Dairy IS Food Injustice – USDA 2020 Dietary Guidelines

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– I actually came here this morning to call out the racism that is inherent in the US Dietary Guidelines. – And it was real heaviness in the room. I think people really took note of that. I think there was some eyes popping, like whoa he’s going there. And it’s like yes, he
absolutely is going there. (logo pops) (logo whooshes) So the USDA, US Department of Agriculture reviews dietary guidelines for
Americans every five years. So this, in 2019 is their review period where they will then listen and assess and create new dietary
guidelines for Americans and release them in 2020. So we were there to
speak to the committee. It was about a 10 member committee. They had an open forum. You had to register to speak. I think hundreds, if not
thousands of people registered to speak and they ended
up selecting 72 speakers. And so we went to speak on behalf of moving over to a plant based diet. I specifically focused on
dairy and removing dairy as a food group for humans from the dietary guidelines for 2020. For athletes and non-athletes alike, the destructiveness of
dairy is multilayered. Well we had incredible
docs and nutritionists on the plant based side
speaking loud and proud. – My patients are confused. They’re confused by the guidelines and they’re confused
by the discussions here and they’re confused by bad science. – We cannot allow the
billion dollar meat industry to continue to subvert the science when so many million lives are at stake. – So I ask you to look at
the science very carefully. – This committee now has control
over our number one killer. – One of the most outdated recommendations by the dietary guidelines is
it’s commercially oriented push for Americans to consume dairy. – What was really incredible
about this opportunity was that it does fall in the
wake of a major breakthrough from Canada, our neighbors of the North in removing dairy as a
food group for humans from their dietary guidelines. – Canada’s decision to remove milk from a prominent position
in the Canadian food guide is a testament to that nation’s ability to support and respect science and it’s multicultural population. America should be no less aware and no less accountable
to all of its people. – Who is highlighted motivated
to speak to the committee on behalf of food and justice. I mean when Susan Levan
and I started discussing what I would talk about
we kind of were going in the direction more of
enhanced performance and health because I’m an athlete so
that would be the obvious. – Cow’s milk proteins, particularly casein which makes up 80% of cow’s milk have been shown to
increase mucus production in the gut and in the respiratory track. Impaired breathing, asthma,
and chronic runny nose can all be exacerbated
by drinking cow’s milk. By regularly consuming dairy products as a means of a recovery fuel, an athlete’s acute inflammation and oxidative stress can become chronic. Leading to prolonged
recovery, muscle fatigue, cell damage, and even elevate one’s risk of chronic diseases. But I absolutely could not go there and just talk about those two subjects. First of all I knew the doctors would have the health aspect covered
quite well as they did and I just felt really
compelled and that it was a duty that I go there and speak
on behalf of food injustice. For the USDA to continue to
put its stamp of approval on a product that I
unnecessary and unhealthy and rooted in a highly oppressive
system is unconscionable. Animal products like
dairy, they’re wrought, completely wrought with grave injustices and the most important to know is that 65% of Americans can’t
tolerate cow’s milk. They’re intolerant and we know
it as lactose intolerance. But truly, the truth is that people that cannot digest cow’s
milk in adulthood are normal and those of us who can are abnormal. So we’re intolerant of something. The white people who
have been milking cows for god knows how long. (laughs) We have an enzyme in
our gut called lactase that digests our mother’s breast milk. And around the age of four as
mother nature would have it that enzyme turns off because
we no longer need breast milk. – There is no scientific
or nutritional reason for people to be consuming dairy products. We have no more reason to
suck on the teets of a cow then we have to suck on the
breast of a post-partum weasel. – So in white people or the people who have been milking
