anywhere. Scientology is different, you have to go through
all the stages up to clear and buy all of Hubbard’s books and lectures for well over
4000 dollars before you find it out. It costs a fortune if you’re a regular Scientologist,
but – and it’s a huge but – everything is free if you join the Sea Org. Which is the primary recruitment tool by the
way, I mean, how else are they going to get you to sign over your life for the next billion
years? This is cognitive dissonance in action. By the time you hear Scientology’s creation
myth, you are so invested, both in time and money, that you almost have to believe it. Hubbard wrote this story in 1967 for Operating
Thetan level three, which he calls the Wall of Fire. Scientologists believe that hearing this story
before you’re mentally prepared will cause you to go insane so… Surgeon General’s warning. But in all fairness, you’ve probably already
heard this story, most famously from South Park in 2005. It all began 75 million years ago, back then
there was a galactic federation of planets which was ruled over by the evil lord Xenu. I’m not going to show the entire thing because,
you know, copyright. Oddly enough, this information had gotten
out before South Park, and the Church of Scientology tried to take it down on copyright grounds. The weird thing about filing a copyright claim
Is that in order to make the claim, you have to prove that its yours. So when South Park put this little disclaimer
on the screen… The frozen alien bodies were loaded onto Xenu’s
galactic cruisers, which look like DC8s, except with rocket engines. They’re telling the truth. There’s even a recording of L Ron Hubbard
telling this story. The DC8 airplane is the exact copy of the
space plane of that day. It’s easy to make fun of this, right? So that’s not necessarily what I want to
do here, except to explain how these beliefs shape Scientology. The OT3 materials state that the universe
was created 4 quadrillion years ago. 75 million years ago, which was before the
dinosaurs were wiped out, Xenu was facing an overpopulation problem. He selected people to be killed by… and
I wish I was joking… one of the mechanisms they used was to tell them to come in for
an income tax investigation. Remember, this was the same year that the
Church of Scientology was stripped of its tax-exempt status, so yet again, the enemies
of the church were folded into the doctrine. These aliens were then disposed of by throwing
them into volcanoes on Teegeeack, which was Earth. The disembodied thetan spirits were then captured
and forced to view what LRH calls R6 Implants, which are false memories that we later acted
out and became our religions and histories. These thetans aimlessly roamed the Earth and
eventually attached themselves to humans. You can have hundreds of them in, on, and
near your body. They can be up to sixty feet away and still
influence you. And these brainwashed, confused, lost alien
souls are the source of all of man’s problems. Does your elbow hurt? That’s a body thetan. Are you afraid of spiders? Body thetan. So not only do you have your own engrams to
have to work on eliminating, but OT3 to OT7 is dedicated to eliminating these body thetans. At this point in Scientology you’re also
auditing yourself, so you know… honor system. You see how you can’t believe this and that
god created the world in seven days? As a practical matter, Scientologists are
expected to and do become fully devoted to Scientology to the exclusion of other faiths. In fact, that whole Adam and Eve and Noah’s
Ark story are just R6 Implants from Lord Xenu 75 million years ago. Why do you think man was put on this planet? Well he was put here he was put here and he
was supposed to make his own way out of it. Who put him here? Well call it… Ha ha ha. Again, it’s easy to laugh at this story. But you have to put yourself back in the mind
of someone experiencing this in the 60s. We hadn’t landed on the moon yet. So when you’ve signed over your life for
the next billion years and everyone around you also believes this – because anyone
who doesn’t is kicked out – it’s fairly easy to see why you’d buy into it. Especially if you were experiencing legitimate
gains from all the previous courses. If you do waiver in your beliefs but don’t
want to get kicked out, or you’re considered out-ethics, you’re sent to the Rehabilitation
Project Force, or RPF. He was a science fiction writer, get used
to the silly names. The RPF is like an extreme boot camp, or prison,
for Sea Org members where many alleged abuses and inhumane practices occur. The Sea Org has also participated in many,
not-alleged, proven in court clandestine operations. In 1973 Operation Snow White involved infiltrating
over a hundred government agencies, the American Medical Association, the American Psychological
Association, and numerous news agencies around the world with the goal of finding and destroying
any information they had on the Church of Scientology. It is still the largest domestic espionage
operation to ever take place, with over 5000 Sea Org members participating. Operation Freakout was one of the first major
