Couples play TRUTH Or DRINK||Darjeeling prankster

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who loves more so easy definitely I love my name is Shubham rai and i am swikriti so unfortunately fortunately we both are in a relationship
so ladies first please do the honour you commit you could say whatever I say
ah you take asthma 2017 idiot with all her 17 yeah I mean it has my
new you go lucky creepy about this yeah I’m totally I’m ro do that I play or do
the nasty mutual friends and call material success or out with a unanimity
party Miranda Pollock to New York Allah give much every bit native attitude is
debatable how did you two knew you fell in love we’re falling in love buddy we
just need to get by Apple slowly and steady who was the one to approach and
how haha I still too honey just a normal man cherry Oprah scores in this tobacco
and I’m Rocky we just met enough and we just had a
think our way to be thicker we just had a thing enough you connected Anna
analytical operates backside just good reaction tide is running when
I look at the Luxor gap the rabbit is D good boy yeah I mean Peter I know we got
connected enough yeah it was uncertain was there a time you wanted to get
separated or head to UM ever a time to enough tell you whether look at these
hours on the low point K jessebella say I was not stable Anthony emotionally
stable I was not emotionally stable so during
that time Anna how many of our relations again it’s good to tango foundation
method Bilderberg yeah they are you can G trust ina made over Anna trust a solid
foundation the Tamara will pass math one Cuban dowry to you magically Boris
Athena definitely I love all of your nervous we do a rank what is it no more egg man if you had to choose right now leaving
mortgage what is the thing I do most anybody you
would eat would you stay if I wanted a polygamous already it means what will
you do if you caught me watching porn it’s normal yeah it’s normal it’s normal three words that defines me ah stubborn
sometimes irritating
and I was cheating on me on my looks what are you liking me just don’t like none of the games here
again very good me no likey fulfilled perfect radition
mi better lover than your ex I don’t know what that is I don’t know what is I
don’t know I don’t know means I don’t know
yes you are would you fix your past relation if you had a chance yeah no
passes pass we say hey why should you hula to moon then again hora Mantic am i
from and some of romance would you still date me
I got homeless know through me honest enough to be honest
Abu I hope we’ll be together there are we can see we can see in our relation
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  1. Esto shows ajhai awos keep it up guys and about the couple you guys are very realistic enjoyed every take & shots

  2. Wow superb.. content is awesome… Hope it see more such interesting videos .. #SupportToDarjeelingPranksters. 💐

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