4 thoughts on “COPD and Emphysema Medical Coding

  1. It is great to find out, why i am, as i am, for the first time ever, having COPD , i found this very informative .Thank you 

  2. Not to be rude….but dah….the majority of medical personal like this women, no offense, have no idea what they are speaking about and they will give you a PFT test, give no directions, the pulmonologist will yell at you yeah you the patient that the test can't be you…..been there 2 plus years later still dealing with a wrong diagnosis due to untrained personal giving tests in a hospital. WARNING BEFORE you take any of these test demand to see certifications, when the machine was maintained, etc. if things don't not seem right, the smallest gut reaction, DON'T DO IT………OR you be stuck with a diagnosis you don't have, especially if you have good insurance. But I still hope and pray and will raise my voice and give generously to entities that truly want a cure. Just because this woman talks loud….well….we all know that doesn't mean she knows anything, she codes for more $$$$$ that's it.

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