Combatting Seasonal Allergies – Tommy’s Story

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Ahh…seasonal allergies. They come and go throughout the year causing unwelcome symptoms such as a runny nose, itchy
throat, and watery eyes and while these symptoms can be frustrating for the
allergy sufferer the good news is that seasonal allergies don’t have to keep
people from doing what they love. Meet Tommy. Tommy is a ten year old boy who loves sports so much so that he plays them all: soccer, baseball, and hockey.
During and after games he was always dealing with a runny nose, this meant
more time on the bench blowing his nose and less time on the field. And one day
after a soccer game, Tommy, with his stuffy runny nose, went to his dad and
told him that his throat was scratchy too. Tommy’s dad suspected that his son
was suffering from seasonal allergies just like he did when he was a kid. He
knew his son needed to feel his best to play his best so he decided to talk to
Tommy’s healthcare provider about allergies and testing. Tommy’s healthcare provider ordered a blood test and the results revealed that Tommy is
sensitized to dust mites, mold AND grass pollen. You see up to 80% of
people are sensitized to more than one thing and for some people, like Tommy,
symptoms may only appear when they encounter two or more things that
they’re sensitized to .That’s why after being outside Tommy’s started having symptoms. Not because he’s allergic to dust mites but because he’s allergic to dust mites, mold, and grass pollen. Because when there are
multiple allergic triggers present those triggers can add up to the point where
symptoms start, In Tommy’s case his reactions to dust mites, mold, and grass
pollen combined caused a reaction above his symptom threshold – the point where
one starts experiencing allergy symptoms. Once it was determined what exactly
Tommy was allergic to his healthcare provider came up with a management plan to help Tommy stay below his symptom threshold. This involved reducing his
contact with the allergens that caused his symptoms. And no, Tommy didn’t have to avoid going outside to play sports but he did have
to follow some simple rules to help lessen the severity of his symptoms such
as covering his bedding with allergy proof covers for dust mites and taking a
nasal spray medication during key pollen seasons. With a plan in place Tommy was
back on the field with his game face on this time feeling so much better.

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