cows which are inherently mostly northern European white people. We actually have the genetic mutation that keeps that lactase enzyme
turned on through adult hood. So we are the abnormal ones and a lot of the America’s population as well as the world’s population who cannot tolerate cow’s milk in a much higher percentage
is 86% of African descent and 95% to 98% of people of Asian heritage can’t tolerate lactose or the
casein in cow’s milk at all. And so we presented this
idea of food injustice to the committee to say, hey listen, a really large majority of
your people can’t tolerate this and it’s actually making them very sick. – The vast majority of people
of color in this country are intolerant of the
lactose that’s in milk. Yet because they think
they have to eat this stuff they go out, eat it, get sick, and think that they have
some sort intestinal problem. – Because the symptoms
of lactose intolerance are anywhere from stuffy
nose in the morning, to asthma, to waking up
with mucus in your lungs, to constipation, diarrhea,
stomach bloating, cramping. I mean they’re really
pretty serious feelings that people have when they
can’t tolerate cow’s milk or any derivative of it, right? So cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, butter, whatever it might be. So I’m hoping that the USDA
will listen to this point and say hey wait a minute, this is something we
should consider taking off because if almost 65% of our
population can’t digest this and it’s not a good food for them because it’s making them sick, why on Earth would it be on their plate? – When I encourage them
to stop eating dairy their problems cleared up. And so it’s really outrageous
to encourage people to eat foods we know will make them sick, particularly when the number one reason advanced for dairy foods
is it’s calcium content but African American women are genetically protected
against getting osteoporosis so we’re making them
sick for no good reason. – So in regards to Dr.
Milton Mills comments and one of the very first things he said when he came up to the
microphone in pointing out that sitting up before us the committee there was no ethnic diversity whatsoever. – I actually came here this
morning to call out the racism that is inherent in the
US Dietary Guidelines but then as I got a
look at this committee, I suddenly understood why it’s
such an intractable problem. This committee bares no relationship to the general makeup
of the American populace and whoever put it together is clearly still practicing
the optics of tokenism. – So it really was a
bunch of white people, a couple women, but mostly white men and so I think he made
a really strong point before he even went into
the injustices about dairy. And there was a real
heaviness in the room. I think people really took note of that, I think there was some eyes popping like whoa he’s going there. And it’s like yes, he
absolutely is going there. – It is outrageous to have a committee that does not reflect
the American population and as non-minority
members of this committee I should think you would be embarrassed looking round this table. – Because it’s a problem, it’s a problem that we have these injustices
in our dietary guidelines and if you look at who’s
creating these guidelines it’s not ethnically diverse whatsoever. – Those who cannot effectively digest the lactose in cow’s milk, they experience really painful symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, gas, nausea, diarrhea, constipation. Why on Earth does the
USDA have a food category on the dietary guidelines for Americans that makes over half of sick, uncomfortable, and unable to breath? For human health, for human performance, for planetary responsibility,
and for food injustice, we cannot push this so called food group on human beings that over
half of us cannot digest. – So I want to encourage
you to get the racism out and get the dairy out, please
do your job, thank you. (logo whooshes)
(dramatic music) – We are so excited for
everything that we’re doing and planning in the future. Switch for good. You can check us out at switchforgood.org. We have a podcast if you’re
interested in listening weekly to thrilling, amazing, incredible athletes as well as doctors and nutritionists, and dieticians, and physiologists. We’ve got some just kick
ass guests on the podcast. And as you guys know at Plant Based News we do a lot of education
and inspiration video style and you know graphic and meme work too.

