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Hey, everybody, this is Klaus from plant-based news. We get a lot of hater comments on this channel from people eating meat that, want to kind of defend their position. We’ve got one particular letter that, was two pages long and it was criticising Dr. Milton Mills video for us, which went viral on Facebook a couple months ago and as a result of that Dr. Milton Mills has responded on camera please see Dr. Milton Mill’s rebuttal coming up I hope you enjoy. Hello, my name is Dr. Milton Mills and I’m here with plant-based news, and today I’m going to be addressing some issues that were raised in a letter that, was posted online in response to another Plant-based news video I did, talking, about the dangers of dairy food. Unfortunately this letter is full of factual errors and it is very poorly researched, and so I felt like I needed to address the issues that were raised so that I could put the truth out there and let people know that everything I said in that original video was based on solid science it’s trustworthy and The things that this author Thought, he, was bringing up was in essence Full of as I said factual errors mistakes and a lot of nonsense. So, what i have in my hand is a post that some Person, blogger I’m not sure put online after watching a video I did for plant-based news talking about the dangers of consuming dairy, and the individual that posted this essentially called himself taking me to task for several of the positions that I took in the the video and you know Again, I understand that people may think that they know, more than they know But you know I have to say that if you’re, gonna attack a video that I’ve made talking, about the health and diet you’re gonna have to do more than come at me with this sort of callow arrogance and poorly informed hew and a cursory internet search, because I can guarantee you When I say something it’s based on solid science and I’m gonna forward to plant based news a list of articles and a very lengthy list supporting all of the positions that I’m taking here but For instance, this author starts off as saying overall there are several issues with this video “Firstly he claims that humans do not need dairy for anything as humans have used dairy for 3,000 years yet humans are much older” and what he’s referring to is I’m made the point that according to current theories of the evolution of homo sapiens homo sapiens are felt to be That is modern humans to be about a hundred thousand years old. and I did say in the video that the practice of dairying, that is using other mammals for the milk, is only about three thousand years old, and I should make a slight correction the earliest known evidence for the use of mammals for their milk is as old and as 6,000 years in certain areas of the world, but in Western European countries it’s about three thousand years that we have good evidence for the use of dairy foods. But the point that I was making is that human beings again, according to evolution theory, existed for almost hundred thousand years before, we started using other mammals for their milk, so clearly we don’t need it and it’s really absurd to argue that any mammal needs to drink the milk of another species. That’s just, absurd on its face. Milk is a secretion that female mammals, make that is designed to feed their babies. Nature, god, whoever you want to pull into this conversation, never intended that as adults we would be drinking our own milk, let alone the milk of another species, so you know The way I look at it you know I don’t I’m sometimes even reluctant to call milk a food, I mean it’s a material that we can ingest and it’s a material that we can ingest for you know fun for the taste of it or just because we like it, but in my mind it’s like using some recreational drug, I mean it’s not necessary yeah, it’s optional, but you it’s not something that you have to do or that you need to do. and Humans, do not have to drink cow’s milk or goat’s milk or sheep’s milk and we don’t and it doesn’t supply any nutrient that we can’t get elsewhere in our diet, and so again In the author’s attempt to take me to task for my statement about how unimportant dairy is for the survival of our species he’s simply poorly informed. Moreover I should make the point that worldwide the vast majority of humans are lactose intolerant meaning that as our almost essentially all mammals and I’m have to explain the little chemistry here so that this will make sense to people. The sugar that is in mammal’s milk is called lactose. But what lactose is is what’s called a di-saccharide, meaning it’s a two individual sugar molecules that are linked together into one molecule but our bodies can only, absorb single sugar molecules, so in order to be able to absorb lactose you have to make an enzyme called lactase that actually splits the lactose molecule Into its two individual sugars: Glucose and Galactose. All infant mammals make tons of lactase because of course, they have to be able to absorb the lactose in their mother’s milk. But as mammals mature and are weaned their bodies stop making this enzyme, and it makes sense, because manufacturing enzymes are very large proteins that require a lot of intracellular machinery to actually create and then position in the digestive tract, so that they can do their function. It makes no sense to continue making an enzyme that you really don’t need, and since all mammals except humans, stop drinking milk, once they are weaned, all mammals stop making lactase as they become mature and that is also true for the vast majority of people around the world. The only people who have become what’s called lactase-persistent and that is they have a genetic mutation that causes them to continue making lactase throughout their lifetime are people who hail from an area in the world, where the practice of dairying or using the milk of other mammals for food was common. So for instance in Northern European countries there’s a very high percentage of people who are lactase-persistant and There are also certain East African tribes that have traditionally had a sort of pastoral economy where they used milk, and they are also Lactase-persistent, but