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All right guys so as promised. I’m going to continue my series on drugs physique athletes take and today We’re going to talk about Clenbuterol if you missed the last video where we talked about the strongest antibiotics steroids on the market be sure to check it out and I’ll post a link to that video in the info section below Now if you’re just tuning in for the first time I want to make it very clear that the [only] reason why I’m [making] these Videos is because a lot of people especially young people are Blindly taking these drugs without any sort of worry as to what the repercussions might be social media makes it seem like the only people who suffer horrible side effects from them are the people who are dumb or don’t do it right at the end of the day guys that just isn’t true [a] lot of factors including your Genetics play a huge role [in] the side effects you may experience and yes, I am against the use of these drugs But I can assure you these videos are unbiased and just contain the facts about what they do to your body both positively and negatively So what is Clenbuterol? Well Clenbuterol or Clen for short is also known as the cousin of ephedrine remember guys Clen is not a steroid It’s a selective Beta-2 agonist Antagonist and a bronchodilator and its intended purpose is to take is to treat breathing disorders like asthma Clen comes in pills spray or liquid form and it is illegal for purchase in Usa without a prescription In the bodybuilding world this drug is mainly used to lose unwanted fat and get extremely Shredded and actually clen is used amongst [celebrities] who are looking to lose [weight] fast as well for example Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are celebrities that have Publicly admitted to taking the drug as for which works, best pill Spray, or liquid There is a lot of talk on which form of clen is Better but there’s no Consensus some people like the convenience of the pill while others prefer the liquid because of its fast Absorption and because of how easy it is to measure the dosages now here’s where it gets real 99% of the time when someone tells you that they’re dirty bulking Which is when you gain loads of fat in the short amount of time When it comes time for them to lose all the unnecessary fat gain fast Clen is usually the drug of choice this is why a lot of you guys scratch your heads wondering why your favorite natty athletes are able to get so shredded so fast when you can barely get your abs to show after four weeks of eating clean and Just to give you a guy’s a good visual. Here’s an example of a before-and-after of just one cycle of clen But what does clen actually do well the reason why clem works so well for getting shredded is because it stimulates your beta 2 Receptors which actively reverses Airway obstructions and improve your breathing But this same stimulation of your receptors can also be used to [enhance] your metabolic rate However clen doesn’t actively burn fat by attacking fat cells in simple terms clen directs your body to burn fat Over muscles that actually stimulate your metabolism by increasing your body’s temperature which helps you burn more calories over time and Like with many other drugs people typically stack Clen with other drugs to enhance the results a common addition to a clean cycle is man-made Thyroid hormone which helps you burn fat [even] faster, and I won’t get into it now But I will make a video about it in the future Now a term that I use a lot is lean gains and to make lean gains as a natural athlete You have to keep a small Calorie surplus of around 250 to 500 calories over your TDEE or Total Daily total daily energy expenditure And still incorporate things like hit cardio a few times a week So when you see people claiming that they’re on a lean bulk or lean gains But it is very clear that their calorie intake is exploding the small window of 250 to 500 calories It should be obvious It’s because they’re using drugs And I need to say this because I don’t want you guys to think Lean gains means eating whatever you want and just do some cardio later It’s not that simple you [have] [to] be very cautious of your protein carbs and fat intake in order to grow muscle with as little Fat gain as possible also guys keep in mind that if you’re a seasoned lifter over four years That naturally you’re only going to be able to gain about four to five pounds of muscle a year max And you can learn more [about] what to expect in terms of muscle growth in the first four years of lifting in my video Bulking you’re doing it wrong, and I’ll put that [link] down the info section below as well But the new trend among physique athletes is to use this drug while Bulking to keep their weight gain on the cleanest side while feeding their muscles as much as possible with food and steroids This is because another benefit of Clen. Is that it can really help with muscle retention and prevent muscle Catabolism when cutting Remember guys the hardest trial to overcome for a natural lifter when cutting or getting shredded is not going Catabolic and keeping a full look to your muscles to lose weight you must put your body in a calorie deficit So muscle wasting is always a risk even if you’re only cutting 250 to 500 calories a day from your TDEE. So really sit for a moment and think about the struggle natural lifters Go through in order to bulk or cut when bulking you have to gain some fat. You’re in a Calorie surplus It’s science guys and to cut you need to be in a deficit which will result in some muscle loss along with fat loss So it’s no wonder why clenbuterol is so popular among physique competitors it not only helps you cut the unwanted fat But also makes it easy to keep your muscle mass during a leaning out phase So what are the side effects? Well before you start fantasizing about how you can [obtain] this miracle fat shredding drug You may have just learned about it’s time to talk [about] them now Just like when we talked even though [you] may not experience all the side effects that come with this drug They’re all still [very] common side effects include muscle cramps increased blood [pressure] increased heart rate, Insomnia Dry mouth vomiting shaking especially of the hands guys nervousness breathing difficulties sweating Tremors Vertigo anxiety headaches and even heart palpitations most people typically take magnesium and potassium to help with the muscle cramps which can be brutal and I know it’s a mouthful of Risks guys, but now I want you to keep in mind everything I just mentioned and