College Football – Riverside City vs Mt. San Antonio College

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good evening and welcome to the RCC
pregame show as the RCC Tigers are in playoff action versus mount sac and I’m
joined now by their defensive superstar Kobe Fitzgerald how’re you doing tonight
yeah how about you I’m great I’m great now Ted let’s talk about this this RCC
season so far you guys are on a magical run I mean I think 30 years ago
RCC was a national champ you guys are on pace to do that again
yeah we’re just taking it one game at a time right now so focused on I’ll sack
right now and see what now there was a you know all this big hubbub about this
you know the league championship versus Saddleback and you guys went out and
really took care of business what happened to you guys we had a good game
plan and they’re a good football team so we might see them again and we just kind
of clicked on all sides of the ball and we’re just firing flying around on
practice really starting to practice that’s where we focus on the game the
outcome of the game is gonna be won or lost without practice so we just really
had a good week of practice and it showed again well right now you leave
the team in tackles you know over 50 tackles on the season you guys were
ranked number one in the state number one in the nation by JC gridiron polls
you come from Servite high school that’s in the Trinity leak what was your
sophomore but when you came and played college football was there a huge
difference between the Trinity League and college football you know not really
because once you get to a Trinity play anyone can beat anyone at any given
Friday so it’s same thing with College you take a team lightly they’ll they’ll
take the W for the game so now you played it Hillcrest you played it myriad
value ended up at Servite you’re a local guy what made you how did you end up at
serve like it’s a good environment over there and ultimately it just brought out
the best in me you know you want to play at that high
level and be ready for college so that’s kind of what led me over there now what
brought you to RCC was a coach craft or what was it the winning tradition tell
us a little bit what how you ended up from Servite tars
see it’s definitely proximity to home first of all but the tradition for sure
took a visit and they kind of showed me the environment really blue-collar
environment and I like I feel like I fit in there and they just helped me and
helped everyone become the best versions of themselves so now I look at the
roster and it’s peppered with guys from all across the world not just the
country but they’re all over the place I mean is it like the UN and practiced you
hear different languages or different different dialects no we like to joke
around with the guys but you know they ultimately came here to get out to the
next level because they know what kind of environment it is so now being ranked
number one you guys have a huge bullseye on your back but what has been the
mantra of this RCC team from the very beginning to now has it been a national
championship been a state championship what has been the ultimate goal for you
guys just becoming the best versions of ourselves
coach krabs big on blocking out the noise you know the number one rankings
you got targets on your back all that nonsense so we like to just focus on
ourselves you know did we use the right technique each and every play and how we
can become better versions ourselves so now ours you see they always talk about
the offense because they put up a lot of numbers you got her when you got barrage
you got Kennedy you’ve got I mean you’ve got a lot of weapons on that offensive
side but can you tell us a little bit about the defensive side tell us about
some of your guys come here doozy you play with that make this team so deadly
on defense I mean you stopped Saddleback who was who had a chance knowing a local
guy you know played a Paloma Valley High School I mean tell us about some of your
defensive dudes man the DB is really clique last game and they kind of just
played with confidence and confidence is built over seasons so the DB has been
clicking you know we got Kui oullette so of Zecharia Holyfield all those
linebackers and we kind of just elevate each other’s
play feed off of each other’s energy I mean got James Hansen in the center of
the defense I mean so the deal on taking care of business the linebackers and
when we’re all clicking it’s just it’s fun to play on Saturday now when you
have offense and defense and you talk about this the season you know
undefeated who gets one of the accolades and practiced with
the coaching staff is it the offense of the defensive guys we like to say the
offense is pampered at practice because coach Casas offers a guy but it goes
hand to hand we both go back and forth and kind of just you know play off each
others energy now you’re a sophomore and what are your future plans after leaving
RCC just I’m pushing any plans aside right now focus on the season and
evaluate a disease that’s a really good coach speech I’m sure you’ve been taught
well by your coaches to say those things but honestly uh what are your goals do
you want to win that national champ or to the state championship what I mean
does that drive you not really of course that’s an outcome that we want but we’re
just we want to be the best versus ourselves like we said and just just
grow in all aspects of the game so I mean of course the outcome it’s like the
Sun sets in the day we’re that’s gonna be an outcome with whether we win or
lose and that’s gonna be said of the practice so now coach craft has got you
know storied history at Palomar storied history of San Diego State and he’s
really really turned it around for the last decade at RCC he’s a little bit
like Bill Belichick you know we as reporters or guys that wanted to he’s
hard to talk to I mean what’s he like besides I mean we see him as one guy
what do you see him as oh for sure the head man of the whole organization I
mean he’s a very businesslike and blue-collar environment is what he
builds so that’s it’s kind of like once your what practices business time let’s
handle business so so he’s not there’s no like funny thing you do when it’s on
Hanah business we had a business and talking about arts you see what is your
experience been like there for the last couple years
oh so many relationships that we built with our brothers I mean like it’s gonna
last for a lifetime the things we go through a practice like we’re literally
crawling off the field at the end of practice because our hard it is and
that’s something that helps build that bond and so we just kind of have fun
with it while we’re there and just keep going from there every practice now
you’re playing against a very good mount sac team in fact Utah if you
talk about the programs in Southern California the I mean for the all-time
mount sac has to mean that conversation what are you guys gonna do against this
mount sac team and what are you expecting from that offense
I expect the office to click like they did last week they’ve really been in the
groove lately and we’re really just gonna focus on ourselves this week focus
on the bigger picture of growing in all aspects of the game and just stick to
our game plan now there’s a possibility of three games left is that how it is
yeah so it’s a Final Four in the Southern Cal and then a final four up in
the northern cows way they do it now you have an opportunity to play Saddleback
again and it’s really hard to beat somebody twice in a season yeah I know
you’re looking towards that first game against mount sac but in the back your
minds do you guys think about that Saddleback game and what you know you
could see them potentially again we’re just really focused on task at hand
yeah you give me all the same yeah yeah but if we do see them again I feel like
we’ll be prepared and really gonna work for that win and practice and work to be
the best versions ourselves well I’ll tell you what it’s been a pleasure
talking with you we’re going to have your game here in just a couple minutes
but we’re looking forward to seeing our CC in the semifinals of the southern
section and hopefully moving on so thank you very much he’s Kobe Fitzgerald and
I’m Jeff Gorham and this has been the coach’s perspective here on Riverside TV welcome to Wheelock Stadium here in
Riverside California for an important football game tonight and that might
just be an understatement I am Nick rice that is Jeff Gorn we will hear from
Brian Wilson at a moment on the sidelines another trip to the SCF a
playoff for both of these clubs Riverside and mouth sac it seems whoever
wants to win a state championship it’s either the Mounties or the Tigers
I’ll tell you what you talk about these two programs they’re the two most
storied programs in Southern California history mount sac has state championship
after state championship Riverside though 30 years ago had a
national championship and they’re working on their second one thirty years
later yeah both of these clubs have really
ripped the hearts out of each other over the last eight meetings both the won
four times so it’s been a hotly contested robbery
the Tigers though come in at ten and oh they’re looking like maybe the best team
in the country I think they’re the best team all around I think this might be
the best team Riverside city colleges ever had they have two great
quarterbacks they’ve got eight great running backs they have guys dudes I
should say all over the field the Mounties looked like a pretty good club
as well and they’ve got to commit now running back to UCLA and Rishabh white
now say he is a phenomenal athlete he could really close some problems we’ve
seen RCC have problems with a run a few times into this year but I’ll tell you
what that potent offense is too much for this mount that game well we’ll see the
winner advances to the SCF a championship kickoff coming up next
RCC ten at O Mount San Antonio seven and three back in a moment this is the
Riverside TV game of the week welcome to Arthur and Wheelock Stadium
in Riverside California a special night for football in the City of Riverside
Nick Christ Jeff Gorham and Brian Wilson this is the
SCF a playoffs as mount san antonio battles our CC the Tigers won the toss
and elected to receive Riverside and mount san antonio and for more on this
matchup we are just about set to bring in the third member of our crew and
Brian Wilson just about 30 seconds from now the playoffs is just about set to
commence as the Tigers come into this football
game ranked as the number one team in the country they are 10 and oh and have
trampled through the competition we saw them in their last home game here they
completely ran over Orange Coast with a 70 point win just an incredible football
team the Tigers pose and it should be quite the matchup tonight’s Jeff what do
you think of this football game and this team this year I’ll tell you what
watching this Riverside team they have really improved since we saw them in
week one to where they are now I’ll tell you they have so many weapons and then
these are the two of story programs in all of Southern California history mount
sac has a number of state titles Riverside looking for a new one and a
new national championship 30 years apart Riverside the 1989 national champions if
the Tigers run the table they have potentially three games to go in the
postseason then the Tigers would be represented as national champions of
junior college football Gabriel Dunkel is at the 25-yard line and is set to
begin the SCF a playoffs the winner of this game battles Saddleback and college
of the canyons next week in the SCF a championship the playoffs are underway
as the kickoff Dunkle’s a bit short and it’s reeled in on a hop just short of
the 20 yard line Thomas kins low returns and it’s tripped
up at the 33 I’ll tell you what we’ve seen this team start off really well at
times and start off a really slow depending on the quarterback we see
tonight this really could be a special game we’ve seen Jacob arledge who’s
really kind of came on the last week was all by himself and threw an amazing ball
game but urlan himself is also one of those guys barrage is the quarterback
here’s Kinsler the running back it’s a footrace and he has chased at the 40 by
John Tabas Walker the tiger is a great start to the
playoffs that’s a first down run for Thomas Kinslow the product out of
Centennial well this is nothing nothing new for this guy he’s played in so many
big games playing at Centennial for the evil empire and Matt and Logan at
Centennial high school but man what a great start to get going on the run game
because you know what if they can establish a run game he might be able
Jacob Marley’s at his pick apart this defense by mount sac 24 yard gallop on
the previous play Kinslow sweeps and is wrapped up at the line of scrimmage the
Afra mention evil empire of Centennial High School Thomas Kinslow a three-year
starter for the Huskies he had over 2000 yards and 36 touchdowns
with Centennial over his illustrious career ranked number eight is Thomas
Kinslow and this year he has been incredible a three star product out of
Corona that run pushes him over 500 yards for the Tigers this year and six
all-purpose touchdowns and a great complement back alongside the to signal
callers for the Tigers this year and that’s been the Achilles heel for this
tiger offense and defense as they’ve been given up so many penalty yards in a
close game especially in playoff situations you can’t have penalties
Bartlett’s off play-action his first playoff pass is complete to Reggie
Rhett’s laughs and another former husky runs out near the original line of
scrimmage in the last game Jacob Arledge played here at Wheelock Stadium he was
garnered the SCF a Offensive Player of the Week 31 of 35 463 yards and eight
touchdowns and that’s one for the record books that is a pretty good game to say
the least Bartlett’s on second down completes the
pass again to Rex laughs and he is escorted came on Fame a low a freshman
from Redlands East Valley High School across the way makes the stop
it’s really nice to see the Tigers attacking that sideline early they’re
gonna spread this defense out fourth down and eight bar Lodge
unloads and finds the open Dylan Lawrence who motors to the 23 yard line
for thousands haven’t haunted Tom craft he is certainly more than able to go for
it and put together a play like that the Tigers with a wide open Lauren moved the
chance I like it the Tigers are not going with a no
huddle they’re gonna play fast they’re gonna get so many off into place in a
short amount of time that’s what makes them so potent and dangerous the Tigers
this year averaging just under 50 points a game
Ken’s low he slips through a small seam over the left guard and is tripped up
Shore to the 10 the Mounties Michiel Johnson makes the stop great start here
by the Tigers looking as much as the number one team in the nation can be I
guess yes it’s of course their highest ranking
since they won that national championship in 1989 but they have
always been one of the best teams and junior college football under Tom Craft
handoff to Kinslow who has tripped up at the four excellent start to this game by
that Riverside offense they are a team that can throw the ball over the topic
in slow as a bell cow has been phenomenal he’s one of those guys plays
like Reggie Bush he can catch out of the backfield I’ll tell you they have so
many weapons specializations it’s amazing that he didn’t find his way to a
NCAA school Bartlett’s pass incomplete Isaiah lief the intended target you know
and they’ve had a lot of from their backups Jomon McLaury is one of those
guys that played a lot of receiver last year was a phenomenal running back at
arlington high school he’s he was great last week in that victory over Orange
Coast there two weeks ago I should say right feels like just the day ago the
Tigers are back in the SCF a playoffs inside run two kids low and he lowers
his shoulders getting wrapped up and build a tear out the 4-yard line is the
freshman out of Corona the Mounties yukari’s Brown makes the stop for a club
in Mount San Antonio that has been stout and stopping the run this year they’re
one of the top teams in America and run defense giving up about a hundred yards
on the ground a game that’s been a huge staple to that defense Tigers keep Thomas Kinslow at running
back Anthony Rodriguez is the tight end for Riverside on first and goal Thomas
Kinslow touchdown Tigers are CC marches and scores the first points of the
playoffs how do you do mr. Kinslow you are the star of this first three plus
minutes this ballgame the freshman scores his sixth rushing
touchdown of the year he can run outside and can also overpower a defense between
the tackles as we saw all different facets of his game on one scoring drive
for RCC his speed his athleticism his strength and also his will on a first
and goal the Tigers marched the length of the field a majority of that drive
Jeff was dominated by Kinsler yeah and they really established a running game
and we know that Riverside can throw the ball through the air we know Bartlett’s
like you said that eight touchdowns last game yeah I’ll tell you man
