Como activar ReLive en Ryzen APU’s en 2020 | Adrenalin 2020 Edition

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Hello guys how have you been? In this video I will show you how to activate Radeon Relive again in the new Adrenalin 2020 drivers on Ryzen APUs. As you may know, AMD has insisted on removing the option of recording with the Relive on these new drivers . And If there is a possibility that they will launch a drivers that already has Relive included. For the moment we need to activate it by our own ways. First of all, make you sure that you have instaled the driver package Adrenalin 19.2.1 As you can see, i’ve got a Ryzen 3 2200g and still have 19.2.1 drivers. And when i looking for updates, obviously the app will recommend me the latest drivers. So, we must get the latest drivers through Radeon Settings. I’ll install the package 20.1.2. Click on “quick installation” and the wait until installation finish. Then restart your PC. After that, back on windows and you will get the new drivers and the lastest user interface (UI). As you can see, we don’t have the “Streaming” tab. So How can we get Radeon Relive? Well, i got some news for you. I couldn’t find a method to active Relive on Adrenalin 2020 UI :(. So if you deduce, we’ll need to use the older UI to get back Relive. To do this, go to the link in the description. It will take you to a TechPowerUp’ post where explanied how to recover the older UI. Just click on “CCC_2020 back” and download the file. After that, open or unzip the file, choose the one you like. Click CCCback2020, then on CCCback.reg A warning message will appear, just click on Yes. Now, restart your PC again. Back on Windows, open Radeon Setting and you’ll notice that the older UI is back with all options able However, Windows will recognize that you got the latest AMD drivers c: Finally, we just to install Relive again with the older method Go to C drive. Go to AMD and chose Win10 19.2.1 folder It must to be that one, cause it doesn’t works with 19.2.2 ( at least in my case) Open it, go to Package, Drivers, Display, WT6_INF And select “B349181”. Then just press “C” and click on “CC2_install” Wait till installation finish Finally, go to Radeon Settings and enjoy Relive again 😉 That’s all guys. I hope it helped you. Don’t forget that this method it’s only able with the older UI. And don’t worry about incompatibilities. The games and programs will detect it as if you had not changed anything. I will make a DBZ Kakarot test with these new drivers to show that it works. If you found another method, let me know in the comments. Suscribe, share and like ;). See you.

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  1. Que drivers son mejores para la cuestion de rendimiento en los juegos? Es que yo solamente he usado los del 2019 y casi no he podido ver información al respecto de los del 2020.
    Buen video c:

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