Curing Impotence with Endangered Frog Juice

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51 thoughts on “Curing Impotence with Endangered Frog Juice

  1. ProlargentSize is wonderful. It helped me gain lean mass, it also allowed me the ability to last longer with my girlfriend. That is something that I have been looking for a while, the ability to increase my stamina so that I can go head-to-head (lol) with my girlfriend.

  2. those frogs are so adorable and cute! It makes me so mad the way these people think >:( leave endangered animals alone!!

  3. The use of these frogs by peruvians is a product of Ignorance. But Maca and Honey, they both are good for reproduction and enhance the sexual desire.

  4. I'm confused did we not all complete natural science, take one ingredient out of the drink and keep doing that until you figure out what is the healthy ingredient……

  5. Fuck that evil lady. She is a con artist. She knows this has no benefit. Just another snakes oils pitch. But the frogs are the ones who suffer.

  6. Stop this slaughter you barbaric ignorant practice, do 200 pelvic floor lifts and get on with something practical and healing. Making death and pain you deserve death and pain!

  7. wow. I whole heartedly disagree with all of these comments that are calling these people/ their culture 'uneducated' or worse. The arrogance of americans – the people of Peru are not responsible for pushing the planet past the Rubicon of climate change. No, the educated smarter culture did that.

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