this is art this offense is just seems to be unstoppable and they don’t hold
the ball for very long their defense really keeps the
opponent’s on the field for a long time Riverside look at it they score so
quickly there’s a look at that previous Drive Kinslow started it off with a 24
yard run two quick throws from Brett slavs set up a fourth down for the
Tigers van Kinslow puts them in position for points after they convert it with
Lawrence than a first and goal from before the freshman out of Corona scores
his seventh all-purpose touchdown of the year
RCC seven nothing just over three minutes into the game kickoff from Zach
Sevilla’s and this soars into the end zone for a touchback the Mounties have
got a quarterback that has over the course of this year as just a freshman
Zach Rangel he has impressed many and the Central Conference as being one of
the top signal callers in that league he has thrown
for nearly two thousand yards this year 14 TDs
he’s really quite an addition for this offense and I’ll tell you what
quarterbacks have been coming out of mount sac for I want to say decades I
mean it’s been a quarterback Factory in fact the head football coach at San
Bernardino Valley College Daniel got us was the quarterbacks coach there for a
number of years oh really big time products have come out of Zach
Rangel yet and other products the freshmen dumps it short and finds
Brandon Dean onus who was wrestled out near the first down it’s a gain of eight Zac wrangled the number 11 the
quarterback about San Antonio is a true freshman from Stony Point Texas inside
run to Rashad White’s if we will hear quite a bit of his name in this football
game it’s a three yard scamper and a first down for a commit to UCLA and
speaking during the week to James Cook the assistant coach of RCC he believes
Rashad whites and the mountie coaching staff as well believes this is the best
junior college running back in the state of California he has proved it so far
this year first and ten from their own 36 for the Mounties Rangel back steps up
loads up and throws over the middle the pass is intercepted picked off by Shawn
door so at the 45 yard line boy we have called his name all season
long Shawn door so an amazing acrobatic catch in fact almost thought he lost it
and caught off the ground but look at the hands great catch great job by our camera crew
on riverside TV as the transfer from Fresno State Corral’s his sixth
interception of the year the Tigers all season up an opportunistic led to the
secondary by dorso who is also a great return man bartlett’s dumps the ball on
the flat and finds the diving Dylan Lawrence who has emerged this year the
youngster out of Los Alamitos dives to the 48 it’s a gain of five but five
eight 170 pound wide receiver was as we see this run gain about a yard 2 jaemin
McLaury tiger receiver Dylan Lauren it’s the story of quite a few players on both
of these rosters maybe a bit too small maybe not athletic enough to be on a
Division one school so they were overlooked and they have flourished in
this game and throughout this season anytime you can get recruited by coach
Tom crafty know that that guy can play an RCC throughout the course of this
year has sought attention from just about every major university in the
country for the services of quite a few of these players Kinslow on a third down
he is stuffed at the 45 yard line and Brown was one of the first Mounties in
on the stop a freshman out of Auburn Washington part of a defensive front
which has shown some promise throughout the course of this opening quarter the
Tigers are forced to plotz early in the first I’m shocked
coach craft is elected to punt keep going they made a fourth and eight but
they bring off the punt unit on fourth and one at the mounting 44 yard line
glad you’re with us winner this game advances to the SCF a championship to
battle either Saddleback or college of the canyons in this punt bounces through
the end zone that is a 24 yard boot with no return
and for the game update the winner of this game battles the winner of the one
on the bottom ticker the Gauchos of Saddleback who
were in that game last week at Mission Viejo high school were stunned by the
Tigers yet they have turned it around early in the opening quarter
I’ll tell you what they’ve got a great quarterback chance Nolan played his high
school career just down the road at paloma Valley kidding looks from a lot
of power five conferences historic quite a few these players out of that league
that was pegged to matchup between the top two teams in the South Morang go
with an excellent pass complete to Sean Bowden who takes a tumble to the 45 yard
line it’s a pass play of 23 yards to the sophomore out of eastvale’ first down
Mount San Antonio perfect pass thrown to the outside shoulder line Elma civvy
another youngster from East Bell California was on the coverage for an
RCC defense that yields their opening first down
of the game a club in the Tigers that this year is giving up only 18 points a
game wrangle off play-action scrambles and takes off but slides right at the
line of scrimmage the pressure for RCC by alex navarro silva number 91 and
you’re watching the Tigers are really getting out from the outside funneling
in great defensive strategy starting off here early in this ball game
Navarro Silva as we see they’re part of a plethora of clubs or plethora of
defensive linemen they’re up front for a Tigers Bunch that this year has been
great and rushing the passer 25 sacks on the season for an RCC defense that
really has been unheralded those two quarterbacks have really thrown the ball
like we’re in the backyard but that defense has really kept them in quite a
few games we witnessed that earlier in the season I mean there were very few
times that RCC was forced to stop teams on defense because they scored so many
points but when called upon it’s what makes them so good
they want those games for more on not just the season but also this matchup
tonight we bring in the third member of our crew in Brian Wilson Brian trying to
control the line of scrimmage trying to get that run game going which is
interesting because you think that mounts sack with their star running back
will be trying to get the running game going far CC is able to just limit the
big plays and keep everything in front of them they should have a great way of
winning this game back to you guys yeah thanks Brian the interesting
notable there is the run game for both of these clubs bounties have maybe the
best running back as mentioned in junior college football a 3-star prospect
committed to UCLA ranked as the sixth best running back in America and Rashad
Weitz he’ll be tough to stop tonight yeah I’ve been looking forward to seeing
him play all season long anytime you have a guy that signs locally to go to
UCLA Chip Kelly has recruited some pretty good players you think so I don’t
think they worked for him today as they got hammered by the Trojans yes but man
I’ll tell you what if you’re getting recruited at it out of a JC to play at
UCLA you could definitely play and he is for the Mounties number seven he’s in
the backfield joined by number 44 Nicholas Corona a freshman from
Bakersfield as the Mounties spread three receivers
on second and long neck rice Jeff Gorham Brian Wilson from Arthur and relock
Stadium wiped the catch at the 40-yard line and he slips through one tackle he
could have ran out of Bounce three yards earlier it’s what makes him such a
dynamic running back he lowers the shoulders and picks up seven there’s a
big third down here a fella typically clean game so far as I just jinxed us
I just happy that you use the word plethora I did didn’t I have pretty good
that’s I wanted to tell you that I was congratulations I love that word I like
the word Broadcasters jinx it seems like it happens every time as Randall’s throw
is incomplete nearly intercepted to the second level
Jonathan Scofield the Mounties top receiving target this year was the
intended target you could have also said a veritable a veritable cornucopia I
could have said that we are near Thanksgiving and you know the cornucopia
the thing that looks like a horn there you go yeah that’s actually a good idea
you can work that in sometimes a veritable cornucopia our I could work in
the definition of a Mountie at some point in this broadcast tonight but down to the 15-yard line riverside has seen this club too many
times to their liking the Tigers had their hearts ripped out in 2014 in the
SCF a championship in which they lost to this club 35 to 14 that is just one
example of what has made this such a storied rivalry yeah this is the 10th
meeting this decade between Riverside and Mount San Antonio the Mounties the
Alzheimer’s lead throughout that decade five to four and what has just been an
incredible rival ebar Lodge completes the slant to Dylan Lawrence he got off
to a slow start to begin his Tiger career yet has really caught fire
throughout the stretch of league play and now on this playoff opener now he
was great two weeks ago as we saw him on Riverside TV just so elusive and just
can stop on a dime now Dylan Lauren who didn’t play his senior year at Los
Alamitos California in high school he is throughout this season been a go-to
target for either Jacob Arledge or Mike urban this has been the story just about
all year the Tigers have tossed through two different quarterbacks a transfer
from Oregon Mike Irwin started the season as the signal caller but Jacob
arledge has impressed that coaching staff and he starts in this playoff
opener Thomas Kinslow he spins at the 30 and takes a tumble to the 36 yard line
the two quarterbacks hasn’t slowed down thus offense a bit no I’ll tell you what
there’s a third quarterback waiting in the wings and we saw him a little bit
two weeks ago Tyler Thomas possibly the most dynamic runner we have ever seen in
our CC he’s waiting in the wings for next year
if Bartlett’s can continue to get better and that’s given that Tyler Thomas
sticks around it seems so many players at these two programs if if colleges as
we see the Tigers will bring out the punt group here if colleges look at
these guys as freshmen and think they can play I mean they’re not really
sticking around for their sophomore season well the thing is in the
community college level you have to get a certain amount of units in to be able
to call by the transfer after one season and
that’s where it can get a little dicey but right coach craft has a number of
student athletes they could get to the next level right away
Jonathan Schofield on the return and he is spilled at the 31 yard line to stop
by a gem on McGorry eligibility or knots these players understand yes you want to
reach the next level there is a whole lot of importance on a football game
like tonight as the City of Riverside is watching you get the city’s River saying
we got the mayor again two nights in a row well we’ve seen the mayor at games
and say it he’s the luck good luck charm for
Riverside is last night he was there for Ramona when in Philly tonight he can
bring some luck as the Tigers are moving forward into the playoffs Rashad white a
five yard scamper Zach berola a freshman from Redlands makes the stop Ramona’s
your alma mater and the Rams Wan yesterday Riverside my alma mater the
Tigers since I’ve been here have not won a state title it’s been 30 years since
they want the elusive national championship sometimes similar to last
night for the Rams everything clicks at once and for our CC this has been a
Cinderella season for them they are unbeaten coming into today as this rut
gains a couple Malachi Thompson the carry third down and five the Mounties this
year are 35% on third down Rangel is hit as he throws tips away an incomplete
excellent coverage from the veteran Jalen Bowens
a sophomore at Chattanooga Tennessee forces the incompletion for the Tigers
throw some great defense from both clubs so far here to start the game that
passes thrown just a loop I think probably a little too low hit him right
in a bad spot right yet face right the face mask and the hands a horrible
horrible throw the coverage by way of the Tigers and Jalen Bowens fair catch
signal Dan made just across the 20-yard line
so he is a out-of-state product that’s the other thing about Tom craft he
doesn’t mind venturing out to other countries in order to find those talents
as we see on the bottom ticker saddleback and canyons are tied at 7 say
what I really kind of hope the canyons wins just because I think it’s really so
difficult to beat a team two times there well especially just two weeks apart
it’s really a different situation because you can scout and and things can
change so quickly kind of hoping the canyons can pull out a victory over the
Gauchos and you know you look at a team enough and eventually yeah after you see
a different performance from one week to the next you realize as Kinslow puts on
another dazzling run it’s a 13-yard gain of a first down I mean this is 19 year
old kids 20 year old kids and I mean there’s a difference in performance over
a week because they’re dealing with things that we used to deal with when we
were teenagers yeah it’s hard it started going to school it’s hard being a ma
student athlete Thomas Kinslow Belle Kyle throughout
this opening quarter he finds a small seam over the right tackle and is
wrestled down by John Tavis Walker after another strong first down run but the
Tigers have not only managed what’s going on in the classroom as they have
been very strong academically but this RCC Bunch hearing almost all the year
they’re the top team in the country they have backed it up on the field
they’ve just been tremendous I mean you can’t say enough about this this this
juggernaut that we’ve seen in Riverside faking walking around people go hey John
the call that RCC team they’re pretty special aren’t they everybody’s talking
about the Tigers Cameron Bosley first down Riverside it’s a ten yard burst for
the freshman out of Killeen Texas really another special running back that
doesn’t get quite the carries that he would if he was at a different school
yeah and talking about there’s literally aren’t eight different backs in this on
this team that can really serve a purpose and they are showing it tonight
they’ve got three so far that have done damage first down
slant to Lawrence and again seven we’ve got an official timeout on the field so
the Tigers have dug in deep throughout the recruiting over the last couple
years and abroad and products from all over the world as the Tigers that roster
of 94 players the players have resided from 12 different states and three
different countries it’s like the United Nations yeah I talked to Coby Fitzgerald
during the coaches perspective so I said hey what’s it like in a locker room and
I said do you guys have a lot of different dialects is it like the UN I
mean he kind of scoffed at it but honestly walking around I don’t think I
I’m not the brightest guy in the world I don’t think I can understand all those
different languages dialects I think I would just keep real quiet sit in the
corner there’s too many people from different places
exactly players on this roster reside from United States from Samoan from
Australia a long with 12 different states in the
continental US Bartlett’s from the 50 loads up and
throws finding Giovanni Sanders the dazzling freshman gets a good Town field
block and it’s tripped up short of the 10 yard line the Mounties tre Shawn
Pickett saves the touchdown as Giovanni Sanders is involved with his opening
catch of the game and a flag on the play there and I’m gonna guess it’s probably
gonna be a block in the back just by the way that let’s see how it goes let’s see
what they call that replay look clean it sure did I don’t know what they saw
there but I’m gonna guess oh they call holding our comet still stands however
the Tigers this season penalized 125 times for a thousand and 69 yards and to
think the RCC Tigers we had talked about it that nauseam this year to think
they’re scoring about 50 points a game while committing that many penalties I
mean that is an impressive thing in and of itself Tigers after the penalty still
have a fresh set of downs and bar llege completes the pass to Reggie Rhett slab
it’s a four yard game the head women’s basketball coach here
at RCC Elisha Berber is watching us and she enjoyed my United Nations comment
Hey – hey your son Maximus was part of that
Ramona win last night as they’re heading into the CIF championship
congratulations to Maximus Bartlett’s hit as he throws tipped and
nearly intercepted to the second level by Collin Keanu Tigers women’s
basketball making the playoffs in the SCF a last year under Elisha Berber her
husband Frank was on the last CIF championship team at Ramona gonna be a
father son could possibly have father-son champions at their alma mater
which is I think in itself one of the coolest stories around right and Ramona
football is not the only sport that’s been very successful over the last
couple years no they’ve been phenomenal and a lot of things that that program is
turned around a lot like it was 30-plus years ago
another third down stop by the Mounties as Cameron Bosley is stacked up after a
