Could you be allergic to your car? See this patient’s story

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I’ve known Dr. Wilson for about 20 years now. I came into him after going through a time
period where I had lost my appetite and I went to the doctors and they couldn’t quite
figure out what exactly was going on with me. At some point I was having some back pain
so I did get a recommendation to go see a chiropractor, which wasn’t Dr. Wilson at the
time. Saw that person for several months and they
decided to recommend me to Dr. Wilson! So walking into his office, we went through
a bunch of questions, he did some allergy testing, and what had come up at some point
was “formaldehyde.” And I wasn’t quite sure why or how that was,
but when we figured out what the issue was, he said, check around, see what was new in
my environment. And come to figure out, it was my car that
was causing the problem. The patient had just bought a brand new Ford
Taurus, right before her symptoms started. Formaldehyde can be found in the inner lining
of many cars, including this model of Ford. Most doctors don’t even know to screen for
formaldehyde, but Dr. Wilson did! He treated me for the allergy and ever since
then, I’ve felt fantastic. My symptoms have gone away and I’ve regained
my appetite, no more back pain, so it was a very positive experience. I really, I wasn’t eating. I was losing weight substantially and the
doctors, you know… I went and saw a GI specialist and they did
an endoscopy and they couldn’t find anything wrong. And they said well, let’s just put you on
medication and see if that helps, and if not come back we’ll put you on more medication. So they were looking at the symptoms and they
weren’t trying to figure out what the issue or the cause was. I didn’t think something like that would cause
an allergy or it would come out that way. I had no allergies that I could remember before
this. But at that point I was so in pain and miserable
I was trying to figure out what was going on and I wasn’t getting answers and so it
was, just, I have to try something different. Q: How quickly did you see results after working
with Dr. Wilson? Within days. Within days, yeah. Q: How is Dr. Wilson as a doctor to you? Fantastic. He is reliable, caring, if I need him for
anything he’s always there. I’ve recommended him just so many people and
they’ve had great results with him. I can’t speak any more highly of him. He’s just, he’s fantastic.

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