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I was very worried about
Antonio’s asthma situation. We had to go to the doctor,
the emergency room… In my experience
as a pediatrician having the visit of a
community health worker can really change
the course of a child’s life. (phone ringing) Hello? This is Sheyla Royster, the community
health worker? Yes? I am calling because
Dr. Sendel asked me to give you
a call concerning… (Voice over)
…your child’s asthma? (Voice over)
I’m calling to schedule… …an appointment
to come to your home and visit and see
what are the triggers that can be
causing the asthma. Is this confidential? The visit is
completely confidential. Well, I could do Tuesday
afternoon around 4. (Voice over)
Great! I’ll see you Tuesday (Voice over)
the 12th at 4pm. (Rings bell) (Voice over)
When a child is sick (Voice over)
it affects school, work, (Voice over)
career, life, family… (Voice over)
and children are the center (Voice over)
of family. Nice to meet you. Same here. Come in. Thank you. You’re welcome. (Voice Over)
On the day of the visit (Voice Over)
we’ll do a walkthrough (Voice Over)
through each room. (Voice Over)
I’ll check where the child (Voice Over)
sleeps for allergens. (Voice Over)
We’re just coming to make (Voice Over)
certain recommendations (Voice Over)
based on our experience of (Voice Over)
what the triggers are (Voice Over)
in your home. (Voice Over)
We come in the door (Voice Over)
and you might be doing (Voice Over)
all the right things (Voice Over)
but you have no control (Voice Over)
over the leaking ceiling (Voice Over)
in your bathroom, (Voice Over) the mold
under your kitchen sink. (Voice Over)
Those are things that (Voice Over) you don’t
correlate with asthma. (Voice Over) I’ll check
for cleaning products (Voice Over)
that can aggravate asthma (Voice Over)
and then I’ll suggest safe, (Voice Over) low-cost
alternative products. (Voice Over) And I’ll
show you and your child (Voice Over)
how to use the nebulizer (Voice Over)
and what to do (Voice Over)
in an emergency situation. (Voice Over) Then we’ll
schedule a follow up visit (Voice Over)
to make sure (Voice Over) you get
everything you need. (Voice Over) The benefit
of a community worker (Voice Over)
coming to visit you is… …your child will take
less trips to the hospital. You won’t spend time
in emergency rooms. You’ll be knowledgeable
about asthma. Antonio is feeling
much better. He’s sleeping
though the night. He’s not tired anymore and we have no more
emergency room visits. What I’ve seen
in my experience is I’ll have a family
with a kid who’s had multiple
ER visits and nothing has
really gotten better. But after the community
health worker comes to the house, people understand
the medicine better. They’re able to change
their environment to make it healthier. And that’s what makes
the difference for them making
them healthy.

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