one-yard game the Tigers from here they would have a 42 yard field goal but
RCC’s often stays on the field has on fourth and five the Tigers spread four
receivers out there this is their second fourth down try of the ballgame if they
do indeed go for it late opening quarter the SCF a playoff opener
RCC mount san antonio off the play fake Bartlett’s his head as he throws and the
pass is reeled in that’s roll on Dez widenar first down Riverside and just to
see the confidence that coach craft has in the young Barla just he steps up and
he throws an absolute BB shot right down across the middle of the field that
shows great poise for that young man Tigers in the red zone for the second
series today RCC leading California with 43 red zone touchdowns this season
looking for another inside run Bosley squirts through a hole
and is spilled at the 10 corner healthiest a Rancho Cucamonga high
school product makes the stop does the sophomore metal backer of Mount San
Antonio where every side also has just been so dynamic all those fourth downs
leading the state at 67% and they beat the mountie defense yet again
first quarter complete Riverside leads 7 to nothing over Mount San Antonio it’s
the SCF a playoff opener between the Tigers and the Mounties down to the
field yet again Brian Wilson is standing on the ground one thing to keep in mind
though really the only team that’s lead RCC this season is RCC as long as they
can limit their mistakes there hasn’t been a team that’s been able to touch
them this year back to you guys I’m gonna say this about Brian Wilson he’s
got a glorious beard going on I thought I was on one of her for what No Shave
November they call it yes you know I I do it with a group we support the men’s
health and try to combat men’s cancers and I’ve had to deal with that myself
and I’m looking down at Brian Wilson man what a glorious beard that man has okay
let’s keep us together least one of us has to be a keep it together but Brian
Wilson yeah there he goes he’s rubbing his beard I just want the jacket he was
wearing what a good nice looking RCC jacket I’m gonna I’m gonna Lum and a
graduate of this place and I don’t have an RCC jacket I am too and I should I
should definitely have one of those jackets – chest
I mean I’m nothing compared to your history here come on
I am you know I am undefeated as an RCC head coach you are yes I know you
coached bartlett’s fires and the crossing pattern is complete that is the
Sanders and he is about a slippery or receiver as the Tigers have on this
roster he does cross the end zone but the officials mark him down at around
the three I mean slippery is really the perfect word for him
yeah but look you have Kevin Brown there Kevin Brown number 77 right there on the
left ear screen you know how big he is I always talk about this the most amazing
thing in the world six they say he’s six foot seven four hundred pounds
Wow he just just put him in you know what you should grab one of those little
backs and you put them in your back pocket 400 pounds 400 and the Tigers Cameron Bosley loses a couple this team
throughout the opening quarter RCC had controlled the clock in ways
they don’t typically do time of possession
10:19 for RCC 441 for Mount San Antonio but Riverside does stall inside the red
zone for a team that has typically punched in there are red zone trips with
touchdowns they’ll settle for a field goal try Eric Mutsu will snap the Tigers
Jacob Bartlett will hold and the field goal a bit longer than an extra point
will be by way of ricardo chavez and the freshman from Valley View High School in
Moreno Valley he splits the uprights and the Tigers have taken a double-digit
lead here early in the second quarter and they’ve been efficient and like you
said the genius of Tom craft he has really been able to do numbers slow the
ball down or he can go fast here’s a look at the speedy Thomas Kinslow who
set up that drive for the Tigers in the first quarter Thomas Kinslow ran 11
times for 82 yards along with a scoring run on the opening Jive and he sets up
this possession for RCC barlas who up with Dylan Lauren on a crossing
pattern this is late in the opening quarter
then bar llege takes a deep shot on a fourth down and converts with widenar
which sets up the field goal from ricardo chavez who was 4 for 5 on field
goals this season Riverside leads tend to nothing and now
serve Allah says checked-in and he provides the kickoff duties as he belts
the ball into the end zone Jonathan Scofield from the one he stumbles at the
20 and has dropped to the 28 yard line riverside comes into this game ranked as
the top team according to the JC gridiron dirt dirty thirty the top
junior college club in the country so to say that cuss
JC gridiron dirty thirty that sounds like a class I took in college what
class was that it’s biology it was a call that fact we took I took
it here at RCC yeah actually that’s that reminds me I think I called it I was
like what Mounties begin this Drive on the ground at Riverside gets a good push
led by James Hanson as Dominic redden is smothered at the line of scrimmage but
speaking of that dirty thirty whatever it is I’d say more psychology than
biology when it comes to the Tigers because I’m sure everybody has told them
hey you’re the best team in the country that has to play into the minds of these
guys walk around with your chest out and be the man in charge yeah big man on
campus off play-action wrangle hooks up with this tight end it’s complete to
Jamil Weaver the freshman from Pasadena California and he rumbles for a 12 yard
game that’s a first down hook up from Rangel to Weaver the Mounties just their
third first down of the game as mount san antonio tries to answer some of the
questions left in that first quarter against that defense they had on to
drive settled for punts on both series and that was off the interception to
begin the game by Shawn door so of Riverside to transfer out of Fresno
State one of many bounce backs from FBS powers on that RCC tiger roster Rangel
launches the pass leaping catch by Shawn Bowden and he’s wrapped up near the 50
that’s a short gain on first down as we take a look at that Wheelock crowd and
there’s still a line to get out or get in rather
I think they should just send them over to the visitors let’s fill up both of
these bleachers right but who doesn’t want to be on the home side Tiger
football it feels a little closer on this side
look you got some open seats over there right and I like to eat really loud I
don’t want to sit over there but kind of by myself you know part of what makes
RCC such a dominant team at home has to be that barbecue cooking that they have
here relock stadium has Rashad white gains for have you tried any of the
cooking here I have two hot dogs and in both pockets my jacket right now oh I
thought those were game notes no that’s silly me I thought you prepared no it
would be hotdogs that I grabbed as I was walking upstairs and I’m gonna eat them
at halftime I was thinking about I might offer the mayor one but he might he
might be what does that stuff called the gluten he might glue oh he is the mayor
you don’t know what those guys eat but we know what they watch on a Saturday
night and a big football game here today this runs going nowhere Rashad white
it’s been maybe the first time this year he has seen a defense like this is James
Hansen number 92 was involved on the RCC stop the Mounties are denied on third
down again to start off this contest mount san antonio was oh for three on
third down I’ll tell you what they’re number 92 James Hansen man he was he
gave a lot of effort there I bet he’s tired after all that that showmanship
there I was exhausting to watch right mounties Damian Garcia the putts and
that bounces through the end zone for a touchback also a special moment today
for Tom craft as the tiger coach with a win tonight would Garner’s a hundredth
of the year a hundred yes that’s a lot of wind here just here at Riverside at
RCC he’s 99 and 15 and at home he’s 57 and too
okay so wait if if he gets 100 he’ll be a hundred and fifteen hundred wins and
fifteen losses that’s 85% winning percentage for all you at home they
don’t know your math bartlett’s Lux and Chuck’s the ball on a crossing pattern
it’s caught by Isaiah Leith the transfer from Hawaii all those majors in football
Hawaii’s also an FBS program and the fact that Leith was able to slip out of
that university I mean that is quite the find for Tom Kraft I mean how do you
even if you’re a coach how do you even know that you you know the the
recruiting situation for a lot of these guys well you know they put it out there
there’s lists that come out all the time at Division one they’ll put their name
out there they’re part of the transfer portal but you know the friendships that
sure coach Kraft has made over the years have helped and I know Nick Rowe Levitch
over at the University of Hawaii has a lot of ties to the Inland Empire they
have miles Reed who is the running back for Corona Centennial is the starting
running back over it Hawaii look at the line people cut Wow the hottest ticket
in town you know what’s gonna be hot be even more of a hot air ticket than this
what is next Friday nineties the festival of lights at the Mission Inn
people are gonna be lining up there’s gonna be 80 plus thousand people just a
few miles maybe a mile down the road here so that’s downtown
yeah it’s gonna be fishing in all rights and that’s where all you know the
culinary’s the arts the the innovation Riverside have they’ll all be there yes
Bar Lodge throws the Dylan Lawrence and the pass is complete at the 30-yard line
in front of the sophomore : Keanu of Mount San Antonio the Riverside offense
to start this game as out gained the Mounties 181 to 49 and I RCC leads 10 to
nothing the stadium holds over 3,000 and it is
packed there may not be any more room for those fans to check in as were early
in the second quarter this is the playoff opener of the SCF a the pass
dropped by Armstrong Johnson this is the opener of the SCF a playoffs a major
moment for this RCC program now maybe you couldn’t explain the F the acronym
again whatever that is okay explains that a Final Four or Southern California
and a Final Four in Northern California and those two will meet yes imagine the
AFC and NFC okay passes drops and in the south you’ve got Riverside Mount San
Antonio from those big math majors from wallnuts California that’s right
Saddleback from Viejo Mission Viejo right there in the coast college of the
canyons up there in the Ventura if I’m not mistaken is that now it’s kind of
bite Magic Mountain right man okay Santa Clarita basically bartlett’s that pass
deflected the tiger offense has balked down on this second quarter Drive now I
don’t want to go in the half Riverside goes three and outs and brings out the
punt group and then from North yeah you know obviously I know you wrote stuff
down so go ahead give it to a and then the North American River has been a
power for years so they battle San Mateo and then the other two don’t hate me for
this I need a minute to check my notes real quick but that’s the north and
those guys yeah those guys has that pot rolls
and has stopped it around the 18-yard like we’re only interested in what’s
going on at Riverside and Riverside TV for folks that think oh you guys just
cover high school and college football you couldn’t be farther from the truth
you see canyons up 13 to 7 over Saddleback right now Riverside TV does
everything they have cooking shows they have the coaches perspective by a guy
named Jeff Gorham and hosts it as well they have college basketball that they
cover Riverside RCC UC Riverside to cover it all they do
it all and for fans who are wondering I don’t think Jeff ghormeh is gonna shave
his beard after November I am NOT Rashad white scrawls in some space through
about the 23 yard line that’s a gain of for Rashad whites who came into this
game on a blistering pace this year the Mountie running back averaging six and a
half yards of carry and 12 all-purpose touchdowns the UCLA commit is averaging
a whopping 3 yards to carry today the Riverside defense has done an excellent
job in bottling up that running back game update in the bull game
San Bernardino Valley down early to Chafee White’s bounces off the first
wave of defenders hit by Isaiah Popo and he has the first down Popo transfer from
Sacramento State I was just there last week you were just there I was literally
there last Thursday Sacramento State what’s it like up there
a little different yeah I like Riverside as you said right there hashtag I love
Riverside that’s all I want to say I was in Sacramento and Stockton and all I can
say is I love Riverside that’s all I need to know maybe you know what you
must be teaming up with the folks down there timing that up perfectly Rangel
takes a shot in solo coverage downfield and it’s nearly intercepted
Lionel asipi was covering the mountie receiver Trenton Finley what ain’t Bob
though what an arm by Zack Rangel Wow he’s like uncle Rico he threw that right
over that mountain that mountain that’s right that great
reference there gee I’m like that yeah mount right there do that right over
Mount Roop it up hashtag I love Riverside there you go
you know mount Rubidoux will be in the skyline of that festival of lights show
next week and I think you’ll get quite a few Watchers as that pass is complete by
Sean Bowden looking at the weather report next week Jeff I mean you may be
dealing with some elements that doesn’t bother me rain sleet snow you know you
know that snow could be an or at least something like that it’s supposed to get
pretty cold next weekend I’m a grown man Nick I’m a grown man that fear nothing
but tigers and bears not even the Bears compared to these
Tigers white and outside run and he provides a straight arm and that’s gonna
be a face mask all that’s gonna be a penalty against the Tigers Mount Riverside ranked as the top team
in junior college football behind them Gulf Coast out of Perkinson Mississippi
and then to round out the top five of San Mateo Lackawanna Pennsylvania and
Hutchinson and Kansas see what was that other one you said dawanna you know
there’s only so many ways you could determine how good a team is Minh you
don’t play each other it is you know the one thing is I called it right there’s
the face yeah Mounties and tigers meet so many times with so much on the line
over the last decade in facts the winner when these two were conference foes
they’re not anymore but when they were in the same conference in the National
Central Conference the winner of that game Wanda League championship every
time they played under Tom crafts as this run gains a couple how about the
other coach the Mounties bob josh drab he is in his 15th year he has already
crossed the century mark he has 140 wins and 37 losses Jeff get this he’s won the
South six times he has three state titles and two national championships so
this is the best of the best job Bob Josh trap in the Mounties like John
Calipari versus Mike sous-chefs key well not this year for a John Calipari that’s
a whole other story and I liked you John Calipari
second down bringol pumps tipped and intercepted cool
olá Toa and the sophomore safety is tackled at the 35 yard line that is the
second pick thrown from Rangel who had nine all year the Tigers take over at
their own 35 and I’ll tell you what just two quick hands and that defense just be
able to get the hand in the passing lane right there oh right off his own guy but
just to be so quick great reflexes cool olá tOA’s second pick of the year the
Tigers in critical junctures we have seen this season I they have been
opportunistic as a defense RCC late in the half
with attending lean I’ve taken over on offense with a group that hasn’t you
know pulled away like they typically do RCC after that touchdown drive to start
a three minute march the Tigers have just one field goal scored over the next
20 minutes early movement Kevin Brown the left tackle a sophomore from Corona
he went to Centennial High School 400 pounds Wow when that’s inertia once you
start moving with when you four introduced art moving right it’s really
hard to stop you know usually those Division one
schools love a guy with that type of size
oh he’s getting recruited by everybody he’s an all-american first team
all-america team Juke all-american and Kevin Brown usually that type of size
plays center or guard but he has shown some agility at that tackle position
Dillon Lawrence tightropes the sideline and has been whistled down at around the
39 yard line let’s see if he stepped out of bounds we’ll see if our our camera
crew is able to get ahold of that shot here yeah
Jacob arledge the poise that this quarterback has had we may not be able
to get that quite the angle we want well tell those guys to get out of the
way so we have to get second down and seven and this time he finds Reggie
rutz laugh he was a quarterback at Centennial High
School in 2017 that switched the wide receiver in 2018 that switch may be part
of why he is with the Tigers but a submerged has a starting wide receiver
and has made a huge impact I mean very rarely do you get a guy if you know
