Client Testimonials: Rajeev Jain from Columbia Asthma & Allergy Clinic

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Hi, I am Rajeev Jain. I am working with Dr. Sanjeev Jain in Columbia
Asthma and Allergy Clinic. I am the CIO of the company and also taking
care of some of the operations and business side and I have been working with the company
for about 7 to 8 years. How is your experience with DrCatalyst? So, one thing I liked about DrCatalyst when
I heard about them is they have somebody all the time atthe same time they are
very good and very experienced in IMS as well so that takes care
some of the problems we are having. Describe how remote staff help you in your
office tasks. So we started about a year ago with one person
handling faxes and over time we started giving some other billing work for them because we
had similar problem with billing cycle. So, we started billing about 4 or 5 months
ago. If needed, would you add more DrCatalyst staff
in your practice? We have 3 to 4 people working with us in DrCatalyst
and we hope to keep growing with them so we can focus more on the clinic and patient care
side than worry about the daily work. Would you recommend DrCatalyst to other clinics? That is where DrCatalyst fits in very well
for us and everybody else, so I recommend this for everybody else who would be in the
same situation which is most of the clinics we are working with everyday.

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