uses of the Fair Game policy, with the goal of destroying Paullette Cooper, a journalist
who wrote a book about Scientology. They tried to frame her for various bomb threats
and sued her in numerous countries. They even imported her book to other countries
specifically so they could sue her from that country. It almost worked too, she was about to go
to prison. But in 1977 the FBI raided church offices
and uncovered all of this information, which led to several high-ranking church officials
going to prison instead, including LRH’s wife Mary Sue. They also discovered files related to Project
Normandy, a plot to take over the city of Clearwater, Florida. Clearwater is the spiritual headquarters for
Scientology, think of it like their Vatican. It’s known as Flag Land Base, or simply
Flag. It’s the only place you can get OT6 and
above and is also the headquarters for the Flag Service Organization, also known as Staff
by Sea Org members. All of LRH’s policies and directives are
known as Flag Orders. If you visit a hotel in Clearwater, it’s
almost guaranteed to be owned by the Church of Scientology. And they don’t pay any property tax on it,
which I’ll get to later. The Hollywood headquarters, the big blue building
you all recognize, is known as the Pacific Area Command base or PAC base. It’s also pretty close to the Celebrity
Centre International, and yes it it spelled that way. Scientology has a long history of recruiting
celebrities in order to increase their popularity, they use celebrities to sell shoes and car
insurance, so why not a religion? Celebrities have come and gone over the years,
but by far the highest profile member is Tom Cruise. Ha ha ha ha ha! Sea Org members basically wait on him hand
and foot when he’s staying in Clearwater or Gold Base, near Riverside, California. I told you to get used to the silly names. This is the infamous compound with bladed
fences that not only keep people out, but keep people in. While Clearwater is the spiritual headquarters,
Gold Base is the corporate headquarters. Scientology also operates a number of bases
around the world like Trementina Base, where L Ron Hubbard’s writings are kept on steel
tablets in an underground vault. Could you imagine being so important that
your accomplishments are put on a steel tablet? The goal of Trementina is to preserve LRH’s
works for the next 10,000 years because – oh yeah, he died in 1986, did I forget to mention
that? At 2000 hours Friday, the 24th of January
AD 36, L Ron Hubbard discarded the body. The body he had used to facilitate his existence
in this MEST universe had ceased to be useful, and in fact had become an impediment to the
work he now must do outside of its confines. LRH died of a stroke… unless the coroner’s
report was also falsified. But of course, the new leader of the church,
David Miscavige, known as COB for Chairman of the Board, had to tell people that he voluntarily
discarded the body to continue researching further levels of OT. Operating Thetans are supposed to be inpervious
to illness or injury, so if he can’t survive, how can anyone else? The several bases the Sea Org operates around
the world all have this large infinity symbol somewhere, so that LRH’s thetan can find
its way back home. Because, like many messiahs, there will be
a second coming. The reason you sign a billion year contract
when you join the Sea Org is because you are an immortal spirit, a thetan, and when you
die you’re given a 21 year leave of absence to find your way back. L Ron Hubbard’s thetan has been AWOL for
over 12 years. The fact that you’re an immortal spirit
really changes the family dynamic in Scientology. In that there is no family in Scientology. Now, celebrities and public Scientologists
get to have families sure, but Sea Org members are expected to either not have children or
turn them over at a certain age because they’re a distraction. They believe that children are immortal thetans
in tiny bodies. As a result, they are treated like adults,
disciplined like adults, and expected to work like adults. As you might have guessed, there are rampant
accusations of abuse… alleged abuse. Most Scientologists right now are second or
third generation, they really aren’t getting any new members. And they’re losing members at quite an amazing
pace. OT7 will take someone 15 to 20 years to complete
and costs almost a million dollars. OT8 was released a few years after LRH died
and is only given aboard the Sea Org’s flagship the Freewinds. Remember that one game that was super hyped
a few years ago and then once it came out and people played it for a while they really
hated it? You know the game. OT8 is known as the Truth Revealed and teaches
that everything you’ve worked on up to this point was a construct of your reactive mind
and various body thetans. So now, we can get to work on you. It’s basically a fade to black and start
over at the beginning. It’s No Man’s Sky, I was talking about
No Man’s Sky… I’m still mad about that. OT9 through 15, which COB said LRH had completed,
haven’t been released and it’s been 30 years. As you might imagine, many OT8s ragequit. Many of them had preordered OT9, 10, and 11,