Division one schools want him he could play two positions at a high caliber
level that’s a first and ten for our CC at their own 45 yard line
down hill Thomas Kinslow wrapped up with a 48 Travis tweet Ozzie the tackle you
know the Tigers lead 10 nothing but it sure seems like they seems like they’ve
scored a lot more than this they have really dominated this first
half so far Riverside with nearly two hundred more yards all-purpose than that
about San Antonio 10 to nothing start for the Tigers Barlett off the play fake
his passes in completes jarred loose by John Davis Walker a sophomore out of
Coconut Beach Florida good game update the winner of this
contest battles the victor of Saddleback and college of the canyons that game
currently locked up at 13 early in the second quarter third down and four here
in this SCF a playoff opener flag has been tossed these are two of the most
penalized clubs in junior college football well for those wondering where these
Tigers may play next year a look at last year may have something to give you some
sort of a blueprints as RCC has about 30 players a year transfer to four-year
schools Bartlett’s fires and he finds his van Rolanda swai Tanner who spins to
the 35 yard line he made look a little bit like last year
and some of the stars that come out of this area it’s a first down pickup for
the Tigers the perfect throw right across the middle seems to be barrage
his favorite place to throw the football yeah in the middle of the field empty
formation for Riverside late in the opening half Bartlett’s climbs the
pocket and takes off and the quarterback out of bounds near the 35 Tiger great
soon are now at Division one schools from last year include Nick for gorillas
at USC Victor vir Montes at UNLV stone smart at Old Dominion and Kobe Bryant
not to be mistaken by the Laker legend Kobe Bryant yes he’s at SMU was he named
after Kobe Bryant yeah who knows but I wouldn’t blame any of those guys that’s
one of the bounties or hurts I’m gonna name my next child
Kobe being Gorham good ring to it it sure does you know being a Gorham
it’s it’s it’s kind of like being a craft you know that there’s just the
family lineage there there’s normally got kids there I got three boys I got a
brother I got a dad and they’re all doing something here Riverside John’s on
the Riverside Hall of Fame wall of distinction so he’s the most popular of
all the Gorham’s know he is ya know he’s the angriest of all the garms – my dad
he was a tough guy spent a little time here at RCC as well you know what no I
think you’re the angriest it’s really tough to get you under control you know
nuts crazy second down and forever for the Tigers as that big pass play was
evaded by a penalty yeah we have a fixture of the down box
here at a moment’s notice he may be the best craft but certainly he has been the
best tiger coach in quite some time the former school record holder for passing
yards win a head coach at San Diego states and now ten years at the RCC
program he has won a conference crown outright almost every year and has been
in the playoffs every season second down to 22 is coming up for RCC football
winner advances to the final four of the states and the championship of the south
the SCF a the grass and jeff gone with you Brian Wilson on the sidelines and
playoff weather here on a Saturday night barrage fires over the middle the
Mounties second area struggled today there’s Giovanni Sanders who dances to
the 21 yard line he lost his helmet but picks up the
tiger first down boy Giovanni Saunders tell you what he we’ve said his name
quite a few times last few weeks he’s just so quick he had a breakout year at
Marietta Mesa high school the Inland Empire and has put together quite the
season for the Tigers 44 catches 662 yards and seven touchdowns for RCC
coming into tonight Thomas Kinslow who also has gained the
century mark and rushing he is the tailback off play-action Bartlett’s
launches a slant to Isaiah Lee touchdown Tigers there it is right down the middle of the
field we’ve seen barley all night long Isaiah lief was the
top-ranked wide receiver in Oregon coming out of Madison High School signed
with the University of Hawaii and bounces back from the Rainbow Warriors
to RCC and has made an immediate impact extra point is good for the Tigers this
drive started with the tip trail intercepted by kuala TOA riverside
marches 65 yards this time predicated by the passing game and the stalwart
quarterback Jacob bar Lynch he flips this out underneath to dylan laurent
number 3 who stepped out of bounds otherwise he would have scored and it
appeared crazy retz laughs he was the second target throughout that drive this
is a run from Thomas kin slow he crossed the century mark with that carry then
barrage delivers a strike the first of two big throws over on crossing patterns
this to Sanders then the fourth receiver to catch a pass on this drive the
transfer from Hawaii Isaiah lief Tigers lead 17 to nothing
late in the first half in the opening round of the JUCO playoffs winner
advances to the Final Four in the state and the Southern California Football
Association championship gam taking on a hop at the 7 yard line
Jonathan Scofield and he finds a seam to about the 33 the Avante Davis Smith
involved on the stop for the Tigers and as we have seen in so many heated
robberies between the Mounties and the Tigers to the echo of the whistle some
of these players will play and that’s just the the frustrations and also the
energy in playing as a Mountie or a tiger against each other in this type of
game yeah there’s gonna be some tempers flaring you got to show off a little
strength you can’t let them say you’re gonna go walk in here walk all over us
now sack though I’ll tell you what they haven’t given up
not out of this game yet cuz Riverside we’ve seen score in bunches three
minutes left I mean this is still a ball game des Mount San Antonio fresh off a
win over Fullerton clinching their first national central conference crown since
2012 their first outright they championship and that run loses a couple
the Mounties have been road warriors this year Mount San Antonio five and OH
on the road is there anything to that where you just play better away from
your building you know some teams just do I mean some teams are it just become
more focused and and sometimes just even relate better on the road they just have
something in them yeah Tiger is not the same story not the third aren’t
exceptional on the road but the Tigers under craft are 57 and two at haul this
pass is picked off intercepted by Lion oma City the pass was intended for Shaw
Mountain that throw didn’t stand much of a chance
but they’re just everywhere at the right time they jump gaps and I’ll tell you
they just have great hands that you see it here excellent first interception of
the year for the freshman out of East Val lying oma sippy late at Roosevelt wait for coach Leach you know it’s rare
to have a guy in the Tigers reside from around harm you know there’s a couple
but lion-o musubi one of them in front of this whole crowd now one of the two
losses the Tigers suffered at home in the last decade there’s only two of them
in ten years and one of them was to the Mounties with where the Mounties one in
the SoCal championship and round up winning the state championship two weeks
later than the Mounties 2014 but it’s almost it just never happens it seems
RCC lose at home and if they win this game they will represent the south at
home for the SCF a championship next week inside run years kids lo and he has
wrapped up about a yard short of the first down you know that you mentioned
the Tigers up eight different running backs has been clear however who has
been the bell cow not running back and that’s the guy hobbling off I hope that
young man Thomas Kinslow is gonna be okay rely heavily on him they’re gonna
continue this run with the elusive elusive elusive but not impossible third down and short
Cameron Bosley the reserve running back he is pulled from behind by Maurice low
to valet a freshman from Samoa but bullet Bosley moves the chains for RCC
now Bosley is 5 9 to 20 the guy dragging him down
is 511 310 and Bosley won that battle with a 90 pound disadvantage
a minute left to go in the half we’ll see how the Tigers play this minute
drill they also have their full complement of opening halftime outs
I’ll cut the Giovanni Sanders he makes a man missed twice and gallops out of
bounds inside the 20 Colin Keon who had a hand on him two
times in a row holy smokes hats when you go hello how
do you do look eats he loses everybody Giovanni Sanders as slippery as they
come a true freshman out of Murrieta California first and 10 I just like
watching the assistant coaches call out the plays in the sidelines doing all
kinds of weird strides Bartlett’s flips it short and finds an open Sanders again
he’s escorted out of bounds inside the 10 late pushed by Lowe dilwale after the
hit for maka al Johnson that might have been a late hit he was standing on the
track here oh that should have been a penalty right there and there’s a second
hit well kudos to Giovanni Sanders for keeping his cool they’re just flipping
the ball ever so calmly to the official it was an 8 yard throw from Jacob
Bartlett’s he hands to cameron Bosley one of the linemen of mount san antonio
lost the helmet as Bosley crawls inside the 5 that being Travis to eat hace the
product that has st. John Bosco high school hey that’s the third or fourth
time we’ve seen a helmet on the floor in this quarter HM pasto took care of
business last night beat the evil empire centennial yes what did he Centennial do
to you Jeff you know that’s what they call themselves
did you write that right oh I knew I’ve heard of that kamerad Bosley stacked up
near the line and I will see if Tom craft uses one of his three timeouts and
there he goes there he goes yeah in fact on the inside of every Centennial Jersey
right on the back inscribed on the inside of every uniform
it says the evil empire really and he likes to Matt Logan who I called the
Sith Lord pet Fernandes and I on our inland sports show we call him the Sith
Lord and it just stuck so he’s the evil emperor Wow
and that offense when it’s going no it is going it is like the the Death Star
but see they were defeated by the rebels yesterday which happened to be st. John
Bosco yes and tamed again but the evil empire will rise again and Matt Logan
will have that group going in 2020 holy cow oh I’m with you now a former brave
products I mean we saw him this year I’d like to give a shout out to John Rice
who is the coach no relation to me who was the coach of for a time assistant
coach at Saint John Bosco and he’s yet another product of Riverside now
coaching up Paulie how one of the nicest human beings on the planet you know I
teach he’s an English teacher he teaches all a lot of Shakespeare he’s he’s just
one of those guys I reach out to him about once a week just ask how I was
doing and he always have something positive to say if I’m a little down I
reach over to John rice and he gives me some great key advice and just one of
those all-around great individuals Tom crafts similar story his Tigers up huge
over the Mounties this past incomplete intended for whitener knocked away by
Pickett sending up third down a goal he had I don’t call coach craft he won’t
return he’s been quite the coach for RCC like Bill Belichick right but he’s nice
once you get to know him okay is he is he really he’s been great he’s been on
the in the sport show before and oh yes to ask about that first third and goal
from the five handoff Bosley and the Mounties flex their defensive muscles
yet again as the top red zone offense converting
drives to touchdowns in the state has been denied two times in a row by that
Mount San Antonio defense and the Tigers I mean no way they attempt to fourth
down here this stage of the game right why not grab 17 nothing go at him okay
okay I mean I like the idea you just call timeout
was it Darcy see that’s the or the Mounties Hill Belichick called timeout
yeah he’s gonna go for what a kick a field goal I just kick a field goal
right but but then again I don’t mind I mean you know being being called Bill
Belichick I mean come on that’s that’s not a bad comparison if you’re talking
football I wouldn’t go up to Bill Belichick can be his pal I don’t think
he’s uh he’s gonna invite me over for but now Tom Kraft I like to mess around
say he’s a curmudgeon he’s just like he’s just a football coach some of those
guys who would have thought I’d be learning so many you know you Larry
we’re gonna test you at the end of the day ah dang it’s I can’t get away from
that with you you know the fact you guys in the booth give me some give me some
words let’s see if we can do some vocabulary with attempt to feel go here
and then they’ve got the unit out there we’ll see I mean I’m with you though
because the Tigers do kickoff to the Mounties to start the second half we’ll see if Tom Kraft thinks about it
why not Bill Belichick smiled for the first time ever against the Jets earlier
this year I don’t know if you saw that yeah no I smile on the side I think Tom
Kraft smiles a little bit does he yeah I think so I’m gonna go
look I’m gonna tell him the future I think you’re wondering why I’m so
positive about Tom crash because he’s gonna win a hundred games if he picks up
this one tonight here’s the kick from Chavez and it’s good with four seconds
to play no they keep running the clock they may just pull this in a half time
and there we go fueled will took ten seconds and our CC at the half leads 20
to nothing where the Tigers put together quite a performance with over 300 yards
of total offense in the first half of this game
the defense records three interceptions and the Mounties have been shut out here
at Arthur and Wheelock Stadium in Riverside California Jacob Pollack has
thrown two touchdown passes today and the last was to Isaiah Leith here is the
throw to Sanders which sets up the second field goal in as many tries by
the Valley View High School products and Ricardo Chavez 30 minutes in the books
from Wheelock Stadium in Riverside the Tigers 20 in the Mounties nothing Brian
Wilson is standing by on the sidelines RCC so far but we’ve seen throughout
this year they are a second-half team this offense really comes alive in the
second half and they’re out scoring opponents by over a hundred points a
little bit of injury news I have seen Thomas Kenzo over here getting worked on
by the trainer’s looked like they were took taking a look at his right ankle
they were taping it up and it looks like we’ll see if he can go for the rest of
the night back to you guys yeah Thomas Kinslow 15 carries for 98 yards and a
touchdown he’d be dearly missed if he’s unable to return Jeff your
thoughts are the first half of this game I just think it was efficiency you look
at the time of possession we’ve seen coach craft a time and time again really
dictate the game itself he held the ball a lot in that first half 18 minutes and
19 seconds that’s pretty unheard of the last few weeks he’s held the ball for
like three minutes and a shot but and that’s about it because the the office
have been has been so efficient but today I think he came in with a
different game plan he’s looking just to win strategically and get out of here
early and we’ll see if they can do it the
Tigers rolled last week Saddleback I’ll scoring them 49 210 down the stretch
Brian Wilson said that they’re a second-half team they proved that a week
ago we’ll see if they can do it again tonight as the Tigers lead 20 to nothing
this is the opening round of the postseason in the SCF a on Riverside TV
as the second apps coming up next this is the Riverside TV game of the week here in California citrus is a part of
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the things that I love the most I’ve got experience in the background in law
enforcement so it’s a couple that with aviation and fly every day and still do
police work that’s why I’m out here worked a shift 7:00 to 5:00 I usually
get here a little before 7:00 we’ll get an email on what occurred the
previous evening sawdust for those also check temporary flight restrictions so
I’ll check those and see if there’s any in the area that we can’t fly into and
then we’ll go out and do a pre-flight on the helicopter we’ll walk around check
everything make sure everything’s functioning properly and sometimes are
up for patrol other times when we’re here on the ground we’ll respond to an
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their green pool flights and so we’ll go up and we’ll look for green pools
we’re assisting a lot of different departments I’m a fourth generation
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brought up in so if I were to describe my job in two words it would be uniquely
awesome it’s awesome I get to fly a helicopter and do something that I
really enjoy doing at the same time protecting and serving a community that
grew up in los novios is a Mexican market located
on Main Street not far from downtown Riverside the name means young male bull
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owner being in the business for years and years almost 20 years in the City of
