68 thoughts on “Coronavirus: how to spot the symptoms

  1. I have to say your chart is wrong. All of those symptoms are part of Covid-19 . You forgot severe diarrhea. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Fever causes aching. Corona patients reported aches, sore throat, etc. There is no easy way to tell. This is dangerous misinfo.

  3. If you can get an O2 finger sensor, if your O2 says drop below 95 then that is a key indicator that you need to go to the hospital.

  4. This is why US is not getting the test numbers coreect; they continue telling people to stay home unless you get serious symptoms ti get tested, which may be too late!

  5. Corona virus: symptoms show 2-14 days after exposure…. oh great a easy way to tell if your infected. This has shown me how stupid we are as a nation

  6. Before the Coronavirus came to the usa, I was in the hospital with pneumonia. I was sepsis and almost died. I had a dry cough and everything they listed. I was tested negative for the flu. I was in the hospital for 4 days

  7. I am sick, i will go to hospital in a hour. I hope it is just a normal flu not corona… even though in our city we have 5 cases + 3 schools are shot down. Yet i didn't had fever, but lots of coughing, nose hurts, throat hurts as well… I hope its oke

  8. this is confusing af. everyones corona symptoms are so diffrent and unqiue. 😩😩 would a headache and ear pain be corona symptoms?

  9. I haven't had a cold or virus in over 25 years… Also immunity to most poisonous plant life 👍
    Germs are spread by people… I'm a solitary creature of Nature so thats not an issue… I do immediately wash my hands with antibacterial soap after having to resupply in towns.
    Stay healthy & happy folks ❤✌
    PS… "Not a bird falls from the sky but by the will of God"

  10. I have sore throat and some fever but i didnt experience any shortness of breath and aches in my body. What should i know if i affected by this covid-19?

  11. Wait wtf? So if you feel you might have symptoms of coronavirus you should stay away from the doc's until its super severe? Nah now i know this is man made and a way of global control

  12. They really need to find a cure for this virus. Idk if summer 2020 will even be a motive now like I need to go to parties and have fun like seriously. Plus my university is closed cuz of this stupid virus 🙄😭😭😭

  13. Man in quarantine in China explained COVID-19 stating it comes in stages: Cold with recovery followed by Flu with recovery and lastly Pneumonia with recovery.

  14. 4 women this could be coming on your period lol fever saw joints felling tried that’s how u feel starting ur period so how can us ladies tell lil

  15. I really do believe I have it. I’m so ducking scared. Never have I had difficulty breathing when being sick. Atm I’m staying home. Hopefully symptoms get better tomorrow.

  16. Sore throat is not a symptom but if you have coronavirus gargle salt water to soothe your sore throat……………….

  17. In my opinion since they can't come up with a real symptoms for the corona virus I believe is fake. They are brainwashing us.

  18. So if you think you have it don't go get checked, unless your dying. So by then you will have spread it to everyone. Population Control at its best.

  19. I am a nurse and I have been listening to reputable sources for information about Covid-19 – doctor’s, nurses, epidemiologists, and people who had it and tested positive for it- for two months now and I can say that your chart’s not an accurate representation. The biggest probable indicators of infection by this virus is weakness and fatigue, high fever, body aches, shaking chills, cough, shortness of breath and low SpO2 (pulse oximetry). But other symptoms have also been prevalent such as loose stools, mild sore throats, runny nose. The symptoms and the severity vary depending on your age group, your other chronic health issues and whether you have the L strain or the S strain. L is much more severe with higher mortality rate. The severity rate goes Up exponentially after age 40. Kids under 20 seem so have very mild symptoms and almost no deaths in children the world over.

  20. I woke up with a runny nose and slightly sore throat and I panicked 😭 I checked my temperature but it’s normal. Maybe I’m just imagining it. But again I do sleep with a very powerful fan in my room that blows in my face and I am a mouth breather.

  21. I got soar throat cough and im hell of congeated. Day 1 of being sick. Hope its just a cold an that it doesnt get worse tomorrow. I quit smoking 2 weeks ago and I heard that could cause a cold but not sure. Hope im all good lol

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