Coronavirus Epidemic Update 12: Unsupported Theories, Pneumonia, ACE2 & nCoV

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welcome to another MedCram coronavirus
update and before we begin I just wanted to reach out to a lot of new people that
are joining us because of these corona virus updates we’ve been doing videos
for about eight years and we do a no nonsense explain clearly approach to
medical issues so I just wanted to be aware that we also do videos on chronic
diseases like COPD heart failure ventilator management acid-base inhalers
things of that nature so check out the rest of our channel for those videos and
also come visit us at our website so getting back to the corona virus deaths
today 565 confirmed cases is 28,000 274 interestingly the recovered is 1178 and
we did say earlier in the week to look for these to go up because of the time
period that takes the longest to have a recovered case it doesn’t take a lot of
time at all to have a confirmed case takes a little bit more time to have a
death because it takes some time for the patient to decompensate but if they
don’t die and they recover it takes time for them to recover and finally for the
virus to be undetectable then you have these recovered patients and so whereas
at the beginning of last week or even toward the end of last week the
recovered were less than the deaths which was kind of concerning now the
recovered is more than double the deaths at this point so I wanted to also
address a lot of comments especially regarding this conspiracy idea where
numbers were released and then taken down and then put back up again with
with different numbers and let’s go over what those numbers were so the deaths that they had was twenty
four thousand five hundred and eighty nine and the number of total confirmed
cases was one hundred and fifty four thousand and twenty three now if you
look at this ratio which if we take the null hypothesis and say that this was
the correct number then what you’re looking at here is more like a sixteen
percent rate of deaths to confirm cases but let’s look at it objectively so if
we take this ratio and again it’s not a case fatality rate or a mortality rate
but let’s look at that number sixteen I mean if that were the case we could look
at the number of cases that we currently have outside of China this 16 percent
ratio whatever you want to call that ratio should stand regardless of whether
the patients are in China or outside of China and if in fact the Chinese are
covering up the numbers while the Chinese can’t cover up numbers that are
not in China right so we can look at Japan and based on the current infected
numbers they are now we should have up to about seven deaths and how many
deaths do we have in Japan zero if you look at Singapore if you look at the
number of cases that we haven’t Singapore and apply this ratio we should
have four deaths and how many deaths do we have in Singapore well the answer is
zero why is it so high in China but we’re not seeing that in Japan or
Singapore the other thing I wanted to address that’s come up recently is this
idea about a stew so what is this angiotensin-converting enzyme – well if
you look in the bronchi bronchioles tubes fairly low on down close to the
alveoli is a receptor on the type to nuuma sites called a stew and it’s this
protein deep down here in the airways when you get down to the very bottom
there is a protein and that is the target of the corona virus not only is
it the target of the corona virus which allows the virus to enter into the cells
it’s also the target of SARS back in 2002 and so there’s been a lot
of about this potentially because of its
similarity to SARS we could use the same type of vaccinations and treatments that
block SARS from trying to get into the respiratory epithelium we’ll talk more
about that later but the issue is is that there’s been again another
unpublished not peer-reviewed article that looks at a Stu expression with
respect to gender and race etc etc and what it found it was a very small study
it only had about eight subjects in it but what they found was that the Asian
sample had a huge amount of ACE 2 expressed whereas the African American
and Caucasian had relatively low ace 2 levels and their conclusion was
potentially that this could explain why there was such a huge outbreak in China
as opposed to other areas with different groups and so this has been making the
rounds on the comments and I wanted to address that first of all I think a
better reason why we’re seeing a huge outbreak in China is because it started
in China and that’s where it’s gonna be precipitating the most secondly any
study with an N of 8 has to be taken with a grain of salt so as it stands
there’s actually another study that we can look at that tells us far more
so in this other study which looked at the tissue of lung cancer patients but
obviously they were not looking at the cancer itself with the normal tissue in
the lung cancer patients when they did a multivariate analysis there was no
racial differences there was no gender differences in the expression of a stew
but what they did see a difference in statistically significant in this other
study that had an N of 224 patients was that those who smoked had an increase in
ace 2 distribution now you should know that’s in China on average 48 percent of
men smoked and only 1.9 percent of women smoke and
based on statistics that go back to 2017 and so this might explain some of the
gender differences in terms of those people hospitalized in China but we’ve
got two different studies we’ve got one study that shows enovate which seems to
be making the rounds on the Internet’s that Asians have a higher expression of
ACE – therefore more targets therefore more possible infections by the virus
whereas in another study 224 different samples there was no racial differences
no gender differences but they did notice an increase in ace – protein when
patients smoked or had a history of smoking in the tissue wanted to talk a
little bit about what goes on so here’s the corona virus and it’s got these
proteins on the outside of it and these proteins are called s proteins or spike
and they interact with the cell and specifically interact with a protein
called ace – and that is the receptor that allows internalization of the virus
now inside the virus is a very large RNA molecule that encodes for all of the
proteins that are needed for this virus and there’s the s protein
there’s membrane proteins there’s a whole bunch of other proteins so what
they’re looking at is potentially blocking this interaction so how could
you do that well you could get proteins like a stew that could bind this and
prevent that from binding you could also get proteins that look like the virus to
bind on here preventing that interaction you could also put that on an antibody
and if you were to put these soluble proteins here on the antibody that could
bind onto here and this antibody would then call in the immune system to try to
get rid of the virus so there’s a number of ways that this can be looked at and
the interesting thing is that this s protein and specifically this a stew is
exactly the same protein that was targeted with SARS
back in 2002 and so there’s a lot of work that’s already been done on a stew
in terms of trying to figure out a way of preventing a virus which targets it
from getting inside and so I’ve also included in the link to expert opinions
on the RNA sequence of the corona virus this thing here whereas before they were
talking that this is from snakes they’re saying that this looks actually very
similar to bats and the fact that it also targets the exact same protein that
the SARS virus did which was also from a bat and that this corona virus is
targeting human ace too and that’s why we’re having a problem they also note
that ace 2 is somewhere lower down in the respiratory epithelium and that’s
why we’re seeing more of a pneumonia rather than upper airway symptoms that
we would see with a flu for instance so does ace 2 exist more in Asians I would
say at this point the data seems to indicate the answer is no at least with
a better powered study but is it also possible that it might be related to
smoking well it’s possible that smoking may cause a change in the expression of
these proteins on the cell surface which may make you more susceptible to getting
corona virus infections I think more study needs to be done in that
department we’ll see you next time thanks for joining us