Riverside and always in Austin so I start working I
I always dream like one day I will have my own business and since I’m being in
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Mercedes Duran is one of his cashiers just asking with how are you doing that
makes a really big difference and just being in a small market you kind of
noticed who who’s who and what I like doing there sometimes well even ask them
like what are you cooking today I do spaghetti are you doing cutting your
father you know that’s makes difference I wonder the people when they came I
want that I feel like walking like oh this is my house you know like this is
family and that’s what I’ve wanted to tell all my customers that they’re not
just customers they’re guests and other gases they’re like as they’re my my
family all the time when they came if I know their names I you know I tell them
about their names and everything I shake hands all day long and I think they like
it my name is lovey Jung and I work for the
city oversight fire department I’ve been here for about seven years now and I’m a
firefighter/paramedic on engine one when I was younger I actually wanted to be a
firefighter but I ended up getting sidetracked and went and played softball
for the Olympic team in 2004 2008 and when I retired in 2009 that’s when I
decided I wanted to switch over to become a firefighter usually when I come
in the first thing I do is I check my personal protective equipment and then
I’ll also check the medical equipment being a paramedic I have to make sure
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business and we’re very happy to be here this part of my job is being interacting
with the local agencies and actually giving our younger family members places
to work and teachers that okay welcome to the SCF a playoffs
from Riverside California on Riverside TV
Thomas Kinslow who gained 98 yards in the first half for the Tigers
he was the running back that capped off the opening drive with this five yard
scoring scamper RCC led seven to nothing less than four minutes into the game we
would be scoreless for the next quarter and a half but the Tigers established
the ground game rivers side in roots of 330 yards and holding the Mounties to
only 95 chipping a field goal from Ricardo Chavez and the Tigers lead 10 to
nothing mountie quarterback in sack Rangel was picked off three times in the
first half that’s by cool olaf TOA of the tigers his second pick of the year
an RCC would take advantage up 10 to nothing at this time of the second
quarter the pass complete to dylan mart one of four receiving targets who caught
passes on this incredible drive of 65 yards over seven plays there’s ret slap
and then the Tigers go team as Jacob Bartlett’s who was 24 28 209 yards he
connects here with Giovanni Sanders then finishes off the drive
the Hawaii transfer Isaiah Lee who has played well all season reels in this
pass on a post pattern for the Tigers late Chavez field goal and rivers side
at the half leads 20 to nothing Nick Christ alongside Jeff Gorham and on the
sidelines Brian Wilson winner of this game advances to the South championship
for more on that game let’s send it down to Brian Wilson who is reporting on the
sidelines near the coach Kraft loves alternating
quarterbacks we’ll see if Jacob arledge goes the rest of the game but also we’ll
see who’s backing him up Mike Irwin’s coming off injury and Tyler Thompson has
played really exceptionally in the last two weeks we’ll have to see what the
kyboot QB situation is like later on in the game back to you guys yeah thanks
Brian so the Tigers we saw over the last couple of weeks as mentioned tossed
between the two quarterbacks but the story of this season has to be the
emergence of Jacob Bartlett who was a backup to begin the year
he is the best passer in the state and completion percentage and he didn’t even
play the first other than a couple of sparing snaps the first month of the
year he was a backup I’ll tell you what he is not the dual threat quarterback
that Mike Irwin is Irwin is able to run he’s
strong he gets them going early Jacob Bartlett though is a precision
passer he’s a pocket passer and he’s one of those guys that just doesn’t make
mistakes yeah reads as he reads his progressions correctly and he is just
efficient as can be the Mounties have a reserve at quarterback as well they
brought him the backup a sophomore out of Brea California Dillon Fleniken as
the Mount San Antonio offense has been held in check what have you seen from
the Mounties in the first half offensively
I haven’t seen much you talked about great running back but the tiger defense
and everybody talks about this Tiger offense but the tiger defense has really
surprised me tonight and they’ve surprised me the last few weeks
they have really contained high potent offensive teams to really negate
anything they can do yeah the Tigers the league leader in scoring defense total
defense rushing defense and giving up third downs this second down throws
complete to the sophomore out of Centennial High School Brandon key
notice that is a hookup for Mount San Antonio of 11 first down for mount sac
led by quarterback Dillon Fleniken he comes into the lineup after the starter
in the first half Zach Rangel threw three interceptions Fleniken this year 372 yards passing for
total touchdowns to just two interceptions and Fleniken scampers for
a two yard gain tripped up by Navarro Silva in junior college football you don’t get
the type of five games in a playoff situation that you do in high school and
you know it’s kind of similar to the college football playoff where you’ve
only got a couple games once you reach the postseason as the Tigers this long
throws incomplete Scofield the intended target you in this game you’re already
in the championship game for the south you in this the one next week and RCC
would be in the state championship game yeah in fact a lot of the bowl games are
tonight San Bernardino Valley is playing Chafee that will be the bowl game that
they will put this just a one game playoff for them and then there’s it’s
basically an elite eight teams yep two going into the championship round and
the Tigers have made it winning every game
RCC outscoring their opponents this year 52 1852 18 and of course the last home
game they had here they trounced Orange Coast 76 to 3 in Bartlett’s through 8
touchdowns Fleniken the reserve quarterback of the Mounties launches the
pass a bit short and scented for Sean Bowden a sophomore from East Bell
California Mount San Antonio voted a pretty strong often stem selves 35
points again this year for the Mounties but Riverside has held them in check
yeah they’ve been able to do nothing because that secondary has been
everywhere they’ve jumped the gaps they’ve got interceptions and they’ve
taken care of the the run defense yeah Mounties oh four four on third down of
the ballgame and now they’ll bring out the punt group it’s the fourth time
Garcia has gotten rid of it fair catch signal but the ball bounces and is taken a late flag thrown at the
17 may be illegal touching on Mount San Antonio for all of the ways that we
could talk about the Mountie struggling in this game they’ve been flagged twice
for seven yards that’s it I mean good teams in the playoffs usually don’t
commit too many you know or erroneous fouls right say but Riverside is able
they’re just so potent on offense that they can kind of mess up occasionally
and they’ll be okay I’d love to see them shore it up though in the next two
rounds if they continue so Bob Jastrow quite the head coach from out San
Antonio he began his coaching career out mount sac in 1989 then after eleven
years as an associate with the Mounties along with a few sport short stints at
Damascus and also at UNLV he was named the head coach of the Mounties in 2005
and he has been one of the most successful coaches in junior college
history fastest in California to 100 wins and also is an 11-time Conference
champion he wanted again last week but the Mounties have been trounced by
Riverside today that’s a short gain for RCC whether there’s just at the half I
mean a bulletin board full of things I’m sure Bob Josh strap talked to his team
about I’m sure he talked about hey we’ve gotta stop somebody we can’t stop
ourselves 83 you know three picks that’s stopping themselves it made the change
the quarterback let’s see if that does anything to the momentum so far they
struggled on their opening offensive drive of the second half
Jacob arledge remains the signal caller for the Tigers on their opening
possession of the third quarter and the ball has been drops Mounties of signal
Bay habits in no K katoa but he is running to the mountie bench but he may
be flagged if he doesn’t get back on the field soon officials say it’s a one yard
game and the Tigers maintain possession now it’s pretty clear the mount sac
defense was fired up on that play yeah they ran off the field thing and they
got it let’s see here on the replay oh he’s already down yeah he was flat and
then the ball good eyes by Jeff third down and seven Tigers for 411 on third
down of the ball game to pass behind the coverage from true Sean Pickett and
Tyron Brooks both teams exchanged punts to begin the
second half right off the fingertips first meeting in two years between these
two clubs Tigers losing this season finale in 2017 to this club but the last
eight meetings four wins for each team and what has been one of the most deeply
rooted rivalries between college powers and football in the state of California
and it looks like and there we go Tigers look like they’re gonna get a
first down here depends what type of penalty see I didn’t hear that first
word that he said yeah they didn’t here we go here we’re
gonna get the decision the zebras out tonight wearing their short sleeves football weather tonight as red 60
degrees a little bit of humidity and just some wind as well that’s not too
bad not quite like what the festival of lights might be yeah all right here’s
our decision it looks like it’s a five-yard infraction let’s see how
severe we think it is why don’t we be officials for a play Jeff yeah that’s
fine Carson Reed a sophomore from Anchorage
Alaska stands back and delivers a live Drive Punnett wobbles Scofield waives
fair catch and reels it in at the 25-yard line
now that is a punts of 40 yards for the veteran Carson read with no return and
neither club having picked up a first down set up shop at their own 20 yes 25 I was
looking at the referees and noticed Charley Chastain is the umpire his son
Chuck Charlie and Chuck Chuck is the head football coach at Norco and Charlie
Chastain was the quarterback of Norco he actually played here at RCC as well oh
did it nice to see Charley Chastain out there
being the umpire yeah playing quarterback for RCC probably the
toughest position at any school in California as Rashad white surges of the
33 yard line stone smart who’s playing football at
Old Dominion he was the signal caller last year and now the Tigers have got
maybe the for the first time in their career under Tom Kraft
two capable d1 guys back there we haven’t spoke at all about Mike or one
he is a Lakeridge high school product in the Pacific Northwest a transfer from
Oregon I mean that has to be a tough situation for him to be
to a pac-12 school and now have to take the backup job for Riverside even though
it’s probably the most glamorous backup job in the country
yeah and he’s coming off an injury mmm maybe you know Coach craft is definitely
has his confidence in both quarterbacks maybe hold them out for another week
they still have possible two games here yeah as the Tigers are looking at that
update of Saddleback and college of the canyons winner of this game battles the
winner of that game Rashad white the UCLA commits flag is thrown Popo may
have yanked by the facemask Rashad white so far today as seven carries for 21
yards a long of six that’s his longest carry of the ball game averaged six and
a half coming in this year yeah that’s a face mask the the way the penalty used
to be inadvertent face mask is five yards and then a blatant is 15 do you
like how they made every face mask a 15-yard penalty you know I I do for the
simple fact is you know it’s they’re trying to limit the injuries on the
field and so I think if you make it a full-on penalty of 15 yards you’re gonna
get less calls Rashad White’s smoked for a loss he
stuffed yet again by a freshman who is playing an absolute in a field day an
absolute career performance number 91 alex navaro Silva the youngster from
Chino California makes another stop as he’s recorded his third tackle of the
game that for all awesome two Mounties at their own 40-yard line with a reserve
quarterback the sophomore from Brea 6-4 185-pound Dillon Fleniken number 16
takes the snap and fakes the handoff to Thompson launches downfield to Scofield
in completes the coverage from Tiger Quarterback Jalen Bowens HN and Boas
really got lucky on that one I think got his hand or fingertips on the ball there
but he was darn near cooked yeah Jalen Bowens a sophomore from Chattanooga
Tennessee who played linebacker in high school and he’s now at that nickel
cornerback position in college third and 12 the Mounties Oh for four on third
downs of the ball game as the mount sac offense is scoreless it’s the first time
they have been a scoreless in the first half all year Fleniken settles for the
safety valve the pass is dropped as it bounces off the facemask of Trayvon Reed now he’s over five on third down today
one thing we haven’t talked about too much tonight is the special teams of
Riverside normally they’re good for a score here and they’re been relatively
quiet right Mounties bring out the punk group Damian Garcia is that broadcasters
jinx the punt you know part of the problem is that’s the third touch back
kicked by DB Garcia today they don’t want to get it in the hands of those
right I think they talked to you before this day no don’t get going
part of the problem is maybe one of the Great’s receivers in California
Tyler Kennedy has torn his ACL and is out for the season
yeah that’s a tough blow I mean he was I want to say this I’ve seen a lot of high
school college football in this area for the last 48 almost 49 years of my life
he is one of the most dynamic athletic fun any superlative you said he is was
is just one of those guys that you pay to watch and you’re gonna have a long
career hopefully after recovering from a knee injury
Tyler Kennedy a commit to Southern Mississippi I didn’t know I’d be
watching games of Southern Miss next year in Conference USA I guess now I’m
gonna have to yes you do I mean how am I gonna fit that in – I
love Riverside football games I don’t know
I love a hashtag see I always thought that was a number sign Oh Jeff you are
the old rotary phones no no no you are hip with it first I’ll pick up salmon
balls they involved there as Jacob Bartlett’s remains the quarterback not
not the time to bring the back up and right not right now
still anyone’s game it’s 20 to nothing Tigers Bartlett’s loads up and throws
crossing pattern route opened Dylan Lauren he cuts back to the 40 45 50
Lawrence he cuts back again 30 20 he makes a fourth Mountie miss and the turf
monster got him at the 15 yard line oh wow we were just talking about Tyler
Kennedy but that young man right there Wow he’s fantastic to watch let’s see
how many times he missed them out here there’s one he-hey there’s one that was
Michael Johnson there’s two there’s Johnson again
there’s Brooks and there’s the turf note on the play
yeah who do you call that on nobody like you said the turf monster grab your pal
Dylan Lauren his longest catch of the year as the Tigers are in the red zone
with 8 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter and kudos to this crowd who have braids
the chilly elements were from Riverside game update at the half between canyons
and Saddleback Gauchos down by 11 and Saddleback who came in 9 and offe I’m
not mistaken as last week they now a danger of going from vying for the top
team of the country category to being eliminated from the playoffs in the
opener man it’s crazy hey did you did you enjoy the any
halftime food or anything down there I did I had boughs it yeah I think truth I
have to tell you I ate one of your hot dogs and you know what those were those
were amazing I’m telling you that I think we have video there it is yeah
there we go that was that was me earlier I’m telling you I have I have two more
hot dogs in my pocket I couldn’t fit a hamburger in it I thought about putting
in my back pocket getting rid of my wallet shoving a double cheeseburger in
my back pocket but Man Alive come on down even if you don’t like
football just come for the hot dogs and the burgers and all of the grand the
band the marching Tigers yes inside Rhonda Bosley who spins through
the 12 friendly-fire there at the tail end of the play the Mounties Walker and
Pickett I mean when we say that the Mount
marching Tigers have the best band in California I mean we’re not just saying
that no I mean they have been our PA announcer mentioned they’ve had some of
their renditions on the office show have you ever seen the office I I have I’ve