and have just lost that money since the church doesn’t really do refunds. Never preorder the season pass. The International Association of Scientologists,
or IAS, is the required membership club for Scientologists. It costs 5000 dollars to be a lifetime member
and 50,000 to be a patron. It only costs like a dollar to be a Knowing
Better patron! They meet several times a year in order to
give out freedom medals and bang the drum about how much great work they’re doing. They claim that they have 8 million members. But because they were given back their tax-exempt
status in 1993, they have to provide certain information to the government. They have maybe 30,000 members worldwide…
if even that. The videos claiming that they reach millions
of people each year are produced by one of Scientology’s many propaganda arms, Golden
Era Productions. They also operate a number of other organizations
that pretend they’re not Scientologists, but totally are. We’ve already talked about Narconon, but
they operate another group known as the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights which tries to
destroy the Psychiatry profession. They’re the ones who run the Psychiatry
Museum of Death. They also operate the STAND League, Scientologists
taking action against discrimination… I don’t know where the N comes from. It’s supposed to fight for religious freedom
and they run a number of Twitter bots. Scientology has a history of inflating their
numbers and attacking the enemy, whether they be psychiatrists, suppressive people, or the
IRS. As I mentioned, in 1993, the IRS re-instated
the Church’s tax-exempt status. It came after years of lawsuits not only being
filed against the IRS, but individual employees of the IRS, in every jurisdiction imaginable. They would send people to BFE Alaska just
to file a lawsuit from there that the IRS was then required to respond to. All in all, there were 2400 active lawsuits
by 1993 that suddenly disappeared when they were recognized as a religion. It’s strange, but when you think about it,
there really is no agency or organization with the authority to decide who is and isn’t
a religion. Except the IRS when deciding which 501(c)(3)
applications are approved. Is Scientology a cult? Well… you could ask the Cult Awareness Network,
they sound like a group that would have the answer to that. Except they’re run by Scientology too. Many countries have labelled them as one,
but the United States hasn’t necessarily. I certainly wouldn’t call them one. But there are models we can look at and questions
we can ask to determine if it fits that label. A dead giveaway of a cult is that you can’t
leave. A Scientologist who leaves is said to have
“blown” and they’re ostracized by their friends and family who are still in, in a
practice is known as disconnection. The church denies that this practice exists
and that members freely choose not to talk to ex-members. It’s important to remember that Scientology
wasn’t necessarily designed to be manipulative and controlling. It was born during the 50s and 60s, along
with dozens, if not hundreds of other similar movements. Scientology is just one of the few to have
passed through the filter of time, maybe that’s because it works for some people, maybe that’s
because of its cult-like practices. It’s easy to laugh at many of its ideas. But this was before brain imaging like the
MRI, back when the government was legitimately testing mind control drugs, and before we
started to explore our solar system. Scientology was founded five years before
Sputnik was launched. So you can’t blame his followers for buying
into his science fiction stories, because they didn’t have access to Brilliant is a problem-solving website where
you can learn about Math, Science, and Astronomy. Brilliant breaks down these concepts into
bite sized engrams so you can understand them before moving on and saying something like
“The length of time from the planet Coltis to the planet Teegeeack, which was the name
of this planet, was nine weeks. And you’ll see that it’s many lightyears.” How can someone travel faster than the speed
of light? Brush up on your Einstein in this course on
Special Relativity. “In view of the fact that Einstein was absolutely
right, that no man can travel faster than the speed of light, which is a bunch of baldersdash.” Don’t sound like this guy, head on over
to and get 20% off, you’ll also be supporting the channel
when you do. Scientology is referred to as a UFO religion
because of their incorporation of aliens and other science fiction elements and it was
born during a time when people were curious about space and hungry new ways to improve
their lives. The people who joined Scientology weren’t
stupid, they just wanted to believe. And the next time someone offers to give you
a stress test or tells you they can provide you with the secret to happiness for a nominal
fee, kifflom! I’d like to give a shout out to my newest
legendary patron, Richard. If you’d like to add your name to this list
of operating thetans, head on over to In the meantime don’t forget to audit that
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