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  1. PLEASE NOTE: Regarding the Tencent "leak", thank you for the comments – we agree there are problems with comparing the ratio of infections and deaths in China with the data from other countries (including resource differences, the possibility of hospitals getting overwhelmed, etc. but please keep in mind that severe pneumonia or ARDS from viral infections have a significant mortality rate even with the best possible medical care). We are simply offering a question (not a claim) about why so-called leaked numbers for China would have a ratio (16%) that is well over 20 times higher than the current combined data of infections to death ratio for all other countries (0.7%). Thanks again for your thoughtful comments.

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  2. You make the wrong assumption that the mortality rate should be the same everywhere. The information that is arriving says that patients when critical need 5 litres of O2 per minute. If the health system is not overwhelmed that is feasable and the patient can survive, but if there are tenths or thousands of cases it would be impossible to have oxygen for all of them and thus many more will die.

  3. QUESTION: Something I have not heard addressed. In the case of Germany, and US cases. Where  carrier traveled from China, and in the US infected Wife, or in Germany infected business colleague who later infected more coworkers. Even being Asymptomatic, how can there not be more infections during their journey from China?

    the very least, they must take a car or taxi to the airport, check in,
    waiting area, Sitting next to people on the plan for 10s of hours.
    Touching hand rests, tables, food, and bathrooms. And in the German
    case, the carrier flew back?

    How is it possible for these
    infected travelers to not infect the person sitting beside them, in
    front or behind, in a plane for 10-20 hours? Seems odd, or not reported.

