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>Is there anything you can do if you are
allergic to your pets or you suddenly develop an allergy to your pets?>Well I
mean the simplest thing obviously is to get rid of your pets —
okay that’s a No! — Especially cat lovers for some
reason more than dog lover. The you know the less exposure you have
the the less problem you have so if you can at least keep the animals out of
your bedroom that’s helpful, a lot of people don’t like that either, and you
kno. You can be treated with medicine to control the pet dander or
related inflammation it’s it’s not a totally logical thing to do but people
have choices and a lot of people choose to do that. So, you know, if it’s a
simple allergy and you take an antihistamine it’s probably not an issue
if it’s a more complex type of problem and you have to take steroid medication
to allow yourself to be around pets it’s a bigger question. The issue
with animals is actually not… it’s the dander from the animal, it’s the it’s
the cells that come off their body, from the saliva and from their skin. So you
can you can clean up a lot of that stuff but if you’ve got an animal in your
house and you are allergic to it you’re gonna have some exposure and you’re
gonna react to it.>Can you develop one as you get older.
— sure — go through life with no problem whatsoever with the pets in a little
sudden then one day the asthma strikes oh you haven’t asked you haven’t you
have an allergic reaction I should say.>You can. I mean most of allergies of
that and extreme are something that you have from when you were a child but
you know you can already develop it is the more you’re exposed the more your
immune system is going to react it’s going to get worse over time.

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