Dad describes moment son died from allergic reaction to fish smell

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summers camera camera jean-pierre jean-pierre if you want to call them eleven years old he’s from Brooklyn but we we’ve been living in Piscataway for the last two years you know go to Scotland middle school maybe Scot away he’s been a sixth grade familiar my son was a leader ambitious especially spoken for my : swag nerd gotta be able to you know mix when you gotta be school smarts and you have to yeah when I say street smarts not street smart but you have to be people person so we call this Wagner but my song is loved by everybody anytime when somebody came across my Sunday lovely and I’m just devastated by the situation right now like just happening so sudden we was just visiting my mom’s for the holidays and stuff we go in there and he just caught an asthma attack and I try to you know gave him the nebulizer the machine that usually takes something like this happen so it was like a normal situation but for some reason like he said it wasn’t giving him enough air at the time well at first he did get enough air he was I mean like it’s I was raised gum was pacing and then I first and at that he um he said he was okay so he was feeling hot so I took off his jacket you know trying to make him you know cooling down put a little wet call for him he was good they came back and said daddy no I don’t feel it I don’t feel it that’s when I called everybody said cold ambulance but like I said before that it was normal like it was a noble situation and he was just talking to him talking to him like just keep talking I mean I just don’t know just lost right now you know he had asthma like we know we never keep Cameron around like you know you know what we learn to let you peanuts official never take that but like I said we just walked into the house and my heart was actually just making fish but it ain’t any other time except in wait like that we just bring him upstairs and move away from you know you don’t keep him around that area well he just came he just like I said it felt like was just normal Tucker we’d give him the Machine then he just feels better I was just giving machine angry’s gonna come right back to the Jersey come home he got school the next day he was happy about to go to school you know kids um after Christmas they they want to see their friends they got their sneakers they got their clothes my son was like to go back to school way to talk to his friends and my son even get to make it to sit he just got some new Jordans he was raised the Conchords easy he was ready to just come in live life with his friends and then he get to make it I’m like I’m sure I did not expect the stuff I just want to wave wave awareness for this I don’t know I figure out what I’m gonna do for him since I to do this cuz it just happened like camp just never happened to me we’ve never been this drastic from this point like I thought it just wasn’t doable situation if I knew I’m hard to hit myself right now because even when I told you when he he calmed down cuz he was you know anytime you panic you gotta calm down I told him relax he was good if I knew I would’ve just called amla’s from done it was just a normal situation but that second time when he came and told me daddy I can’t that’s when I was like alright called an birds please call he’s just talking to me I told you his last words I’ll never forget that so I don’t know what to do I don’t know how to think I keep telling everybody Cameron didn’t need me I needed him that was my backbone if anybody knows me knows that cameras my back boy you you see me you see Cameron right next to me that’s the first person you miss Cameron he saw I’m always with my son that’s my son I loved him I loved him and all these people that came to see him I’m thankful for that like that’s why I said he didn’t need me he could I could have been doing gloves and he has so much people to love him and take care of him for me but now I need him you know hey time I go to something I call myself like Papa are you doing I caught myself papi my father died and I was a kid so I called my son papi because I’m Haitian so I now Richard come father said dad we say Papa taught me that so I call my son papi that’s why I call him papi every death Papa he knows I love him cuz I’ll be dead get off the phone say papi I love you I love you daddy I love you too and I kind of faded a little bit trying to give him CPR I gave it to him you jumped up I was next to my brother he gave you jumped I was like a spy for you guys just to keep talking to her I wish I knew I was supposed to keep doing it until the ambulance came but I knew I do CPR I woke him he jumped off well I didn’t know I had to keep doing if I knew he had to keep doing I would’ve kept okay I was just he was late that I set him up just to keep him just you know cuz he was laying down once this thing I’m talking to a cop Bobby stay up coming they cut me come no it’s my precious that was my everything if anybody knows me no that was my every it’s my world that’s all I had one my one son let me use though he died too soon I still don’t believe it I’m still talking like this and I don’t believe it people come to my house I’m like I feel confused everybody come we see Cameron

93 thoughts on “Dad describes moment son died from allergic reaction to fish smell

  1. Oh no. I thought it was just a coincidence that sometimes when I would cook things that my daughter was allergic to she would start coughing and sneezing even though she's not eating it. I didn't know smells could set off a reaction too. Wow! I'm so sorry for this dad he lost his baby and best friend. His sons unfortunate passing will bring awareness of this issue. R.I.P. baby boy
    Stay strong my Haitian brother.