think about how hardcore in tension workouts are and how much it takes Mentally to [train] hard and heavy and my question to [you] is How the hell are you going to train at your best with raging headaches shaking all over Vomiting dry mouth and any of the other side effects listed now what I’m going to do for you guys and show you some examples That I found on forum posts [of] real people talking about their experience using Clenbuterol And the side effects that they had from it because I feel like it’s easier for you [guys] to see as opposed to just getting Me all give me giving you guys all the facts and just making it cut and dry I feel like post like this make it a bit more real and easier to understand what can happen to you So this first post is from T-nation from a guy Sunder And he says you become a human vibrator able to crush rocks just by jackhammering them with your grip don’t eat soup actually don’t eat with any utensils around anyone else or be prepared to answer some questions, and if your job [requires] any kind of manual dexterity Such as drawing or surgery have fun, so obviously guys here He’s having a bit of fun with his post But you get the idea that the Shakes was a very common side effect and here’s a few more forum posts, so this guy says By all means be cautious in your dosing even on this thread. We have vastly different tolerances I ran the same batch of clen as a buddy And he struggled to write anything at 80 micrograms a day due to the Shakes whereas I was yawning next to him on a hundred and forty micrograms a day Granted I am very Stim tolerant but I Assure you to take potassium and taurine along with it as clen causes increased excretion of both of them also I believe some of the heat concerns with clen are due to low touring levels in the heart and here’s another post Yeah, I think I might be just being cheap and lazy I’ve got the clean sitting around and I’d like to use it and I have the fat to lose But I also had a buddy my age died from some heart issues most likely genetic and not due to clen by the way But I’m a little bit more leery than I used to be as you guys saw in the beginning some of the side effects include heart palpitations and sudden death, so We don’t know for sure but maybe that’s what happened to his friend now. He’s a bit worried and the next post Here’s what this guy had to say Clen, I don’t like it use it before but the sides [oh], holy shit. Shake shake shakes You’re not able to do nothing else to work to eat becomes a big problem [because] you cannot put the fork in your mouth You cannot take a coffee at work without people asking you are you okay? Man? No, no, I’m having some Parkinson’s attack I’m fine use ephedrine, effective less sides and great great fat burner and it’s cheap Clen operates on a single receiver [ephedrine] operates on Several just like caffeine so you’ll feel more energy more power to train without shaking forever Clen is a great fat burner, but you’ll feel like shit almost every time and here’s one more forum post for you guys [I] can’t believe that no one mentioned it already Clen drains your body’s taurine Take four grams of Taurine a day that will help with the cramps sadly it might not remove them completely I remember lying on the floor crying and screaming because of the cramps varying from both quads to both Hamstrings now that is quite a [mess-up] situation because interrupting a quad cramp triggers the hamstring cramp man That was shit, haha It’s kind of funny just saying haha at the end Now you can tell from the post that the side effects are real and Clen has a half-life of about 48 to 72 hours So most side effects will leave once the Clen is out of your body But there are long-term side effects as well in fact there have been animal studies showing Cardiac hypertrophy or an enlarged heart it has also been [shown] that Clen causes Collagen infiltration into the Structures of the heart altering its muscle structure which can lead to Sudden death Also, the use of Clenbuterol may worsen any pre-existing heart condition or blood pressure Problems, so if this is you you should definitely stay [away] from this drug do not take this lightly guys higher resting heart rates higher blood pressure pep Palpitations all this stuff can lead to death [as] for dosages people take they can vary based on gender, experience and goal But a common starting point for beginnings is 20 micrograms a day and it’s recommended to slowly increase this to forty to sixty micrograms a day by the end of two weeks And then cycle off and back on after another two weeks some people as you just heard in one of the forum posts even end up going as high as a hundred and forty micrograms per Day but just remember that the more [you] take the more severe the side effects can be and that’s always going to be the deciding [Factor] here, and how this drug is going to affect you now the reason why people like to cycle clen is because eventually the receptors that it binds to [becomes] saturated or full and the results diminish Another factor to consider is money one twenty microgram pill can cost between 50 cents to $1 So it will add up over time especially when you consider the additional drugs or supplements that you’ll be taking on the side Another thing I want to mention is that if you’re significantly overweight You shouldn’t even think about taking Clen Especially considering the side effects that might already be a problem for somebody with excess body fat Clen would be for somebody already in pretty good shape looking for an extra Edge So do the benefits outweigh the risks guys? Well that is something that you need to decide for yourself [and] for me personally the answer is no Lastly I want to mention that there are supplements on the market with the names very similar to Clenbuterol like Clenbutrx that are not clenbuterol these are just supplements that are a lot of the times are nothing more than ephedrine fat burners And they’re purposely named to sound like Clen to trick you went to buying them I hope you guys learned a lot today be sure to click that thumbs up button and subscribe And if you’re looking for a new program to make real lean gains check out my 12-week Transformation challenge on my website once you join the challenge I’ll have access to not only all my workouts But my custom meal plan app tons of exclusive videos and my forums which are full of amazing community members And it’s a great place to ask your fitness questions Or get the motivation you need to train harder than ever and as always guys more good stuff coming soon. See, ya