been waiting for the vocab trivia Oh Bartlett’s play-action he has yet to be
sacked today and fires into the end zone Reggie Rhett
laughs touchdown Tigers there’s a flag on the play there though nope go figure the Warriors of El Camino avenging their
tough start to the year as they began the season over – but they’ve got a lead
in our ballgame mentor meanwhile they’re on the bottom ticker the Pirates they
stunned our CC in this building and went to the state championship game that
Ventura and one year later they have been eliminated from the playoffs and
they’re trailing of their pool game as well extra point as good as the flag was
picked up Riverside against the National Central Conference champions the 27 to
nothing here’s how they did it on the previous Drive almost all of it by way
of Dylan Lawrence once Dylan Lauren twice della lard a third time and here
is the tackle and the Tigers cap it off with a touchdown throw Jacob barley has
yet to be sacked in the ball game launches his second scoring toss of the
of the ballgame 25th of the season and the Tigers have taken a 27 to nothing
lead Jacob barrage you mentioned just very
briefly he is not the type of dual threat Mike Irwin is he didn’t run for
the touchdown but that is something special in the pocket you don’t need to
run if you if I’ll tell you what you throw a football it’s much faster than
running and he doesn’t need to run because he’s so savvy in the backfield
you know he’s he’s smart he’ll get rid of it he gets out of the tackle box
he’ll he’s just one of those cerebral guys he’s a son of a coach for gosh sake
do I so he was a three-year starter at Valley View high school across the way
Moreno Valley California and Jacob Arledge I mean is his valley view
competing for a national championship no but he didn’t play in a state
championship his junior season though he did he did but you know Jacob arledge
even with all the big numbers and being a three-year starter for some reason
you know code coaches that big d1 schools didn’t look at him as the type
of player that he has proven tonight he has fallen through the cracks and I’m
sure he will be able to say I told you so by the time it’s all said and done
when he finishes here at RCC he’s gonna have himself he’d be playing on
Saturdays he gets his education paid for and his dad gets to continue to watch
him play his dad was the offensive line coach here for really yeah so that’s
here’s Rashad white it’s his longest carry of the ball game as he gallops
across the 40-yard line and has marked out of the 41 impressive 17 yard scamper
for the UCLA commit yeah when his dad Dan was the offensive line coach Jacobs
come down and was used to hanging out with the offensive linemen really and
has a little kid so it was kind of kind of meant to be to play here at RCC right
you know Tom craft of course he recruits some amazing players but the coaching
staff is equally as impressive a couple years ago the Tigers wide receiver coach
was Asik here Azir Hakeem let me say that again Haws here Azir
Hakeem he was the wide receiver of the greatest show on turf that’s right I must have pronounced that wrong a little
bit but you know we’re just gonna let that slide I appreciate you letting that
slop you know and then when Mike Churchill was the last football coach
here he he had a guy on his death named Leonard Russell if you recall he was the
Rookie of the Year for the New England Patriots yes and he was on the staff
here Riverside guy in fact you and I think you know saw him at the
acquaintance Notre Dame game early in the season that’s right Flanigan’s Platt pass and tender for
Scofield that has ruled completes to the receiver out of Las Vegas Nevada
Jonathan Scofield who came in has just under 8 number 22 there 51 catches for
just under a thousand yards along with five touchdowns almost the non-factor
tonight and just two a piggyback with our point of the players and the coaches
that come here JC Jackson is one of the starting quarterbacks for the New
England Patriots me that’s right I mean my goodness is this just an incredible
roster at Riverside Flanagan’s Pass is short and center for Scofield
now Bruce Irvin I don’t know if you remember that name he was part of the
Legion of boom he was a former Mountie of Mount San Antonio Legion of boom well the Tigers they can’t copyright
that name but tonight the Mountie is I think they’ve faced a Legion of Doom
RCC’s blanked them it’s the longest they’ve been shut out all season I mean
not San Antonio was it was a high-flying offense a year ago and the Tigers have
shut them down fourth and four the Mounties have struggled throughout the
game on third down fair cat signaled and made by Shawn door so the transfer from
Fresno State he has made it impacts on defense and special teams this year he
is a player that we talked about once on the big interception he had earlier but
he is quite the athlete taking the place of tired Kennedy super-athlete fun to watch list that
that’s that’s what the list is called yes fun to watch list Wow you know back
in the day Jeff you were on that list I was Armstrong Johnson the catch the
Superfund athlete’s crazy to the name name is Armstrong Johnson alright we’re
getting a little bored here Armstrong it’s a great first name though we’re
getting he’s got two last names though yeah he does you know you never trust
somebody with two last names or somebody to first whoever said that I don’t know
who said that what what does that even mean but then
again I can’t really give you an example to contrast that argument Dillon
Lawrence flag his throne as he sweeps to the 31 I really don’t have a counter to
that though no Christopher Bradbury sophomore from Rancho Cucamonga
he went to Etiwanda high school three of the five started our starting offensive
lineman from last year returned for this season maybe at a four-year school
that’s normal but at a school like RCC that is unprecedented
yes it is and that offense has really flourished with that returning talent
and experience all that offensive line number 25 jaelyn young motions out in
the backfield barrage threads the needle and Sanders spins to the 28 yard line I
mean the passing window for Jacob Bartlett’s the fit that in I mean is I
don’t even think more than you know a hair could fit between that football Wow
first down thread the needle Maurice lots of valet has to be kicking himself
how close he was feeling the wind on the back of that football across his
fingertips first intent for RCC another incredible run as Kinslow has not played
in the second half instead jaelyn young a freshman from Chandler Arizona and
there’s the big dive at the tail end of the play by Maurice motor ballet a
freshman from Samoa RCC of 27 to nothing late the third quarter putting a
beat-down on the Mounties the winner plays either Saddleback or college of
the canyons in the SCF a championship next week barrage pass in completes
Sanders had it knocked away by Colin keanu of Mount San Antonio make sure to
join us for the 27th annual festival of the lights that is November 29th to
December 31st that’s the whole month festival of
lights yes of course Wow and I will be there next Friday
night I am so excited be 80,000 people down 10,000 yes jaelyn young lodal valet rustles him
down then rips the ball out late but he has already been whistled down by
contacts you know no offense I’m gonna watch from the comfort of my couch you
need to come down get a date come on down and all right now our work now that
now you’re asking too much okay bring your dog
here’s bar Lodge fires and it was a good pass maybe a just a smidge behind
Armstrong Johnson out of Miramar Florida Riverside up 27 to nothing two field
goals from Ricardo Chavez otama skins low-scoring run and a 21-yard throw from
Jacob Bartlett’s to Isaiah Leaf then the scoring toss in the third quarter that
was to Leith again if I’m not mistaken fair catch at the 20 by Scofield
Brian Wilson is on the sideline but he doesn’t seem to think it’s too serious
he says you know hopefully if RCC moves on to next week which it looks like they
will at this point he’ll be ready to go back to you guys
yeah thanks Brian huge injury update because I mean there are so many great
running backs on this Tiger Court none better than Thomas Kinslow tell you what
though you’ve got like you said seven other back so that could step in and do
a number a Tigers defense swarms at the 17-yard
line read as drops so the Tigers with Thomas Kinslow a 3-star prospect coming
out of high school he is then looked on from the ball but he joins RCC and has
just been a workhorse for the Tigers in this season nick rice Jeff Gorham on the
sidelines Brian Wilson I guess Brian could be a last name you
think could could I don’t trust him just that beard though my goodness Brian you
know it’s kind of a cross between George Michael a couple years ago kenny loggins
was part of the festival of lights he was one of the performers here and
please bounty score touchdown on display please do no we won’t
Frank Gayle fires it to traffic and tender for Schofield knocked away all
right I have I have in my pocket a credit card that will take you
anywhere you want to go eat for dinner if you can name one Kenny Loggins song
within the next five seconds five seconds you don’t know any Kenny Loggins
songs Messina you even know who miss ena is no okay you know I’ll say alright
third and 17 lay in the third quarter this would be a huge conversion if the
Mounties can get it and they do not that has been fitting tonight Sean Bowden
throws his helmet down in frustration luckily for him he didn’t throw it hard
enough on the field where he cost the team 15 yards
I mean that is the night nutshell for the Mounties yeah drop all there and
like he said I don’t think the ref saw him take his helmet off yeah I mean it
didn’t seem flagrant enough no but still I mean that that is a perfect
representation I mean the Mounties have had several good opportunities and have
not been able to convert largely on offense their defense has made RCC look
less than their best a return of about five yards and a cloud of dust for the
transfer out of Fresno State Shawn door so I will save our fans some time nothing nothing no danger zone did you
ever see Top Gun oh you know you just Top Gun is actually never seen cops for
its it’s an older movie it’s it’s like the 80s 90s it’s it’s about you know
there’s airplanes in it you know I’ve heard about the sequel that’s coming out
whatever get out of here canyons maybe the team Riverside plays next week they
lead 37 to 19 of her Saddleback as our CC looks to be the top gun in the SCF a
bartlett’s off play action guns the ball tool arts and he is wrestled down that’s
by trade Quan Heath a sophomore from highland springs for jigna after a nine
yard gain the Tigers have just been flying up and down the field in this
game you karai’s Brown for the Mounties I just like seeing Charlie Chastain umpire
run that’s the best I’ve seen him run since you as a player at Norco years and
years ago if we can get a look at that guy camera man up there the the guy with
the big you want us back the edge right over the football for the legendary
Charlie chest Chastain yeah minutes ago in the third quarter this is the SCF a
playoff opener between the Tigers and the Mounties here on Riverside TV’s game
of the week fresh off the game we had last night bird the Ramona Rams have
advanced the play esperanza next Saturday in the CIF championship
miscommunication from barrage and leaf welt the Rams are moving on it’s the
first time they’ve made it that far since 2003 the all the alum of Ramona
that being Jeff Gorham your thoughts I’m excited I tell you what I have been
talking to people all day long they all were watching the game yet over 4,000
people yesterday watching it Wow just on YouTube that is insane I haven’t checked
the data today or the data whatever you want to call it on all the Twittersphere
till the Lara dances and takes a hard hit at the tail end of that play but
reaches the 15 kind of time out of it right here
mount san antonio seven and three this year they want the National Central
Conference you know next year they will transition to Kilmer Lodge Stadium I
don’t know if you’ve seen that the stadium looks like an NC double-a
stadium and walnut I mean Homer live it really good they have not been playing
in it no they have it they need well they had to finish for like three or
four years they just haven’t played in it they’ve played at covina district
field at a high school oh that’s one of the greatest fields ever I’ve used to go
watch games there as a kid I didn’t they have the mount sac relays with the best
track me in the world and I used to go watch that I used to watch the football
games what a go outstanding place with that did they redo the stadium then I
think they built something new I’m gonna have to double check that for you and I
might Google a few more things I want to know if that’s a news day you or they
just refurbished it because at the time it was one of the finest stadiums in
Southern California and what a great place to go watch I tracked me I saw
Carl Lewis ran there when you leave no I’m talking yeah Carl Lewis Olympian oh
I know that oh no this may be serious you’re Helmer
Lodge stadium and walnut they’re renovating the the stadium that was
which is just amazing yes yeah so they renovated that I’ve
seen a Reggie Wyatt a Riverside lost the era graduate I saw Tyree Washington
another Riverside lost our graduate there and yeah just a what an amazing
place to watch football track and it’s good to see a young man up looks like he might have hurt his lower
back possibly well man treshawn picket but it’s good he’s moving similar to
Riverside he is one of quite a few out-of-state kids Mounties with players
from Texas Missouri Delaware South Carolina Kentucky Washington Georgia
Nevada Oregon Pennsylvania I’ll save you the time from everywhere international
players though a couple from Samoa but none from Australia so the Tigers have
them beat in that regard ha yeah that’s right you know who knows maybe Tom crafts is
kind of quiet as he’s learning the Australian language urge Samoan language barrage loads up and throws and finds
his man ruts laughs was spun down inside the tent
Malachi Harrison makes the stop what rats laugh he seems to be catch he
catches ball every series yeah he’s he’s one of those favorites for Tom craft
seems every year he’s got one of those pristine just perfect drought runners
and Reggie rest laugh is always open for a reason
Cameron Bosley is stopped by you Curry’s brown as the third quarters come to a
close Tigers leap 27 to nothing here over the
Mount San Antonio Mounties Tigers 15 minutes away from a trip just one game
away to the state championship they’ll reach the SCF a championship after the
fourth quarter here from Wheelock Stadium in Riverside you thought that
Hilmer Lodge was an awesome sight Arthur and Wheelock Stadium it’s it’s as as
renowned as it gets yeah I remember coming I was a ball boy
here for RCC when I was a kid and my best friend growing up
his grandfather was Nate DeFrancisco who’s probably I’m gonna say this
probably one of the first football coaches whoever was here our she see Wow
and so I used to come down and I was the ball boy and spent many many years when
this was a real real grass field it was it was really in fact yeah that the what
happened is they when when they refurbished the stadium and put in turf
they moved the field about I was about 15 yards to the left the 50-yard line
used to line up perfectly with the press box now it’s a little off-center really
yeah yeah it’s a little it’s a little off yeah
little it’sit’s like 10 yards off yeah but yes it was that the field has
changed but the the bleachers are the exact same in fact when I was a kid here
you see if there’s a delivery they used to have fiberglass bleachers and if I
wore shirts I get fiberglass stuck at Milo my good I was it all day long it
was horrible it was absolutely horrid yeah no I I don’t remember getting glass
in my leg when I sat here at Wheelock Stadium timeout called out of the
quarter break he’s probably you probably weren’t wearing booty shorts because
back in the 80s yeah you know there was we always had these really small shorts
and Michael Jordan came out sure it was Michael Jordan in the 80s that made you
wear those booty shorts there Joe no no he was the guy that changed it I used to
wear the old pee shorts eat listeners of this game who are a little older are
gonna know exactly I’d worse stubby’s and Opie shorts which were corduroy
shorts and they were really small and if you ran fast enough you made a funny
noise when you ran really and if he ran really fast which I wasn’t really happy
you could catch your legs on fire because the corduroy would rub together
so hard so hard we’ll start sparks start sparks yeah
sure wasn’t from the the trails that you blazed no I’m telling you I was not that
fast but I did wear corduroy shorts and that’s what caused caused the fiberglass
in the lakes Cameron Baz lead the deep back on third
down to start the fourth quarter Bosley evades two tackles and has dropped at
the 2 yard line the Mounties and Mia’s Foreman as Bosley should have been
