Cystic Fibrosis My Way: Therapy Vest and Huff Cough with John

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>>My name is John Palmer and this is Cystic
Fibrosis my way. ♪♪ I’m 15 years old and have been treated for
CF at Children’s Hospital for as long as I can remember. But it doesn’t get in my way. I just make it a part of my day. When I grow up I wanna play basketball for
the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s an exciting team. Maybe play with Kyrie Irving, he’s number
2 on the team. If I wanna play basketball professionally,
I need to make sure I do my therapy, my nebulizer and my huff coughs every day. Two times a day when I’m healthy and up to
four times a day when I’m sick. First I take two puffs of the inhaler — this
opens up my airway. Then I hook the machine up. I put the vest on the clamp and then I buckle
it. Now I make sure the holes are inside the vest. After that you have to put your tubes in. Then I put the medicine in the nebulizer. Next I turn the nebulizer and vest on for
twenty minutes. My pressure is 7 and my frequency is 11. That’s how fast it goes but every kid has
a different setting. Just make sure you know what your doctor told
you to do. Sometimes the treatment takes longer if there’s
more medicine to do. After ten minutes, I do my huff coughs. When I’m wearing the vests, I get to play
with my computer, play with my phone or I do anything I want for the time being; till
my vest is done. After ten more minutes, I have to do another
huff cough. After I’m done, I take my Flovent and my nasal
spray. ♪♪ If any mucus comes up, then I spit it out
and then I’m done. Then I get to have fun and play ball. ♪♪

3 thoughts on “Cystic Fibrosis My Way: Therapy Vest and Huff Cough with John

  1. I used to have an inhaler, took 2 pumps and wore a vest. I forget what my frequency is but i hade to do MOST of this. Me too have Cyctic fibrosis, but mine is not as bad as normal^^

  2. Dear sir/ madam,
    could please advice about how can I get the following instruments ( the vest & it’s air compressor ) which is showing in this video

    the instruments will be used at home for one of my family member who has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis long time ago

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