Dairy Allergies vs Lactose Intolerance

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Hi, it’s Jeff here from Summer Land Camel
Farm. The reason most people have an intolerance
or an allergy to dairy products is not because of lactose, believe it or not. It’s usually because of betalactoglobulin,
which is a protein in the milk. It’s in all sheep, cow and goat milk. But it’s not in camel milk. And that’s the number one reason why people
can consume camel milk and not have any allergic reaction, when they typically would have dairy
allergies. Now the other thing you should know is lactose. So a lot of people think they’re lactose intolerant. But recent research suggests that actually
that’s not true. We all have the enzyme lactase, that enables
us to digest lactose. Which is a sugar in all milks, in all dairy
– including human breast milk, which has a lot of lactose in it. More lactose than compared to other milks. So we all have that enzyme. But what happens, is when we consume dairy
products that have betalactoglobulin it, we have an immune response – an adverse immune
response to that protein. And that stops us producing the enzyme, and
therefore we have a problem with lactose. So the good news is – you don’t have lactose
intolerance most likely, what you do have is an allergy to betalactoglobulin, and you
can consume camel milk, because it’s not in there. So here’s to all those people with dairy intolerances.

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