dropped at the 10 I mean the Mounties had defensive linemen who were a step
away from taking the handoff instead RCC has first down on a goal to go at the
two this is a run for Bosley brown hits them first and Foreman finishes him off
of the line of scrimmage Bosley today in the absence of Thomas
Kinslow heard at halftime right before it 13 carries 37 yards and the Mounties
may have just used their final timeouts I believe the refs are calling either
refs made for an injury on the field I mean I know we got our Tiger glasses
on right now and our Tiger booty shorts we’re airing here at Wheelock Stadium
but only me look see only you I know I was wondering our CC looks like the best
team in the country I mean I haven’t seen number two Gulf Coast’s from
perkinston Mississippi give me some of those other names I haven’t seen
Lackawanna College from Pennsylvania I haven’t seen Jones from Mississippi or
Hutchinson and Kansas but this looks like the best team in the country
hey there was a second one there you read it was oh Lackawanna I thought it
was Fozzie Bear I thought you were saying waka waka I was like no no no no
no now that Tigers are the best team in the country they have the best
cheerleaders – there’s like a hundred and thousand of me are on this on the
track and I’ll tell you I’ve had you know I was a cheer coach I told said
this many tests you had and I had several my cheerleaders by the way
that’s pizza phooey my own know from Norco high school getting getting
escorted off but you’re a cheer coach every time you say that I’m floored
about what that is know just know that I I was coaching tear phenomena those are
the golden years were they quarterback sneak fer this is the signal caller
Jacob arledge and down he goes had about the one
Bartlett’s nearly lost his helmet I mean this was supposed to be a physical game
I think the coaches should have warned them you should probably buckle your
chinstrap a little harder a lot of help this man missing yeah yeah this one bar
lurched almost lost it but the tiger offensive lineman Brian’s suing failed
from here in Riverside he did lose his helmet he’s a product from Junipero
Serra high school it’s Moon Emperor who never owned know
he was the guy that founded all the missions Junipero Serra oh he has my
wife would say cuz I have Junipero Serra rode out where I live my wife says
Junipero Junipero just like that’s just an engine Roopa Valley in my wife did
the officials call touchdown there they did know we’re gonna hear the the can in
here if it’s not if the candidate isn’t firing there there’s a look at him yeah
I don’t think they they believe it’s a touch now no I think it is that might be
the first time in history because there it is
all right and you know those guys have ears of steel by this point it hurts my
ears and I’m 50 yards away yeah they better have earplugs safety first
let’s that’s a Ricardo Chavez the extra point it’s good Safety’s important the
Tigers put on some insurance to their already large lead as they march the
length of the field Jacob arledge he finishes the drive with a rushing
touchdown but the Tigers throughout that possession by they had picked apart that
Mountie defense in the first half and showed more of its on the second half
Drive here’s Bosley who turned a three-yard loss into a gain and Jacob
barrage on what was fifth effort who knows what type of body blows brought
the bottom of that pile I mean looking from the top of it guys are scrapping
and clawing I mean you were also a football guy a coach right you were
folks I coached football I go tight right now I’m coaching boys volleyball I
just oh my goodness maybe you’re a teacher it’s just like here we go a good return for the
Mounties Jamie and Dendi oh man I will say this this has been a fun season yes
it’s a cover for Riverside TV no we don’t give enough thanks to the guys
that do all the work the cameraman the producers the directors yep Scott
Brosius and his staffers ITV award-winning staff as we won a couple
more Awards this year what are those rewards there’s many oh
there’s you know there’s a an Oscar and a Grammy in Scott Brosius his future to
go along with his World Series MVP trophy case Rashad Weitz gains a couple
does the sophomore from Kansas City Missouri about the Hornets sir I’m sorry
the Mounties quarterbacks Zach Rangel and Dylan Fleniken they came in to the
top signal callers in the conference so far they are combined eight for 21 with
three interceptions add zero touchdowns 34 to nothing Riverside Frank L back in
a quarterback the Texas products back at his own 27 launches downfield tipped and
intercepted that Shawn door so again at the 48 yard line
a season for the record books for the Fresno State transfer it’s a seventh
pick of this season and another tip to catch the tip drill does well in those
practices he is fee has been phenomenal tonight like you said phenomenal all
season long seven interceptions five deflections of force bumble a sack two
tackles for loss oh and I didn’t mention his return touchdowns this year yeah
that’s right the balls actually marked at the 50 as the quarterbacks of Mount
San Antonio combined for four interceptions today
that’s a two yard run there I mean the tiger defense gets four interceptions I
mean they may be some big d1 teams yeah they’re able to do that they could be
UCLA for gosh sakes man you know the bruins you know back in the day they
were they were quite the team that was a long long time ago hand off the young what’s been going on
recently with UC Riverside and what they’ve got going on in sports Riverside
I called the game today as they they battle Denver Denver University and
who’s their head coach Chauncey Billups brother Wow longtime player that played
for the Detroit Pistons and the Los Angeles Clippers he went away with a 27
point win today at home yes coverage of UC Riverside basketball on Riverside CV
bar ledge drops and fires towards the end zone that may be the only time in
the game that he is missed a receiver I mean it was either he catches it or
nobody does his wide receiver roll on is whitewater if the Tigers offense is
their usual greatness on third down therefore 14 on third down today over
four in the second half on third down then this game would be even worse
exactly and we’re on page here do you have at least two receivers for RCC with
a hundred yards tonight we had four against Orange Coast for ya that is the
box score of that game is obnoxious what was it like watching that it was 76 the
three it was very long to say the okay yeah I called a high school football
game back in the day it was 108 220 it kind of reminded me of that really I
called a group of Ally Bloomington game and it was a fun day
20 man Jonathan Scofield the fair catch at the 9 yard line all right mount san
antonio back to work Bob Josh strapped the head coach of mount sac a former
all-american defensive end with the Mounties as a player and a former
associate at UNLV Tom Kraft former head coach San Diego State two great FBS
programs same conference Mountain West yeah Mountain West Jonathan Scofield the wide receiver is
hammered by Jalen Boehm’s of the Tigers there’s a look at that
quarterback playing a little linebacker pay announcer says Jamaa more number
eight was on the tackle I do not think that was number eight on the tackle I
was worried about that young man that caught the ball for gosh sakes right
looks like his skin was on part of the field and his skeleton was in the other
and of course that’s the one time a helmet does not come off no second out
at six you’ve got whistles now this is the game
we anticipated we got a pause in the action partner let’s take a look at some
of the numbers for this football game tonight the Tigers with 302 yards more
than the Mounties in this football game passing yards in favor of RCC 322 285 I
mean what a performance we have seen first downs RCC 25 Mounties 10 swing
route under thrown and intended for Rashad white intercepted by the Tigers picked off by the linebacker Nathan
Perez it’s his first pick of the year in fact
he didn’t play much at all this season everybody right now on the sidelines his
attacking him they held him up great play though I love seeing that the team
back and support their players yeah eight of twenty three passing for these
Mounties quarterbacks with five interceptions they came in with 11 all
year so the Tigers defense has had a field day against Mount San Antonio bar
llege hands sweeping outside Bosley stumbles at the 30 and his tag down to
the 25-yard line the middle backer Connor hell seus makes the open field
tackle from out San Antonio enemy timeout with 948 to play in this fourth
quarter a lot of injury timeouts here before
court a lot of cramps it was kind of warm today yeah believe it or not so you
know tom craft this is a man head coach of the Tigers when people ask him how he
does it he makes sure the first thing that he says his job is incredibly
difficult what does that mean he says that yeah I mean he did DME when he says
something you better listen he doesn’t say much and you talked with Kobe
Fitzgerald and he said yeah I mean whatever he he talks a little more than
you think but you know business right when you talk it’s it’s you better
listen but a hard job are you buying that yeah I really I mean when you when
you win at an 85 percent clip which he will accomplish tonight yeah I mean that
and losing 15 I mean that just tells you it is hard work you can’t be successful
for that long if you don’t work that hard and it’s it’s obvious they’re all
over the world recruiting there all over the nation and
he’s just one of those guys that probably lives breathes and eats
football yep oh for sure so canyons leads in the third quarter 44 to 19 so
college of the canyons appears to be who RCC will play here a week from tonight
at 6:00 p.m. for the SCF a championship the card is out and you never want to
see that I mean Saddleback looked like a very
good club Tigers beat him up pretty good last week canyons are set to beat him up
pretty good this week so that sets up a pretty good matchup that we are set to
have a week from tonight the big man is carried off the field carried right
that’s you karai’s brown top mount san antonio 6-foot 280 yeah that’s a that’s
a workout carrying him off the field yeah good job guys I mean there was a
cart right there right yeah they declined it he said I want my
guys carry me but is Canyon’s 44 Saddleback 19 Cerritos up over Ventura
the Pirates won the SCF a last year San Bernardino Valley dealt a tough one
against JP right now Bobby Jeff 4 so here we go Tigers chance
to close this one out go figure the Mounties conference
champions the natural central league outright for the first time in seven
years and RCC has thumped thumb of the playoffs
second down in short Bosley and he is forming the tackle Jacob Arledge quarterback today of RCC
has stayed there throughout 27 of 39 322 yards and two touchdowns first exam jaelyn young on the carry for RCC and
the freshman from Chandler Arizona gains a couple college of the canyons this
year is eight and two they lost the opener to saddleback 45 to 20 and they
have beaten up the Gauchos even worse this go-around they have won throughout
their loan other loss game against Long Beach 32 to 24 Long Beach proved to be a
pretty good team we saw here RCC needed a late comeback to preserve their
unbeaten streak yeah that could be a good game in fact I thought Long Beach
was gonna take care of business here with the hot behind Eve Tigers came and
took care of business touchdown Tigers jaelyn young
it’s his first career touchdown for RCC they’ve done it in the air they’ve done
it on the ground they have done it everywhere except for special teams they
have not scored top special teams tonight oh man we are so spoiled as our
CC fans there they’re only up 41 to nothing well now they are it’s good so that here’s a look at the
drive and it started with the first interception of the career for freshmen
Nathan Perez the Tigers on a short field they went ground the entire possession
and convert it with points not with Kinslow but with Cameron Bosley to start
the possession then the freshman out of Chandler Arizona
finishes it off Jalen young and the Tigers have taken a commanding lead 41
to nothing but under eight minutes to go in the game so the Tigers are set to
face off against college of the canyons that offense statistically better than
the Mounties offense now I mean you hope the Tigers don’t shut out the next
opponent but a Canyon’s are scoring 38 a game coming in
and they have over 40 against Saddleback blistering speed on this return for the
Mounties brought back by Marcus brown for whatever it’s worth
canyons out is a better offense than what we saw tonight for the Mounties
yeah you know come in and throw for picks is that what it was four or five
five and they threw 11 on the year yeah this yeah canyons 51 and 19 I mean
there is such a thing as is momentum in football I say what Saddleback though I
think RCC just crushed him yeah yeah I think because the Gauchos yes they were
9 and Oh before ICC trampled them and then canyons even worse Fleniken spaz is
incomplete intended for Jamil Weaver Brian Wilson is on the sideline what do
you have for us I just saw both backup quarterbacks Tyler Thomas and my Gerwin
warming up so it looks like they might be pulling Jakob Arledge for the night
as this game starts to roll wind down watch out for the backup to come in here
in the next offensive series Nick Jeff back to you guys Brian Wilson thank you
so much flag is thrown I mean Brian Wilson is
just that the thick of things and always knows what’s going on with our CC and
you know what you know who else knows a lot about our CC is beard is this
something you want to say about that personal foul here and now it appears RCC has got a
majority of reserves into the game I mean that shutout that they want on
their ledger that means quite a bit doesn’t it especially in a semifinal of
the Southern California championship Mounties go ground mount san antonio in
that third quarter ran the ball 21 times for a mere 53 yards they’ve gotten a
little more momentum brewing in the fourth quarter of this football game
they had 25 first downs 210 Wow and that’s not the fourth quarter
numbers RCC has yet to shut out an opponent this year but they beat Orange
Coast 76 to 3 when did the Pirates score that that field goal as here’s the
quarterback who’s just carrying Tigers towards the end zone he’s dragged out of
the 5 he’s scored it I think was late in the game if I recall that that’s got to
be crushing no no second quarter second quarter is that what it was yeah look at
that quarterback just dragging everyone dragging you know you want to say their
Tigers on that one he was dragging a litter of kittens that’s pretty cruel to drag some kittens
there he drugged a bunch of kittens Dillon Fleniken the quarterback number
16 bootleg as he’s rushed by Washington and his pass is incomplete so the Tigers are set to even this
series between the Mounties and Riverside Tom crafts beats just about
everybody doesn’t he but he is with this win just five and five against the
Mounties that matter of some reason he just he struggled against this one team
so he’s lost five times at RCC he’s he’s lost five times at RCC against the
Mounties so a third of his losses have been to one team yeah Fleniken throws
behind his body it’s under thrown and nearly picked off intended from Malachi
Thompson and it’s knocked away by the Tigers good defense there in the end
zone by number 30 the sophomore from Australia then car cars now have you seen us do you ever watch
Australian rules football no no he’s got new that got soccer which is football
you’ve got American football and Australian football you’ve never watched
it no come on what’s the difference between that and rugby a lot a lot huh
Fleniken throws into traffic and complete Trenton Finley the insider
target I mean that will be your next that’ll be you know I gave you the
assignment to go see watch tombstone tombstone okay now this is your next
assignment I want you to go home I want you to look up on your little phone
because that’s what everybody does nowadays you watch Australian rules
football is pretty darn fun to watch this thing okay it’s not gonna be as
awesome as tombstone because I’m your huckleberry Nick rice yeah that’s right
and whenever there’s a problem you can solve it by a gun fire that’s right okay
Corral my friend okay Corral okay Corral how surprised just how
violent Kilmer was a great Doc Holliday and I wanna I wanna in my my thought I
want to think Doc Holliday is Val Kilmer and I want to think that Russell Kurt
Russell yeah is Wyatt Earp you know Zakhar Stadium in order this high school
we had to teach you this named after Wyatt Earp’s grandson great grandson I’m
waiting for the guys in the truck that cause me on something though
no they you know they’re they’re gonna pull out we’re gonna they just don’t
have the patience anymore you know the first half of the season they were hey I
did hear something from the truck no you did I did I couldn’t break it make it
out but okay what was the best 80s Kurt Russell
movie ever made I already know what it is tickets