  4. QUESTION: Something I have not heard addressed. In the case of Germany, and US cases. Where  carrier traveled from China, and in the US infected Wife, or in Germany infected business colleague who later infected more coworkers. Even being Asymptomatic, how can there not be more infections during their journey from China?

    the very least, they must take a car or taxi to the airport, check in,
    waiting area, Sitting next to people on the plan for 10s of hours.
    Touching hand rests, tables, food, and bathrooms. And in the German
    case, the carrier flew back?

    How is it possible for these
    infected travelers to not infect the person sitting beside them, in
    front or behind, in a plane for 10-20 hours? Seems odd, or not reported.

  5. Interesting
    Would valsartan (ACE2 blocker) be useful to prevent viruses (spikes) from internalisation with the receptors?

  6. Are you familiar with the HLA-B27 gene? How would that interact with the corona virus?? Any chance you could make a short video about it?

  7. Fantastic information. The way you explain is great! I’d be a doctor if you were my teacher/ I had teachers like you!
    (Yes it’s the school system that deters me from many careers that require long schooling. Sue me)

  8. Hi dr, can u do a video on is wearing 3 ply mask effective in preventing coronar virus? What is d preventive measures suitable for people staying in highly nCoV affected areas vs countries which has relatively low incidence of coronar virus? People are crazy going out buying 3ply masks which cause shortage of supply in many countries. Does it really work? Thanks.

  9. Hello,

    Thank you for providing a detailed analysis from a medical perspective. I feel like I learned so much from the content explained here and now have a clear understanding of how the virus binds to ACE2 inhibitor. I appreciate the level of analysis and use of statistical analysis to identify differences. I appreciate learning how external factors such as tobacco can have a correlation with increased ACE2 receptors. I’ve also learned that the symptoms are different than the flu because of ACE2 ligand location. Thank you. I feel more confident knowing more about corona virus.

  10. The Influenza has already killed 10,000 in the US this season. 19 million affected. 180,000 hospitalized. What's the big fuss about this virus?

  11. I just think is a big coincidence that the first time hong kong revolution goes global against the gov., a new deadly virus is born,just a theory 😉

  12. Ace2 inhibitors ? Combinational antivirals? Mushrooms? What's being tested . Doctors loooove disregarding data , but they should be instructing data collection and offering a platform to share / analyze

  13. Dr James Lyons-Weiler says Vector technology found in the genome of the Corona Virus. That technology was patented in 1998

  14. To address your first point as to why other countries don't have that suspected death rate. It's likely because it can take 2 to 3 weeks for the virus to kill you from initial exposure. Therefore, if the cases in Japan and Singapore are more recent, we shouldn't expect people to be dying just yet.

  15. You aren't taking into account the lag time from diagnosis to death. The doctor who discovered the virus was in the hospital for 3 weeks+. The new virus was first reported Dec 31 and the first death in Wuhan happened Jan 17. Of course case numbers are going to rise faster than death numbers. Dr Li Wenliang went into the hospital Jan 12, wasn't included in the confirmed numbers until Feb 1, and died Feb 6. That's 3 1/2 weeks from hospitalization to death. And how many died before being confirmed? The first case outside of China wasn't confirmed until Jan 12.

  16. I saw a video, of a long line waiting medical attention in Wuhan, the medical system is collapsed, and that explains so many dead

  17. Thanks for posting this video. With the amount of wild theories running amok in the net and social media, your grounded videos are rational and sobering. Has there been a reported case of a child dying of nCoV? I find this very interesting esp. compared to the findings that 80 to 85% of reported fatalities are 60 years above.

  18. can the smoking related hightened ACE2 levels be triggered by air pollution instead of being specifically smoking related? Air quality can be really bad in some cites.

  19. QUERY – How do you explain "no gender difference" in the Guoshuai study when there's a huge gender difference in smoking rates? If only 1.9% of women smoke, one would expect a far higher rate of disease in men … at least proportional to differences in smoking rates?

  20. i think comparing death rates in other countries to say if china is telling the truth is not exactly a good indicator. those patients have been getting the best care that their countries have to offer with them having several doctor and with plenty of medicine the death rates would be much lower.