everybody else just fluidly lactose-intolerant, and that’s really emphasised in this country when you look at people of color. So the statistic shows follows 95% of Asians are lactose intolerant, 74 percent of African Americans, seventy percent to 73 percent of native Americans, and 53 percent of Hispanic Americans are lactose intolerant. That as opposed to Caucasian Americans where lactose intolerance is only about 33%. Actually amongst African Americans if there hadn’t been The sort of rapes of slave women that caused the mixing of European genes with, west African genes the prevalence of lactose intolerance would be even higher than the 74%, but clearly the majority of people of color are Lactose intolerant and again that’s true around the world and that is why I helped co-author a paper, where i talked, about institutional racism In the US dietary guidelines because the US dietary guidelines, which are put out by the Department of Agriculture and that health human services recommends that people eat dairy foods, and they recommend this knowing that if people color consuming foods they’re, going to get sick. But what’s worse is that there really is no benefit to consuming dairy foods. Now, the number one reason, dairy foods are tagged is supposedly they are the best source of calcium, but the problem is that dairy calcium in the majority of studies that have been done on it have not been shown to be protective against osteoporosis, which is weakening of the bones, or against bone fractures, such as hip fractures or vertebral fractures. There are one or two studies that suggest, there may be some benefit but the vast majority of the studies do not show benefit and in fact Harvard Nurses Health Study showed that the women, who consumed the most milk had the highest risk of hip fracture, and if you look worldwide at dairy consumption, dairy consumption is highest in those countries that have the highest incidence of osteoporosis and weak bones so there is no real benefit for consuming dairy foods if your goal is calcium consumption. but What’s even worse is that whole is very high in saturated fat. It has proteins that have been shown to be to have been linked to a number of cancers and particularly in this country where the cows are artificially impregnated and treated with a variety of hormones, including Growth hormone and so forth, the milk and dairy foods tend to be very very high in estrogens, Growth hormone, which increases the level of something called Insulin-Like Growth Factor or IGF in humans and Studies have shown, that humans that have higher levels of IGF higher risk of the metabolic syndrome, Crohn disease but particularly cancers. He, he, also kind of veers off topic because he says… oh he talks, about the fact that… I pointed out that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that Human babies not be exposed to cow’s milk until they are more than a year of age. And the reason is studies have consistently shown, and in this this all diatribe he claims that there’s no evidence for it, again That points to his ignorance, because there are many many many studies showing that early exposure to cow’s milk for human infants increases their risk of iron deficiency anemia, because of the proteins in the milk, but it also markedly increases their risk of developing type 1 diabetes, and Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune phenomenon where the body attacks the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas and kills them, and part of what happens is babies are born with an incomplete set of digestive enzymes. Proteins are digested by being cleaved, by a suite of about five different digestive enzymes and If you have all five of those enzymes you can then take any protein and break it down into all of its individual amino acids. Well, one of the things that babies are supposed to get from their mothers its passive immunity, meaning that they will they are supposed to absorb antibodies in the mother’s milk so that that will help them ward off diseases that their immature immune systems haven’t had a chance to react to. And the reason that they’re able to do that is because they don’t have all of the protein-digesting enzymes, so instead of breaking proteins up into individual amino acids babies break the proteins up into large fragments, and then and they are able to absorb protein fragments, well, again, that allows them to absorb their mothers antibodies intact. But what happens when in certain genetically susceptible individuals when they are exposed to Bovine serum Albumin it’s chopped up into protein fragments that when they’re absorbed the body recognises this as a non-human protein fragment and it makes antibodies against those cows milk protein fragments? Well in certain instances again In these genetically susceptible Individuals if they have these antibodies to the cow’s milk protein if they get certain kinds of infections those Proteins will then attack their insulin-producing cells and kill them, and they end up with type 1 diabetes, and so that’s why it’s recommended that you don’t expose human infants to cow’s milk until they have all of their digestive enzymes and that means they have to be older than year old. Well, there’s very good reasons for never exposing your child to cow’s milk protein, so because it’s not just as I said the risk of type 1 diabetes, excuse me, it’s also the risk of iron-deficiency anemia because of negative reaction to the proteins in the cow’s milk. And then there’s also the fact that cow’s milk has been associated with exacerbation of problems like asthma and respiratory issues. And that may sound odd to people initially, well you know, why would milk cause respiratory problems? Well, again and any infant mammal comes into the world with a very immature immune system and a need to grow. So its mother’s milk has to do several things: one Stimulated to grow, but to also Well actually I should say, three things: the second thing is confer passive immunity While the baby’s immune system is starting to rev up, but it also stimulates that baby’s immune system, and when you think about the way that our respiratory tree keeps itself clean it’s through the production of mucus. Our