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  1. Do you know anything about Astralean brand of clenbuterol? 2 days ago, I started my first clen cycle with 40mcg. I felt absolutely nothing. No shakes. No sweating. No body heat. Yesterday, I upped it to 80mcg. Still nothing. Today, I just took 80 mcg a couple of hours ago. I still feel nothing. I'm probably going to take another 40mcg to reach 120mcg.

    Did I get ripped off? Are my pills bunk? Has anyone heard of Astralean brand?

  2. Clen is a joke. It does NOT get you shredded. The effects are minimal on weight loss, and causes way more negative effects than any questionable benefits. Tried it twice, both times my resting heart rate at night would be around 85-90bpm as opposed to 55bpm off it. You're basically making your heart work double time when it shouldn't be. You'll be shaking like Kathryn Hepburn. It's not good. The other problem is the cramping. I would get muscle cramps in the strangest places, and they would be bad. One day I got a hammy cramp that dropped me to the floor in the gym, thought my hamstring was going to snap, scared the heck out of me. People were like, Dude are you alright?!?! It's just not worth it. Eat properly and get learn discipline, stop looking for shortcuts.

  3. how to use it?
    Cause everybody saiys what it does, but no info how to use it?
    In the morning with meal? with coffee only?
    How long cardio on it?

  4. can someone tell me where to buy clen online? everything looks sus. thank you, i just want to get shredded brah 😂

  5. I'm against the use of that tank top… what are you doin scotty!!! But honestly… Im In Rhode island…. where's your gym at … you're obviously from mass… just dont know where

  6. 15 year ago used clen, know as veNtipulmin powder only avail in Europe, the best shredded product , no need to diet this thing a powerful fat burning used cautious:{{ pyramidal } COME TO A POINT THERE IS NO ROOM FOR FAT UNDER YOUR SKIN. WINTER TIME YOU FEEL HOT.IT IS A GREAT PRODUCT BUT NOT TO ABUSE.YOU WILL BE MORE LIKELY TO DIED FROM ALCOHOL ABUSE , OR DRUG OVERDOSE

  7. Agonist/Antagonist….Antagonist means the opposite of agonist. Beta 2 antagonists are drugs like propranolol and Atenolol… They make you store fat while slowing heart rate

  8. Have one tablet every third day with regular use of anavar. No side effects, anavar 20 mg a day and clen 20 MCG every third day.