  21. The problem with your 16 percent theory outside of China is that your comparing 10 sick patients of a country which every single one of them is getting the upmost care, but in China it’s pretty hard to give 150k people the best care if any at all!

  22. You’re ignoring the fact that the healthcare system in China is not at the same standard as other countries. You’re also not looking at the we Chinese approach healthcare. Most Chinese people would rather think that they will be better in the future than worry about taking medicine. You’re also not taking into account that the original doctor that passed away that discovered the strain of virus was hushed and threatened by the local government to not spread this type of information. This would also imply that there’s a possibility other doctors treated patients in the beginning and they didn’t put in the effort to discover it was a particular virus that killed their patients. And if nobody logged those patients that died originally as having the virus then they wouldn’t be in the official list. So unless you spent time in China or discuss this with people that are not Chinese that have spent time in China, I was suggest you stop making assumptions that you cannot verify your facts with.

  23. Should I get the pneumonia vaccine to help prevent contracting pneumonia from ncov-19? (If it finds its way into the US, I want to be prepared for it just in case.)

  24. Hubei (includes Wuhan) 22 112 cases 619 deaths (1 deaths per 35 cases, 2.8%)
    Guangdong province 1,034 cases 1 deaths (1 death per 1 034 cases, 0.097%)
    Heilongjiang province 277 cases 3 deaths (1 death per 92 cases, 1%)
    Liaoning province 95 cases 0 deaths (1 death per infinite cases, 0%)
    Japan 86 cases 0 deaths (1 death per infinite cases, 0%)
    Inner Mongolia 50 cases 0 deaths (1 death per infinite cases, 0%)
    Qinghai province 18 cases 0 deaths (1 death per infinite cases, 0%)
    Thailand 25 cases 0 deaths (1 death per infinite cases, 0%)
    Tibet 1 cases 0 deaths (1 death per infinite cases, 0%)
    Cambodia 1 cases 0 deaths (1 death per infinite cases, 0%) ¹

    The higher the amount of cases, the longer the disease has run there (I guess), the more deaths per cases. You seem to suggest that the Chinese total numbers and death rate, should be reflected in those of foreign Nations, but this is obviously not true, is it. The death rate is low everywhere, where the disease came later. I guess this is because people need time to die, and (as has been suggested) the hospitals are not overwhelmed, and people are not welded in their houses to die from starvation, etc. You would have to take into account this drop in death rate outside of Hubei, to make your argument better. You have to quantify it better. It does not work qualitatively. Right ?

    If we hypothesize a 10 times higher death rate than reported, we would get 28% for Hubei, about 1% for Guangdong, and 10% for Heilongjiang, and 0% for all others listed above. If Japan like it is in Guangdong, at a 10 times higher than reported death rate (which makes that death rate 28% in Hubei), than Japan is still not due for one death. The data seems to be lacking to support your conclusions that 16% or even 28% can be dismissed out of hand. It would be more scientific to say that it seems to be unknown, the data is lacking, right ?

      ¹ As reported at time of writing on BNO website.

  25. I got a question and it's been bothering me for a while.
    Is there actually patient outside of east asian ethnic group who has actually caught the virus? all they mentioned in the news are their nationality but not race. If there isn't, actually it's a big information being left out.

  26. This virus is a type A virus which is sensitive to vitamin D levels in the body. Because the sun is low in the sky we are not producing vitamin D a hormone naturally during the winter and the bodies stores of it are now very low. Increase your vitamin D level using synthetic D. This doctor's report on old people is that when D is restored to high levels type A viruses have a hard time multiplying and making people very sick. For people over 60 take 10,000 IU two or three times a day for three days and for those under 60 a one time intake of 250,000 IU when coming down with it seems to resolve it in 36 hours. These doctors called it the vitamin D hammer therapy and have had very good responses from it from their patients.

