Czeching 2017: HRTL

By Adem Lewis / in , , /

This whole thing started in 1995 when Dieter Doepfer ordered pallet of sheet metal and said: “This will be a Eurorack and this here a modular,” and then went created the first modules. In the beginning, it was just him. Today there are about 300 brands, maybe more. I’m a part of a scene that I also strive to co-create, build, a scene of modularists. A few years back there was no such thing. Our scene grew out of something tiny, enthusiastic, and we’re still trying to find our own names. It’s really exciting to be a part of the birth of such a thing. I think it’s great to immediately aim everything abroad and to use all the instruments that we have at our disposal today, to get a chance to send your voice out into the whole world via the internet and social networks. It’s a huge advantage and I think we should exploit it to the maximum.

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