33 thoughts on “Dairy IS Food Injustice – USDA 2020 Dietary Guidelines

  1. I am from Japan, and I can not drink milk…
    My friends drink Starbucks just because American Marketing, because they don't like coffee with milk more thank coffee alone or tea.
    Many young Japanese people are changing their habits because American Marketing like fast food and dairy food.

  2. How is Dr. Milton overweight and plant based?….I cannot keep weight loss from happening on a low fat, whole foods, plant based diet, lol.

  3. All of the people that are eating meat have the part of metabolism turned on the same way it's turned on for milk, then.
    Especially in their brains.
    So Society is a quarantined group of control groups and test groups.

    Screw legislature, in a hurricane they don't pass a bill to decide to force everybody to evacuate…. in Florida with the fabricated circumstance of citrus canker, it didn't go through legislation for people sitting in cubicles to raid everybody's yards and take all of our citrus trees under the authority of the Department of Agriculture backed by the threat of the police.

    Everyday common people are living in devastation because of administrative pressures links to money and property that keep them from being able to focus and commit to choices especially when there are no opportunities or time periods of Grace for the transition.
    Many facets of government and court systems are just a regime to keep people in devastation and under threat.
    I do mention how our food supply and environment is affected by this in my video:


    But hey, if people don't want to get healthy and live a better life at the cost of everyone else because they are too weak or blind or entrapped, it will be what we can make of it.

    I feel the proof of not drinking milk and eating corpses of dead animals that I couldn't possibly kill with my bare Hands and Teeth anymore.

  4. Vapes and cigarettes and alcohol and prescription pills have a place because people have health imbalances.
    Wars and negative mentalities exist because people have health imbalances.
    It's a masochistic Society of Martyrs

  5. OK, dairy is not good…but this is stupid. It's not racist to have dairy on a food chart. BTW, most people are stupid and uneducated. Who will teach them where to get enough D3, iodine, etc with eating just plants? Does the vegan food guide come with that information? If not, it's completly irresponsbile idealistic horseshit. Sorry, but that's the truth.

  6. Us dietary guidelines is a business. Imagine you had a product that they show on that plate saying you should eat this everyday. It's corruption been this way since usda fda inception.

  7. We still get sick 😞
    Im vegan and have not consumed dairy for 6 years but I still catch colds and that’s because of the immense dairy products my parents made me eat and I continued because they made me believe that it was necessary for calcium vit D and such as if that’s the only source to get those benefits from 🙄 (society has a lot to learn 🤦🏽‍♀️)
    And anyways the way my parents taught me to eat took a toll on my body and being vegan is NOT fixing it. That toll is a low immune system.
    I tried all kinds of naturalistic strategy to boost my immune system to no avail. I’m actually sick right now with a terrible TERRIBLE cold 😣
    BUT some people DO improve their immune system going plant-based but sadly it’s too late for many of us like me 😖

    I did get other benefits though from going vegan
    *when I went vegan I weighed 150 and that was too big for a 5’1 and my weight started going down down down up to a perfect 120. I thought it was going to go more down but it remained at 120 for a little bit then started going up again and stopped at 125. Was afraid it was going to go more up but nope stayed at 125 then went back down to 120. And that’s what it do still; doesn’t go pass 120 and doesn’t go pass 125 ☺️ a GREAT benefit to stay at a perfect balanced w8 🥰

    *I had hyperthyroidism since my early 20s and doctors kept wanting me to kill my thyroid telling that’s the only way to fix the problem. But I remained strong and kept refusing and SOOOOO glad I did. After 3 years Vegan NO MORE HYPERTHYROIDISM yeeeaaay! 💕💖💞

    Now I believe that the reason I can’t get my immune system to par (as I also still suffer from exercise induced asthma) is because I was born with a low immune system already. Since little I had exercise induced asthma and my mom never took care of it. She actually denied it. Then to add salt to the wound she fed me dairy that not to hers or anyone else’s awareness WAS MAKING MY IMMUNE SYSTEM WORSE 🤦🏽‍♀️
    So now adult and vegan I still have a terrible low immune system 😓

  8. Dr. Milton Mills, what you say is interesting.
    … is this why new age music like the song: ' Starboy' makes me feel lethargic and sick and very negative?
    ( I still like old school rap and hip-hop though, it doesn't give me a headache.)

    I also have an educated and experienced opinion on the people in our state governments and courthouses and police stations that may contribute to the amount of information that is necessary to diagnose our problems with committees and organizations and agencies.
    My angle is a little different because I point out hypocrisy and personal liability as far as who contributes to all of the travesties we must address today.

    I greatly appreciate your perspective and although I am a light skinned half Cypriot whose parents came to the US with permission, I try to remain neutral enough to be productive. I see the same Grace of neutrality as far as you in your perspective.
    Here is the link if you'd like to have a look:
    Thank you both along with your supporters for helping us.