  27. I'm baffled. I'm certainly not educated on this but I have found studies granted from some years ago "not recently" suggesting big difference across populations of ACE2. Also studies suggesting reduced ACE2 in person because of nicotine, also not recent.
    From my incredibly basic knowledge ACE2 actually is all over the human body with main organs being predominant and ACE2 actually helps in healthy heart.
    So what is the mechanism that upscales ACE2 with smoking?
    Why do older studies "unrelated with Coronavirus" say reduced ACE2?
    So many questions 🤔

  28. Outside of China few people are infected, caring for them in specialist facilities are much easier than coping with thousands of ill patients in overcrowded hospitals. The people, traveling are generally healthy adults, fit enough to travel, in China the very old and young and ill are present in the infected population. People traveling are generally more affluent and in China I would think people of a lower socioeconomic class living in overcrowded conditions with poor health care and possibly also in poor health and with poor nutrition will be much more likely to suffer complications from the virus. I do not think one can draw any valid conclusions by comparing the mortality rates from the two very different situations.

  29. Your supposition that the 165 number should stand does not account for the hospitals being swamped and no one knowing how to confirm it etc.

  30. Stop speculating your not good at it. Deaths in China could be higher because of the few beds and helpers compared to the the amount of people infected. It’s easier to treat 12 people rather then 20000. And your still not doing your math right you can’t take today dead and today’s infected. It’s today deaths to infected 7 to 14 days ago.

  31. Plus initial health of those infected will affect their survival rate, so if rural Chinese residents are in poorer health to begin with, as compared to other countries…..

  32. Oh boyyy….Good ole China loving YT has now put a link to WHO Coronavirus info under videos talking nCoV….ridiculous bc we ALL know what's next…

  33. This Virus is far worse then they are telling us 1 person can infect 14 people at one time and those 14 people each can infect 196 people do the math, this virus is a killing Machine

  34. Is China losing 15% of its GDP just for a simple flu? No, of course not, specially the Chinese who are all money crazy. Their most important economic cities are in lockdown, millions trapped in there, no spare parts for the global economy, NO! This is something much bigger than that and I personally find it hard to believe that any credible medical practitioner around the world would come to believe those silly Chinese figures as fact. They're obviously lying and have been lying from day one. Check out Harry Cheng's twitter, @IsChinar, some of the best information on the crisis.

  35. CONCLUSION: Smoking is bad!!! There is a warning on cigarette pack. More reason to quit smoking. (Ok lets go to e-smoking it is say to be very cool the usb cigarette! It is virtual and death are virtual number too!)

  36. Thank you so much. My comment is what I share for the ignorant cruel people and to just add some history to those want to know. From my knowledge learned from history it repeats. What is happening in China is exactly what happened in America during the 1918 bird flue/ influenza virus. The virus began in America, Kansas. The government was blamed for not taking action sooner. Wich resulted in a faster spread world wide. Dejavu an American dr. Reported flu symptoms cases to the public health association and it was ignored. He was also asked not to go public until they tried to learn more about the virus. This bird virus it killed about 50 million, infected 500 million. It was the worst pandemic in resent history. So educate dont point point fingers. 36,000 people die yearly here from the flue/phnumonia/influenza. 1milion yearly die from mosquitoes. Any an animal that is infected by a virus will infect a human. Including domestic Animals. About 275,000 people die yearly from dogs. Animals get it from other sources the viruses don't develop by itself in them. Any question can be answared or be understood for whatever reason by learning the history of the question in topic. Learning history of any subject will take you far away. Go to libraries, get books. And makes me see how people react inhumane in hard times instead fighting a problem that is here together and stop the discrimination. And out of luck of knowledge believe such can't never occur in their Countries and feel superior. History has proven that yes the worst pandemic occurred in America. Learning from Google and media is not enough for me. I ordered couple of scientific books about the the 1.5 million existing viruses that some will continue to emerge through out our lifetime. All i do is keep learning, help by not only donating, but emotional support. China is doing tremendous effort, despite their cover up about the Dr. That so sadly died I do have faith. People are recovering and that is a big step. The 1918 virus killed the healthiest. The vaccine for this flue influenza virus was created in 1930. The same one is used today for the yearly flue season. But sudly still a large number die even with flue shot. 36,000 a year is a large number. Putting the blaming aside China is doing tremendous effort. It's about humanity, it shows how fragile we are. There are 1.5 million viruses around. Some emerge others don't. For the rest of this generation excistans this is not going to be the last virus and it can happen in any continent. I would stop being cruel blaming China for eating bats, communism o so. The worst deasezes are caried by Cows, birds, pigs. Lets be human and help anyway possible. First say no to discrimination and cruel attacks towards Chinese people. And donate 2 dollars wich could be millions. By keep blaming will not fix nothing the virus is hear lets fighted. I do have faith it will be stopped like all the others ones did. Aids is a sadly deadly. But thanks to meds people can have a long good life. 35 million died. The first death was in America in 1982. How cruel we wore to our own people. Afraid to shake hands, blaming the gay community. And still discriminate today. Let humanity kicking.

