Corona Virus Comment protéger notre Système Immunitaire?

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Corona Virus How to protect our System
Immune? So this really concerns everyone
no one is immune; Our immune system is a great
machine! The immune system defends our body,
especially against external aggressions. Our immune system is a wonder
! When healthy, no infection cannot resist it, especially infections
winter like colds and flu. Our health in general depends closely
the proper functioning of our immune system. The latter is itself intimately linked to
the state of our physiological terrain, that is to say deficiencies, overloads, waste, toxins,
acidity of our physiological fluids (blood, lymph, cells). Coronavirus epidemic gains ground
worldwide: more than 92,000 cases confirmed – 204 in France – and more than 3,100 dead
are listed in this new video let’s start by seeing, what are
the symptoms of this disease because you know that when something re spreads like
the powder, then at the slightest little booze, we is panicked we immediately think we
is contaminated. Then we will see how strengthen our immune system so
to fight this virus to where it would approach of us because i repeat no one is
sheltered even if you stay in your room and you decide not to leave it, and
finally we will see some practical advice; so I wish you all
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at the top of the list in terms of the country that look the most. The main symptoms are fever
or feeling of fever and signs of breathing difficulties like cough or
breathlessness. , then you will have the choice between these alternatives
, first you can use garlic , lemon, ginger and honey, I don’t
no more remembering that garlic is a powerful anti viral, so every day
take garlic that you grate, ginger also that you grate and then you put
in water and you bring to a boil, once it’s ready strain and tighten
you drink, then add add a teaspoon of honey, followed by juice
half a lemon; leave some minutes then drink. repeat this every
as many days as you can, it doesn’t will never hurt, quite the contrary.
garlic and lemon ginger and honey will not only protect your system
immune but also keep you away from all viral infections like influenza,
cough, cold … Then the second option which its role
is to really strengthen the immune system is moringa powder, moringa bark
and moringa seeds, my love repetition is the mother of knowledge, I never stop
to say mornings is extraordinary is magic, it’s exceptional, if you
follow me regularly you will notice that I said in my previous videos
bearing on the morninga that he has the ability to strengthen, solidify, protect
our immune system against attack viral, just consume it about
half a coffee picker in water hot every day morning and evening as well
you will add years to your life, the only condition with the seeds is that it
do not consume it on an empty stomach, also always take a break after consuming for
about a week, give some seeds or morninga powder to your children that
whether in food directly in regards to the powder or then give them
manager seeds simply. As a third possibility, you can consume
every morning 1 tablespoon organic lemon juice
1 tablespoon virgin olive oil This remedy is also effective also when
gets up in the morning with a slightly mushy mouth or having a taste of acidity, in the case
insomnia, headache or poor digestion. 
Lemon is not recommended for people suffering from ulcers, digestive disorders,
kidney problems or allergy to citrus. In 4th possibility, you can also drink
lemon water every morning on an empty stomach, either by putting directly the juice of a
half a lemon in a cup of hot water, either by slicing a lemon that you
put in hot water and drink. In 5th possibility,
Drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day is important to maintain protective barriers
natural bodies. If the whole water alone is too boring for you you can
vary your daily intake with herbal teas and unsweetened teas or
diluted fruit or vegetable juice. So how do you avoid transmission?
Since there is no vaccine or effective drug against coronavirus, the best way
to protect oneself from it is the application of measures hygiene It is recommended to wash your hands
after coughing, sneezing, before and after preparing food, before
eating, after going to the bathroom, after having handled animals … Another reflex to
take when leaving the house: take antibacterial gel with you to disinfect
hands in the absence of soap and water. * Maintain a “social” distance: “From
as possible, observe a distance of security of one meter between oneself and a
person who coughs or sneezes. It is the distance which makes it possible not to be touched
by droplets from the nose or mouth likely to contain the virus “, the specialist
recommend to “turn your back on the person sick, so that the secretions have less
risk of touching the face. ” * Avoid touching your mouth, nose
and the eyes: nose, eyes and mouths are just as much possible “gateways” to the virus.
During an epidemic, it is preferable avoid touching your face as much as possible
with hands, potentially contaminated. * Practice good respiratory hygiene
: in doubt that we are ourselves virus carrier: cough and sneeze into
the crease of his elbow or in a handkerchief which will be immediately discarded, limits a potential
exposure of viruses to those around us. * Postpone non-essential trips
So after seeing some advice on how to avoid the transmission of this virus,
so let’s see some tips to strengthen our lifelong immune system.
In addition to strengthening your immune system with vitamins and minerals:
vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B6, you can also
avoid Chronic stress affects the system immune system as a whole. In situations
stressful, our body releases more hormones stress (adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol).
At the same time, the immune system creates more immune cells to protect us
diseases and infections. If our body cannot recover sufficiently after
a stress phase, this leads to tension organism, resulting in
a disproportionate increase in the rate stress hormones and a decrease in
number and activity of immune cells. Chronic stress therefore leads to a weakening
permanent of our immune system and greater sensitivity to pathogens. [1]
* Lack of exercise and overwork can weakening the immune system is
why a healthy balance between sport and relaxation is crucial for a system
strong immune system. While training moderate physique improves training and
activation of immune cells, lack of exercise limits functionality
of the immune system. [2] During overtraining and insufficient regeneration time,
the immune system is suppressed due a permanent release of hormones
stress, which increases the risk of infection. [3] * Lack of sleep (less than six hours
per night several nights in a row) favors release of stress hormones which,
in turn, weaken the immune system. * A lack of hydration means that
our mucous membranes are not protected by a hydro film and that pathogens
can penetrate more easily. In parallel, removing pollutants is not
sufficiently guaranteed. * Alcohol consumption leads to
deactivation of a significant part of the immune system for at least 24 hours. [4]
* Smoking weakens functioning of our immune system by reducing
the number of immune cells and antibodies in the blood. [5]
* Dry air dries the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, which facilitates entry
pathogens in the body. * Nutrient deficiency means that
our body is not adequately supplied in vitamins and minerals. The latter support
important processes of the immune system. * Consumption of 100 grams of sugar (approximately
the amount contained in a liter of soda or apple juice) can seriously affect
the ability of white blood cells to attack bacteria and viruses for five hours. [6] Here it was first of all for this
video we will come back to the theme, but in meanwhile tell me your opinions, do you
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