  2. Rest In Peace Cameron I knew you from 1st grade to 4th until you moved we all miss you even neveah we all miss you and love you hope you rest in the most beautiful place heaven rest peacefully and safely and watch over all of us and your family I know you would want all of us to be happy anytime I would see you in the hallway u would always be smiling never crying R.I.P angel

  3. Cameron was one of my good friends in 3rd grade. He would always help me when I was bullied. He would always stand up to bullies. Rest in peace King Cameron

  4. Omg I cried so much this father is deeply hurting forever so sad his baby boy was his life . God bless him my condolences to this dad and his family I am so sorry.

  5. I will pray for your family . I cannot imagine this . But i always stated this very thing since the smell effects me as well . But I was told you can't die from the smell . I wish this didn't happen because you're good person and a great father . I wish you well

  6. This is so sad. My condolences, my heart goes out to the father. I can’t imagine what you are going through right now. May you Rest In Peace Cameron!

  7. I didnt really know him well but I've seen him around in school. this breaks my heart 😭💔 RIP Camron 🕊💙

  8. Rest n peace Cameron you are my best firiend ever since I met you in 4 th grade just know everybody misses yo pu in Piscataway

  9. My most sincerest condolences to you dad & your family. My heart aches for all of you. This is the kind of pain & despair no parent should experience. Your papi will still be with you, but now as your guardian angel. RIP Cameron 👼🏾

  10. Cammy was my best friend. I knew him ever since second grade. I just have no words I'm heartbroken too. All my condolences to his family, friends, and dad

  11. Ahh that breaks my heart… I felt the smallest sliver of what the father must be feeling while watching this. RIP Cameron.

  12. I didn’t know you. You were in my switch class. My friend described you as annoying. But you were young. You were wild. And you had an entire life in front of you. You did not deserve to die at eleven. I hope you’re in a better place.

  13. It’s not your fault dad . You keep trying to blame yourself. You tried.& that’s all you could do in that moment. So so sorry

  14. Rest in peace cameron, I knew you since 4th grade when you moved to pway. Rest well we will never forget your kindness. 😥

  15. I met Cameron in 5th grade when he came to my school. I glad we got to be friends. I miss him, he was one of the people I could talk to.

  16. Rip great great great cousin 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  17. I hope his dad doesn't blame himself. My condolesences to his family. His dad is breaking my heart. If anyone knows this man, please give him as much emotional support as possible.

  18. Wow, Lord please be with this man. I couldn't imagine the pain he is feeling right now. This is terrible. I have the same allergies his son did with peanuts and fish. As a child I couldn't be around fish while it was cooking because it would be a full-time job just to get a little air. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I hate that kid had to pass away like that. He seemed like an extraordinary young man…… I pray that one day that father can find peace.

  19. All these little kids in the comments made me cry smh. RIP Cameron, hope you're in heaven and condolences to your family.

  20. The only thing I can say is that my son has asthma, and I am now going to keep his epi pen current and nearby at all times. So Cameron's death has helped educate other parents. He lives on that way, I guess. I'm very sorry. I will always think of him because of this.

  21. Condolences to you and your family. I share this allergy, and too many people don't take this serious. Thanks for making others aware. Prayers for your family. May God give you comfort. 🙏💕

  22. R.i.p. Cameron it was so nice knowing you in and out of school. You were such an amazing friend and student. I’m sorry this had to happen so soon. But r.i.p. swag nerd

  23. I’m also really allergic to fish. I cant eat or smell it. One day in elementary school I thought the fish was chicken nuggets and I ate it. My lips starting to swell up and my throat started to close. The teacher called the ambulance and I went to the hospital. The worst part was that I didn’t have my epi pen so they had to inject many shots into me. R.I.P

  24. So so so so sad for this man loving his son, him loving his son made me cry almost.

    im 19 now, my dad keep saying me he regret that he made me, when i was younger he try to avoid me and doesnt want to bring me out with him ever, hes so sad that im here with him, i destroyed his life, i ruined his plans, i make him fell bad, he is angry at me, i asked him why, he doesnt give an answer. May Allah help all of us in our different situations.

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