  37. I think Chinese hospitals being overwhelmed vs other countries hospital systems that are not overwhelmed yet. Is why there are more deaths in china

  38. Penso que seria legal lavar e por de molho as mãos na água com sal ,ultilizar o sal para gargarrejos ,o soro fisiológico ou o mais indicado para fazer as limpeza das vias aéreas constantemente ,comer frutas o dia todo ,principalmente as antioxidantes ,observações ao suco de limão em doses certas ,não sei quanto as recomendações e não encontrei divulgadas sobre medicamentos que estejam surtindo efeito ,penso que seria uma ideias aos médicos ,a maioria ou quase nenhuma bactéria sobrevive ao sal ou não estou certo ?… Não sei quanto a irritações na garganta mas impediria com que outras bactérias se alojassem diante da infecção ,evitar o leite em excesso,por contribuir no acúmulo de mucosas em inflamações e secreções ,equilibrar os níveis de sal e açúcar no sangue ? Ou pra mais ou menos ,de certa forma nossa pressão sanguínea é controlada ,pelos níveis de açúcares e saia em nosso corpo ,então um pouco mais de sal seria uma opção para as células do corpo criar imunidade? Só são ideias a serem debatidas, o auxílio dos médicos e nessessário cada pessoa possue um quadro de saúde instável distinto ,tive uma gripe repentina na semana que saíram as notícias do corona vírus mas não tinha eu em mente a gravidade da infecção ,o que quero dizer o pensamento positivo é a base e a alternativa efetiva na recuperação do nosso ser ,o sono é uma etapa da vida que reflete o estar acordado ,o que aconteceu no dia poderá ser refletido no descanso ao dormir ,e entre sonhos e pesadelos,quando estamos acordado temos convivência plena e convicção para resolver ,dormido temos sonhos e pesadelos que não lembremos são justamente os minutos de maior stress do corpo ,que se não dormimos bem não nos recuperaremos de forma gradual ,o pensamento negativo tira minutos presiosos da recuperação ,manter a calma e seguir a paciência ,manter-se distraído , em repouso e segurança ,manter-se distraído satisfazendo as vontades alimentos hobbies passatempo ,não fique parado ,mas não se desgaste muito ,soar o corpo ajuda o mesmo expulsar as toxinas ruins que estão fazendo mal

  39. Heard the doctor who discovered the current coronavirus and told other doctors about it recently passed away.

    Please pray for his pregnant wife who has survived him

  40. It's obvious why there are more deaths in China, overcrowded and terribly poor hygiene standards all clustered together.

  41. One possible reason for China to have a ~16% fatality rate is that they have exceeded their ICU capacity. The severe complication rate is around 20% so if you don’t have enough oxygen, ventilators, etc. to handle the severe complications, your fatality rate will approach the severe complication rate.

  42. I can't believe this guy missed the point that genetics plays in susceptibility to viruses and even responses to medication. Does he even know why red headed people might need more anesthesia?

    The mortality rate of Asian people may be different than Caucasian people and then there is the issue of small sample size bias. If only for people are infected in a county, it is possible all four could be young and healthy, with no ore existing heart conditions or diabetes, etc. It becomes extremely unlikely a sample size or 150k would not have many people with confounding issues or genetic susceptibility.

