cold laser allergy relief

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and I would just like to tell you how
wonderful the laser treatment has been with my allergy approximately a year ago
I was a nightmare it was a wreck allergy because breathe I couldn’t sleep at
night I would have to assist sleeping out because I had this this coughing and
my eyes would swell up my nose was plugged I am and couldn’t talk to people
on the phone it was so bad so in desperation I went to Julie and I said
yeah let’s do this let’s see what you know what it’ll do and amazing little by
little I stopped having those symptoms and throughout the rest of the year I
was doing amazingly well so I can’t say enough good things about the laser it
was just a a lifesaver for me because I can now function and talk to people
without coughing and gagging because I have allergies so bad if you have any
hesitation at all about whether you should do the laser whether you know is
it something that you have time to even do because it is you know you have to
give a few minutes every so many they used to have very nice to be consistent
I would say definitely it’s worth that you have to be patient with it um it
does work it’s you know not not overnight
but it’s an amazing result of something that lets you stand I mean twist aming
is it stays there so it’s not like a medication you take over-the-counter and
then you know once that wears off your allergies your back so definitely worth

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