Coping With Food Allergies : Food Allergies: Child Information Letter

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I have an emergency action plan that I have
devised for my children. Because they do attend school, I have a daughter in elementary school,
and one in preschool, I have a plan for each of them, and this I had filled out with the
help of my doctor, a doctor’s signature is on it. I have a picture of my child on there,
as well as what to do if there’s any kind of an emergency situation dealing with their
food allergies. For example, if their mouth is itching and tingling, what should they
do? Should the teacher administer epinephrine or give them an antihistamine? It goes through
a list of many different allergic symptoms and it tells you exactly what to do in those
scenarios. You never know what is going to happen when you ingest something that you’re
allergic to. One time you could have hives on your face. The next time you ingest that
same food, it could be an anaphylactic reaction. So you always have to be prepared. On the
sheet, it also has important phone numbers, such as the doctor’s phone number, both parent’s
phone numbers, and the phone number of the hospital, and what’s extremely important,
is that it also demonstrates how to administer the epinephrine shot, if that is needed, and
it goes step by step what to do. It’s a very simple thing. It seems extremely intimidating
to have to give a shot to someone, but if it’s going to save their life, that’s obviously
the most important thing to do.

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