  43. On the number of cases and deaths reported then taken down. Isn't it true that if you don't have adequate supportive care their will be More deaths? China is locking people into their homes with the virus, their hospitals are full and they have turned people away from care, so, those numbers could actually be accurate given the fact that many patients aren't getting the Intensive care needed to recover. In 1979 china implemented a one child policy, if the child born wasn't a boy they were killed, that's just a fact. China is over crowded, the elderly and infirm are larger or on pace with the youth. Their economy has been tanking and the tariffs Trump imposed has all but wiped out their strong standing. They are communists! Killing their own is what they do!! I wouldn't disregard this information out of hand given the countries past history and current situation. Your numbers only work in class rooms and civilized societies, China is neither.

  44. 257,000 infected
    6300 dead.
    it will be double by Feb 12th.
    You dont build a hospital in 6 days for 400 dead.
    The Chinese Government and WHO is lying about the numbers.

  45. Very interesting, Wuhan virus is a 80% match to Sars aka… Bat Cov 2013 i verified this by checking it on the Blast P site.
    It's basically a modified variant of it of course 20% is a big enough difference to say its not sars. However it still must retain some similarity.

  46. Come on! Chinese witnesses afirm many bodies (corpses) are quickly cremated without get into the account. Nobody can achieve a rate of fatalities except to speculate and bump it up in order to be closer to the reality

  47. Chinese Lawyer and journalist Chen Qiushi was arrested on February sixth.
    He disappeared and missing contact for more than 24 hours.
    According to recent news, he was arrested by the police for quarantine. However, Chen's mom said Chen doesn't have any health problems.
    Chen's situation makes people feel worrying about his safety.
    THANK YOU❤️💔

  48. 7 cases in Japan with zero deaths, and 4 cases in Singapore with zero deaths, does not disprove the possibility that the 16% deaths/cases ratio in China is accurate, because the low N of cases for Japan and Singapore lacks statistical power. The confidence intervals would be very wide.

  49. Potential causes of the high mortality rate:
    1. Severe air pollution
    2. High smoking male population
    3. High population density
    4. Low quality of health system for general population (high quality services are only for top ranked CCP members)
    5. Lime understanding of a (weaponized) new virus
    6. Totalitarian political system – local governments and civilian experts or organizations have no decision power
    7. Limited social structure and experience in handling an epidemic
    8. No free press consequently very limited basic hygiene education

  50. Is the novel coronavirus' outer protein coat identical to a PLA bioweapon on registry: Bat-SARS-Like coronavirus was issued Reference ID: AVP 70833.1 by the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the U.S. Library of Medicine.?

    Does it have 2 AIDS virus genes in it?: the HIV-1 gp120 spike gene and Gag in it and were those genes were inserted by a commercially available gene insertion tool called ******, available for $75 from *******. How do would we know? Because the **** that did this used a vector that leaves an **** trace in the genome, so we can all credit ***** for its use!

  51. You are deal wrong about 16% worldwide: in china, there are shortages of testing amino acids, so many infected patients are NOT detected until very sick.

  52. Surely china is being honest, and its surely a low number of infected and deaths. Thats why theres been videos of people being forcefully detained, kidnapped, and prosecuted rotfl.

    Compare japans infastructure with chinas, those infected age, and weakness. Dont forget china lying about the hospital being built lol on twitter, a picture from alibabaexpress was taken down after telling everyone it was a hospital.

    China also kept this quiet for months, and a conspiracy theory circulated by zerohedge (most of the details confirmed true by Canada's government) got zerohedge banned from twitter. Oddly enough western nations praise chinas "quick action" only for a week later to have near global outbreaks lol. This entire thing is a shitshow.

    Chinas air quality vs smoking Lmfao

    We know the media in the west is lying, and china is lying a buttload. The west will probably be ok, but something should be done.