  9. 80mcg???? No wonder you have the fucking shakes, it works wonders at 10-25mcg.
    Dont be a dumbass and abuse these drugs and 9/10 you will be okay given you're okay with taking steriods/performance enhancing drugs.

  10. clen works different with everyone but I think if you're smart with it you will be fine. my first time taking it I took 1 pill (40mcg) and witnessed every side, headaches, anxiety, very painful cramps, shivering, and a tight chest. after several months of discontinuation, I was advised to start with 10mcg. so i started this, while having plenty of water, splitting the dosages AM and PM, taking taurine, a few bananas for potassium and i was fine and witnessed no sides at all. i bumped up the dosage by 10mcg every 3 days and didn't consume more than 60mcg while being on for 3 weeks and lost a total amount of 5 kilos of my body.

  11. From my experience, clen is unreal. As noted, clen shakes are terrible. If you are going to use, start LOW

  12. Its really bad scott didnt mentioned the worst side effect, in that its literally raising your body temperature. if you take to much you will literally boil your blood and cook yourself to death.

  13. I have a question… let’s say I weigh around 230 and I’m pretty fat. What would happen if I started cycles of tren?

  14. For those who is still trying to burn their fat with pills, crazy diets and hard exercises. That woman has shown me how to burn fat quick still eating my favourite morning donuts. Watch that short video here NODIET. XCOURSE. XYZ to know how!

  15. Believe it or not the shakes and cramps are a one time thing and actually go away when you increase the dosage to around 20-30mcg, although I wouldn’t recommend that for a first timer… and yes use taurine Jesus!

  16. Wait did this guy say 140mcg per day?!!!!! 10-30mcg is literally all you need Jesus. This guy must have shit out his body weight in a day.

  17. I wish weed had clen like properties … it would make my cuts SOOOOOO much less disappointing XD

    That dank is too good to put down , even when I need to avoid the munchies XD

  18. So what if your Six foot one 220 pounds you have extra fat but not to over weight. You hit the gym every day cardio ever day. Then is it still not good to use? What should your total calorie count be per a day?

  19. The mouse studies showing negative effects of clenbuterol on heart use doses about 10000 times larger than the typical doses used in bodybuilding. So that is a bit like taking a kilogram of aspirin and claiming it is bad because someone died from the overdose LOL Also, people complaining of side effects probably take too high dose for them. I don't think you need to shake like a leaf for clenbuterol to work. Ephedrine is good but it works by giving you energy and suppressing appetite, not by directly burning fat or building muscle as clenbuterol so they are not in the same group at all.

  20. 4-5 lbs of muscle a year?… I don’t think so…

    Science +nutrition and dietetics + proper lifting and strengthening = perfect formula > (massive gains)

    Bodybuilding is an experiment because people have different types of body mechanism. You have to try everything and pick the best that suits you.

  21. “Clenbuterol is a beta-2 receptor agonist and antagonist” – can you clarify how something can be an agonist AND antagonist on the same receptor???

  22. A week long cocaine binge is a good substitute for clen in my opinion, will get you to 6% body fat by crushing your hunger and keeping you awake and active all the time.

  23. clen works great. i have just finished it. lost 9kg in 2month.(now i have 8%bodyfat) havent lost any strength or muscle. if your diet is good and u train hard you will get great results.

  24. My psychologist said it is the same build as adrenaline, so you’ll be walking around all lit asf n nervous n ready to jump

  25. Nice channel bro I just subscribed. Let me ask you how much do you pay for a bottle of this CLEN? And how many pills comes in it?

  26. I do bought my clen yesterday.
    My question, if I take clen in the morning, Can I take another detox pills before sleep – same day?

  27. Clenbutrol is a safe and legal alternative of Clenbuterol. Clenbutrol claims to mimic the fat loss effects of Clenbuterol,i used this ”❤️ here: it does fonction.

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