Completing a Graded Oral Food Challenge at Allergy Associates of La Crosse

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When she was about 10 or 11 months old she had scrambled egg for the first time. She developed a rash around her mouth
and then she threw up but from then on her numbers and her blood always tested
high to egg and so we considered her egg allergic. We avoided egg for many, many
years until we started here at Allergy Associates in La Crosse and within the
first year of using the antigen therapy she was able to start baked
egg, eating baked egg, which was very exciting. Never before do you go to a
doctor and they say ‘hey eat more cupcakes and eat more brownies and all of the
baked goods’ which Samanatha was able to do for the first time. So after about a year
of baked goods then her numbers had come down enough and she was tolerating the
drops so well that were able to do an egg challenge today, which she rocked. For the
egg challenge today, every 20 minutes I would eat a certain weight amount of egg
and I ate it with ketchup and it had a very good flavoring to it
and I also had water with it and no other foods. I can eat waffles which
I love. I can eat cupcakes that my mom makes.
We can make brownies and I can eat them. We can make muffins and I can eat them.

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