Client Testimonials: Sanjeev Jain from Columbia Asthma & Allergy Clinic

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Hello! My name is Dr. Sanjeev Jain. I’m CEO of Columbia Asthma and Allergy Clinic. We are a single specialty clinic with 11 offices
in the state of Washington, Oregon and California. We have about 80 employees in our company
and we have been very pleased with DrCatalyst. Describe your partnership with DrCatalyst. We have been with DrCatalyst since October
of 2016. They have been instrumental in implementing
improvements in our process. Their knowledge of IMS is a major advantage for us. How helpful are the remote staff in your office
tasks? The staff we have worked with have been extremely
helpful. They are very knowledgeable about the software. They are also very knowledgeable about billing
and collection process. We have weekly meetings with the staff at
DrCatalyst and our internal billing team and we worked together collectively. Initially, we started with only one person
who was assigned to us from DrCatalyst and now we have 4 full time employees of DrCatalyst
who are assigned to our team. We have experienced significant improvement
in our process that we used for billing and collection. If there is a need, would you get DrCatalyst
services again? In addition, we are getting clinical services
through DrCatalyst as well. This individual at DrCatalyst ensures that
all the incoming faxes are assigned to the right patient in our charts and also ensures
that all the data work is properly processed and ensures that all the prescriptions are
sent to the right pharmacy. This employee also ensures that the refills
are also process appropriately for all patients. Would you recommend DrCatalyst services to
other providers? In summary, we found DrCatalyst to be a partner
in providing patient care as well as in accounts receivable cycle and we have been very pleased
with their services and I very strongly recommend them to any other medical practice who is
interested in using their services to compliment their internal administrator staff.

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