cuz it’s not – Kurt Russell is well yeah escape from New York or big trouble
little China – Snake Plissken and Jack Jack Burton was the characters names
fourth and goal can RCC shut him out here at home Fleniken looks to his left
and guns the ball into traffic that didn’t stand much of a chance knocked
away by Terry Victor a transfer from Washington State a three star linebacker
knocks it away and the Tigers may have just closed the Mounties with a shutout
we’ll see how they fare down the stretch of this game I love talking hold still
trivia with old Nick rice to discuss this old movie stuff than with me you
know those that are watching at home listening just know this Nick rice is
wonderful with football basketball stats everything but absolutely a buffoon to
pop no but you are firing off okay never seen Tyler Thomas is in a quarterback oh
man I know what you’re talking about with
Tyler Thomas now he’s the most at ease wait wait do you have it yet to see him
play I’ve seen him play a couple of times he is wait in the wings
ten and a half yards of carry for Tyler Thomas if I can understood he odd way
play look at that jeez I mean just watch he’s like a gazelle
out there every stride is like ten yards that’s pretty good references alright
yeah they’re young you know it’s sad because you know whenever I know a
reference it has something to do with football you know my parents always said
like dude get out of the freaking house bro I just wanna know what you were
doing I mean what did you watch cartoon I did I did
yeah yeah okay here we go favourite cartoon of Nick rice of all time when I
was way younger it was Blue’s Clues I have to say that you’re gonna use your
vocabulary we’re gonna have to look up some Blue’s Clues but ya know yeah they
would call me that who’s that guy the Blue’s Clues guy
I don’t know I’m I’m 49 49 next week I wouldn’t know I did have I do have
children at watch Blue’s Clues Steve Steve alright yeah alright so yes
some people call me that and I’m like come on get your eyes checked but um
there’s something there and then when I was older it was I mean Sponge Bob for
sure my favorite shows now really yeah there’s a great show on Nickelodeon
right now Nickelodeon it’s called The Adventures of kid danger oh that’s the
best show I think I’ve heard of that show ever
Tyler Thomas the best show ever in Riverside Bowl the quarterback is off
and running 40 30 20 and he is taken down at the 11 by Malachi Harrison he’s
the best show in the City of Riverside tonight I just told you this I said this
going in he is the third Street quarterback but
waiting in the wings the understudy just might get a starting role on Broadway as
he looks like he’s running down Broadway nobody can stop him then all of a sudden
see he just wasn’t used to running that far I mean that is the longest run from
of the year he has more maybe the longest run by anybody on the tiger
roster this year 77 yards pretty impressive Brian that was Shawn door
sol-type running Thomas I mean that didn’t stand much of a chance
Tyrone toll any freshman from Samoa on the tackle yeah you know spongebob and Jimmy
Neutron you could have been Jimmy Neutron hair yeah it’s a little a little
crazy yeah fairly godparents right you are definitely young you are young
little guy that’s right my conversations are about how cartoons isn’t as good
anymore you know hang out my 13 year old son you guys would be pals
yes sadly enough contemporaries dawn all right here’s Tyler Thomas I know who
that guy is touchdown Tigers 14 yards for the
freshman from Jefferson High School in Tampa Florida he started one year in
high school he’s what you call a late bloomer and blooming is he ever he’s
wearing the same number of Tyrone Marshall wore last year he’s now a
bobcat of Montana State Thomas his second touchdown run of the year do we
have a quarterback controversy next week no of course not good controversy in the future though yes we
do all right here’s Tyler Thomas and there’s the future right there he had
three runs we didn’t show the first one because it was only five this one was 77
then the last was 14 Harrison just delayed the inevitable for our CC and
with 344 to go in the fourth quarter this game
rivers side of the SCF a playoffs leads Mount San Antonio 48 to nothing and it’s
kind of like when you just get beaten and harassed by your older brother
constantly getting with constantly just getting that just the living snot
beating out of you and then you get a chance as the higher seed at home to
play the Mounties and they it seems they almost got a little frustration out on
this team so do you have an older I do I do you know
he was so cruel he would he would um have a younger brother too he would take
me and my younger brother into the end of the closet he take a whack I mean he
would do that too he’d take me into a wagon take me into the garage and then
he would you know turn the lights off it late at night and close all the doors
okay I I I do have a therapist like his number it might explain some of your
weird behavior outside this game I’m a little concerned for you Nick he told me
yesterday to get out of the house yeah well you obviously couldn’t leave the
garage you were your brother they’re in a wagon but um you know RCC finally got
their chance for revenge and they took advantage
Thompson stopped after one yard gain and on that note I’ll probably switch the
subject okay let’s go back to Don Bluth you know Luth come on he was a he was a
great American animator he did like americantale the secret of him Oh see
don’t even know I’m talking different language to you language what is this
the um did you watch the nurse or the the Smurfs when you were a kid you
remember the Smurfs I actually did not know Fleniken is
incomplete do you know what is her face kind of yeah yeah the cartoons yeah no
they’re not real of course Smurfs and Smurfette
yeah Smurfette we have more from the truck I hope ya
trucks having a field day Bartok third down and eight for Mount San Antonio
Mounties have yet to move the chains on third down today Fleniken dumps it short
and they got it that’s Thompson he breaks a tackle a
mouthpiece comes off and he’s down to the 22 is Malachi Thompson great pass
Aaron like you said is that the first cup third down conversion I mean but
yeah the first of the game until that conversion there were over seven so I
mean come on you you had to have had a brother that picked on you a little bit
right I was big he was older than me but I was tougher than that’s right
Flanagan launches in completes I don’t remember getting locked in my my garage
or closet you know the Mounties quarterbacks 9 for 30 with five
interceptions and then total offense Tigers 6:15 Mount San Antonio 213 in 600
yards that’s their that’s that’s you know another day in the office for RCC
hey wait a sec here they what were the percent what completion they had 99 for
30 or 31 and I find five interceptions but so I puts them at 14 completions that is cruel in cut the pass is caught
Christian edger s’en freshman from Twinsburg California their five for five
throw RC yeah yeah it’s a pretty good ratio very good ratio tackle by Tyler
Kinslow the brother of Thomas Tyler Kinslow no I got another fine movie
here’s one for you ever did you have you ever seen the Dark Crystal they have a
brand new series on Netflix you need to go home and one after you know the one
show that I do watch is this this corny show
I mean it’s so weird that I think you would probably not be shocked at all
that I would watch it this is us come on well you know what is a popular show
that honestly you need to take off your headphones and then walk out of the
stadium and never come back to a football game as long as you live never
know you just all street cred all football cred everybody watching right
now what is this guy what you do just sit around and cry all day have a good
good therapist for you that you watch this is older you it’s a little too big
man for once I show you I have some some interests
here’s Malachi Thompson did you even know are you a fan of the notebook
people call me the notebook man you called me that earlier this year man you
look like you’re at a boy band Nick Jonas please you can’t have a lance bass
look to you Lance Bass oh geez another guy don’t know please tell me they
didn’t sink oh okay I know that my kids those got
blond funny hair like funny-looking hair huh great here you go
do you use like mousse and dipping or jello I use nothing yeah you do stuff
you blow-dry it straight up like that is that what just sorry I had to give it to
you so just possibly could be yeah you know I’m not sure if we’re gonna have
the game next week so yeah yeah what are we gonna do you know
football’s coming to a close I don’t know maybe have a life actually that’s
that’s probably it’s probably good time for football and Fleniken has hit as he
throws on fourth down and he finds Schofield Kinslow the tackle at the
5-yard line let’s see if we’ll have plenty of time to catch up on this is us for the Mounties this is us for sure
tonight but let’s see if they can find the end zone here we go they’re out of
timeouts first and goal from the five Dillon Fleniken part of a quarterback
core that has struggled throughout the ball game he had loads to an open
Schofield but out of bounds that leaves them 14 seconds 14 seconds left in this
game Jeff I mean it’s not it’s not 11:30 no this has been the greatest JC
football game in the history of the world
guys in the truck get to see their families yes I mean you still don’t but
you know I’m sure I have a game somewhere I have to call right after
this that’s right well midnight extravaganza
second down and goal Thompson is the running back Fleniken fires a slant
knocked away by Terry Victor with ten seconds to go man this for a 48 to nothing blowout is
a pretty dramatic finish to the game first I wants to get get a shutout first
of the year let’s see if they can do it third and goal from the five the
quarterbacks of the Mounties are 11 for 37 today and Fleniken throws a slant
it’s dropped by Schofield they’re down to their final bullet seven seconds left
it’s fourth and goal if your mouth SEC you’re not gonna go for a field goal you
don’t want to settle that they’re gonna try to score out this Mounties 2 for 12
on third down Glenn again 5 for 22 and pass
completions he’s trying to find the endzone his the tall six 480 five pound
bag at a Brea California he has moved the Mounties this far as the crowd kudos
to them is 48 nothing and they have stayed in the game possibly the final
play of the Mountie season Flanagan looks pumps throws end zone incomplete and tenet for Christian edger sub and
RCC is going to shut out the Mounties this game is over big time game for
Riverside as they go to the Southern California Football Association time had
to mess with you though not a great win and a great defensive effort yes I said
defensive effort you put up 48 points we’re gonna give up none by the Tigers
well Brian Wilson are great sideline reporter in a few minutes is going to
catch up with some of the MVPs of tonight’s game so until then the RCC
Tigers trounced the Mounties 48 to nothing here’s how it got started
Thomas tins low first play of the game it’s a gain of 24 and he finishes off
the drive he started the freshman from Centennial High School Corona he would
finish the game with 13 carries for 98 yards and a touchdown all the first half
he would be spell due to injury for the remainder of this contest here’s a look
at some of the reserve running backs for the Tigers as Jalen young and Cameron
Bosley would both find the endzone throughout this football game
the Tigers here against mount san antonio accounted for 615 yards of
offense the defense also forced five interceptions for the Mounties Zach
Rangel and Dylan Fleniken at this moment of the game our CC took over and they
led 10 nothing this was a bit of a 2-minute drill and the Tigers get a big
play out of Dylan Lawrence he stepped out of bounds near the 45 yard line
Reggie Rhett’s laughs number 89 he had six catches for 38 yards and a touchdown
for RCC and Barr which found just about everybody in this
game a magnificent performance for the RCC quarterback and Jacob Arledge after
this hookup two freshmen Giovanni Sanders he finds the Hawaii transfer
that is Isaiah lief the touchdown gives the Tigers a 17 to nothing lead
RCC ends the half of the field goal from Ricardo Chavez they leave 20 to nothing
in the third quarter the Tigers picked up where they left off
here’s Giovanni Sanders and then RCC this is the throw to dylan lawrence and
boy did he make a couple Mounties look foolish on this play Dylan Lauren what a
run he had a hundred and twenty four yards on nine catches the turf monster
prevented him from scoring a touchdown in his damn but on the receiving end of
Barr legit ret slap the other former husky of Centennial High School Jacob
Pollack his performance was yet another day in the office
he also scrambles across the end zone here Bartlett’s 27 to 4322 yards and two
touchdowns that scoring run made it 34 nothing in the fourth quarter the Tigers
defense did it again this is an interception from Nathan Perez Tigers
respond with a Jalen young touchdown and this of course an important game because
RCC is going to advance to the SCF a championship next week here the battle
college of the canyons Tyler Thomas got the last laugh here as
he scrambles for 77 yards and caps it off with a 14 yard touchdown run himself
RCC victorious in this football game 48 to nothing some of the players at this
game are just about set to join Brian Wilson do we have that now not quite yet
so we’re gonna wait a little longer those were the highlights I’m a bit out
of breath what a football game tonight Jeff hey I’ll tell you what you look at
the past is Jacob Arledge 27 to 4322 yards two
touchdowns and a long of 53 he’s had four receivers Reggie ret slop six
receptions for 38 yards of the touchdown Dylan lariat lariat with 124 yards and
Sanders with 94 and white nine with 32 so he threw it to a lot of different
guys and the rushing totals a lot the same Kinsler with 98 yards Thomas with
95 Bosley with 54 and Jalen young with 46 yards just a dominant performance by
the Tigers 322 passing yards to go along with the rushing yards yes total of 600
nominal phenomenal effort by the time the game that took 2 hours and 55
minutes that’s the most important number of the night’s yeah
quick game took care of business and now they have to turn their attention to a
new opponent somebody they haven’t seen in college of the canyons yes that will
be a week from tonight so tom craft wins is 100th game as head coach of RCC YZ
115 and his success has been duly noted the Tigers they have 10 years under
Kraft they have made it to the Southern California championship game six of the
10 times and it’s an incredible stand right there unfortunately though not to
cut you off they’ve lost every time they’ve reached
this far except this year except for this year were you sorry I cut you off
that’s ok I was just looking down the field sieve our guide Brian Wilson is
ready for an interview as he’s trying to yes he told me he had talked to Thomas
Winslow it’s Shawn door so potentially because there will be an award handed
out the Tigers are on the way to the SCF a championship
this was also a bull game today quote-unquote to go along with a playoff
game and for those in the truck do we have a
final score that canyons Saddleback game but so then of course canyons well on
their way to a win over the Gauchos to blowouts setting up through the SCF a
championship RCC coming next week 11 and OH canyons at nine and two Brian Wilson
is ready on the sidelines he is caught up with some of the Tigers as RCC’s
victorious tonight 48 nothing coming out just the team was attacking it
differently you know we took the different schemes on us that we need to
get the hard yards first and then the touchdowns will come so I just want to
give thanks to the old line and just even just thanks to God for letting this
happen right now next we have a Shawn door so Shawn great night for the
defense intercepting five passes you let it with two was there an emphasis during
practice this week on turning the ball over or was the message this week in
practice we know we knew that they had some guys that can go so it was all
about guys back to you all right well during that interview just how a weird
that is Shawn door so was the listed MVP would he be your MVP he was phenomenal
he two interceptions and just was a playmaker on both ends just a superstar
tonight Tigers win it in all three phases Riverside is moving on to battle
college of the canyons in the SCF a championship next week there are the
Tigers victorious tonight they are 11 and oh craft one is 100th game as our CC
head coach for all the excellent folks that make all these games possible on
the truck all season long along with Brian Wilson of the sidelines and Jeff
Gorham next to me I’m going home and I’m watching some of the cartoons that you
guys love and so then our CC a winner tonight
48 to nothing Nick rice signing off this has been
another presentation of the Riverside TV game of the week

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