  53. I agree with the comment of Jammer Mann that when patients requiring ICU care are in excess of the number of ICU beds, this is will seriously impair care. HOWEVER, when Dr. Seheult compares death rates in China and Japan, one has to take into consideration that the vast majority of the cases counted as "in Japan" are on the Diamond Princess cruise ship. Having been on a cruise ship and checked out the medical facilities before, I can tell you that that ship has maybe 2 mechanical ventilators at most, if any. The point is, the 60+ cases on that ship could easily overwhelm its medical facilities. Yet, there are no deaths on the ship as yet. I think the difference in death rates inside and outside China is strange and difficult to explain. Perhaps, if the Chinese government can be transparent, there will be an explanation after the pandemic is over. I suspect it has to do with general health, nutrition, pollution, etc status in China.

  54. 3:20 THANK YOU!

    3 of 7 human corona virus strains are associated with human ACE 2 Receptor but its "level" & or the human coronavirus group of diseases are not race specific as claimed , & unless you are shown a peer review specific study that overtly prove otherwise

  55. I wouldnt trust the WHO to run a 2 car funeral nor would i trust the Chinese government numbers and neither should anyone else

  56. Why would ARBs not help…seems to me blocking the ACE 2 receptors would at least minimize severity not to mention mitigating the cytokine storm by decreasing ACE

  57. The problem with comparing numbers in Japan or Singapore is that their cases are much more recent. It takes about five weeks from transmission to eventual death. One week to get symptoms, another week to turn up at a hospital , 1 week monitoring, 1 week deterioration and final week death. This is based on the experience of a doctor in Wuhan who gave an interview to Caijing about the 138 cases he had monitored in intensive care. The point being the death rate could go up for existing cases in Singapore and Japan too.

  58. The chance of mutation, perhaps next year with time is not so remote. lets hope that mutation will only make it more flu like.

  59. these case numbers are bogus as they follow a known formulae and are out of China … the Death rate will be 4x at least as the CCP will always cover up the truth

  60. Thank you very much for the MedCram team for this very informative series of Coronavirus. I strongly agree that knowledge is power and having everyone well educated about the virus, it would help this outspread to slow down. I have a question: In the global shortage of Mask, if this 2019-nCov lives only 3-12 hours, in theory, can i use mask 1 on Day 1, mask 2 on day 2. then on Day 3, i use Mask 1 again? assume it has been over 12 hours, if any virus land on the green/blue service would have been dead? thoughts?

  61. Unfortunately none of the vaccines for SARS have been without severe problems and they have too much variability. One outcome seems to trigger the very damaging process in the lungs that needs to be avoided.
    If the same happens with this virus then a viable vaccine looks a long way off, if ever.

  62. All of these so-called epidemics possible pandemics sre mythical at best? It's been proven over and over and over again that the pharmaceutical companies pay organizations to push the fear. Swine flu, bird flu, West Nile etc… We're all touted as massive killers looming pandemics. It's all a bunch of gobshite. Fear makes it easier for people to be controlled.

    It's been less than 41,000 cases of the Coronavirus. With 910 people dead from it. Of the 7.7 billion people on this planet that equates to 0.0000118 of the global population. End of the 1.4 billion people in China this equates to 0.0000650 of the population.

    So in a nutshell This is virtually non-existent.

    When they do things like this. Is used to control economies and make money for pharmaceutical companies. You have to look at what's going to happen. To the trade in China because of this their economies going to take a hit. And on top of that globally they can step in now and control travel. More so than what they already do. I'm sure someone's going to sit there and say I'm some kind of crackpot conspiracist but I am the farthest thing away from that. I'm just a realist.

    Not a single one of these epidemic pandemic have ever reached any remote level of what they claimed it would be. Just go back and do a little bit of research and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Everything that I've stated happened with those for lack of better words false claims.

  63. those numbers are significantly less than reality. Do you honestly think 200+M people would be under quarantine if only 565 ppl had died. The real numbers are likely 10x those figures.

  64. This gives me hope.. but at the same time I have no access to those medications becuase you need a recipe for it smh

  65. This racial difference discussion is irrelevant, what is more important is: Can ace inhibitors be used profhylactic or not

  66. People are not as likely to die in other countries because they have the facilities and are getting the best care possible and are being put on ventilator machines , china does not have that many ventilator machines

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