Council Tax Reduction Notice

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Hello. Welcome to a quick overview of your
Council Tax Reduction notice. You will receive a letter in March of each year telling you how much Council Tax Reduction
you will get from April. We may also write you at other times
if your circumstances change. This letter does not tell you
how much Council Tax you have to pay. It tells you how much financial help
we will give you to reduce your bill. In the summary box near the top of your letter the reduction period amount shows you
how much money will be taken off your bill. The amount you have to pay is shown on
your Council Tax bill, which is a separate letter. If you want to know how we work out
your Council Tax Reduction this is shown in the bottom half of the
letter. The Bradford Council website includes
more information about Council Tax and Council Tax Reduction. Visit If you have any comments about this video,
you can give us your feedback via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or our website.

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