  9. So glad Dr. Mills played the racism card, it is absolutely necessary to state the obvious again and again to Washington!!!!!

  10. Oh God its a total freak show in the Plant Based Movement. "Dairy is Racist" lmao. Who is running for 2020? Greger might not make it another 7 years.

  11. I'm trying so hard to go vegan but & don't miss meat, I can cope with eliminating cheese, but struggle with an alternative to milk for my tea & coffee. I am full of admiration to all you people who actively support this powerful movement for our sake, our poor animals and ultimately, our planet.

  12. The Impossible Burger is Vegan but is still served with smoked cheddar cheese at White Castle… unless you request that they hold the cheese. The Impossible Burger at Burger King is topped with mayonnaise. You have to ask them to hold the mayo. It’s odd that although more restaurants are providing vegan options, they’re still routinely serving them with egg and dairy products. Some consumers may not realize that the cheese is not dairy free, the mayonnaise is not vegan, & that they’re not avoiding these foods. The point of the matter is that more restaurants and even schools may serve more affordable vegan options that replace eggs and dairy if it was government subsidized.

  13. Very interesting video. Although I agree, I bet they won't ever remove dairy from the guidelines. It will ruin the industry and the government won't take responsibility for their recommendation all these years. Too much pride and it always about the money. They'll probably just add a statement along the lines of plants based products are also a great source of nutrition.🙄. I just continue to educate people and share articles and videos.

  14. Just more propaganda . Stop dairy all together. Oh, but I didn't see him mention all the menthol cigarette and Schlitz malt liquor ads.

  15. I had a very bad chest most of my life. Had joints damaged at a young age, ended up Osteoparossis also etc .
    As soon as I stopped dairy all of these symptoms stopped, after decades of feeling unwell bd loss of quality of
    life. Why are we suing there arses off. ???? Now I'm all plant based milks etc. Trying to correct all my bones the dairy industries destroyed. And meat GMO slaughter another horror story that's being forced upon heathy bodies. I'm fully VEGAN best thing I ever did.☝️ don't be controlled brainwashed with BS

  16. He did not make a strong point…he made a racist point. I don't care who makes the guidelines. It should be based on science and health. Get Dairy OFF the menu.

  17. One thing I've noticed is that grocery store plant milks are heavily "fortified" with calcium. It's actually dangerous to take calcium supplements, and the level of calcium in grocery store plant milks is at supplement level. If you think about it, the calcium supplementation in plant milks is based on the amount of calcium in cow's milk, and we all know that consuming cow's milk for calcium is completely unnecessary. If cow's milk is unnecessary, why are we trying to make plant milks a direct replacement for cow's milk?

    It's like they're still in a pro-dairy mindset with the requirements for plant milk.

  18. It never made sense to me, once I turn on my common sense light 43yr ago. My parents feed me cows milk. They were only following the norm. When decided to stop people thought I was losing my mind ,and when I gave up eating dead flesh they thought I was going to die. Following the advice of people who only care about money can be hazardous to your health.

  19. I find the "hush hush" responses on this thread to be concerning & disappointing (I'd especially expect more from the fellow-vegans here). Why is everyone tiptoeing around the thumbnail & KEY POINT of this clip (racism is inherently intertwined within the making of dietary guidelines)…"Dairy IS Racist" it's a multilayered Injustice that particularly targets LOW-INCOME COMMUNITIES & PEOPLE OF COLOR the MOST. Period. I can just feel the cringe & sugar-coating on this thread… it's NOT JUST ENOUGH TO HIGHLIGHT THE INJUSTICES DONE TO ANIMALS & NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THE STRATEGIC WARFARE WAGED AGAINST PARTICULAR COMMUNITIES. If you do-gooder vegans are uncomfortable acknowledging this…then you real need to re-asses what you're advocating for in you're comfy little bubbles. Research the distinction between the phrases "Black Lives Matter" versus "All lives Matter" for starts. Or better yet, read the book Sistah Vegan. Thanks.

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