entire respiratory is lined with mucus, which is designed to trap dust bacteria, fungi, and not permit it to get down into the lungs and we either cough it up and spit it out or we swallow it, where the bugs are killed by digestive enzymes. And so one of the things that milk does is it helps rev up the production of mucus. Well that’s fine if you’re a baby mammal and you need to get your immune system jump-started but if you are an adult or a child, who already has asthma or other respiratory problems, like chronic sinusitis that extra mucus production then causes you to have more asthma exacerbation, makes you more prone to getting respiratory infections, and sinusitis, so that’s yet another reason to avoid it. And there are also studies that link the consumption of dairy to acne in teenagers and and again that’s probably through over stimulating their immune system which causes them there to have these breakouts. So there are a whole host of reasons that cow’s milk should be avoided. But getting back to my original point: the data on the link between cow’s milk and type 1 diabetes in children and iron deficiency anemia is solid and strong and again as I said I’ll forward this list of references, but here again, this is the problem with people, who really don’t know what they’re talking about, and they do these you know like I said very cursory Google searches, and they think they’re an expert, but really, they’re way off base and they’re providing erroneous information to people All right, so again the author of this paper brought up the comment I made about the linkages between dairy consumption and ovarian cancer and prostate cancer and he includes a reference that says that the link between dairy in ovarian cancer is equivocal. I mean there there are some studies that show a definitely; there are other showed studies that have failed to show a link. I think, that when you actually get the preponderance of studies most of them do suggest that there is a link between dairy consumption and ovarian cancer. Now, again, there are some studies that failed to show a link, but there’s no studies that show that dairy foods are protective against ovarian cancer. So what you have is the possibility that consuming dairy foods raises the risk for ovarian cancer, and no, the link is not definitive, but there is evidence that there is a causal link. So, my question to you is: Why should women risk, their lives ingesting material they don’t need, when there’s a chance it could cause one of the most lethal cancers that can strike a woman? The vast majority of women who develop ovarian cancer die from it, because by the time they become aware of it it is already spread and it is very difficult to treat and it in general mostly kills these women. so you have a possible link between the consumption of dairy foods in a very lethal cancer on one hand and no real benefit on the other. So, why would you play Russian roulette with your health? So that’s again, a good reason that I think women should avoid consuming dairy foods. Now, he also claims that there is no evidence about prostate cancer, and I’m going to… Let me try and talk about this in as controlled fashion as I can, because that is a ignorant and racist attitude. Let me explain why I say that in the United States African-American men have more than twice the prevalence of prostate cancer compared to Caucasian men, and when African-American men develop prostate cancer it is more aggressive, it is harder to treat, and it kills us much more quickly and much more often than the varieties that strike white men. There are very strong links between dairy consumption and prostate cancer. Again, the provider stack of studies, the links are extremely strong, and so for this person in his ignorance and stupidity to go online and suggest that there’s no linkage between prostate cancer and dairy foods is as I said not only ignorance, but it is the arrogance that comes from someone who grew up in white culture, and has never had a problem consuming these foods. He has no right to place African-American men and other people of African ancestry at higher risk because of his ignorance, and he needs to shut his mouth in this regard because the link between, dairy foods and prostate cancer is very strong. And you know my mother named me after her one and only brother, and my uncle died from metastatic prostate cancer, so this is something that hits me, i mean you know, right right in the chest. Not only do I did it kill my uncle, but I have several good friends who’ve actually died in their 50s from prostate cancer so this is no joke and it’s nothing to play with, and he needs to stop talking about things he does not understand. Again, the author of this paper again, attacks me because he says that, while I talked about the problems associated with consuming dairy I didn’t mention the fact that dairy has other nutrients in it like protein, but we’ve already touched on the fact that dairy protein is not healthy, and in fact if you read the China Study, Dr. Colin Campbell showed that dairy protein was strongly linked to liver cancer in children and it’s been linked to a number of other problems including multiple sclerosis and other other issues. So dairy protein not only is it not necessary, it should be avoided. But he talks about the fact that dairy has nutrients like magnesium and phosphorus and yeah, and vitamin D We’ll set aside what’s called vitamin D and come back to that. To suggest that someone should drink milk to get their phosphorus, potassium and magnesium is like suggesting that someone inhaled cigarette smoke to get oxygen. Yeah, there’s oxygen in it but there’s a whole lot of other stuff that will harm you and the same thing is true for the dairy food. There are magnesium, phosphorus and potassium are widely available in all sorts of plant foods that have all sorts of nutrients and phytochemicals and and other things that are good for you; you do not need to suck on the teeth of a cow to try to get phosphorus. That’s just the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Now, I want to come back to this whole I get a quote unquote “vitamin D.” What we call vitamin D is a compound that chemically is like 125 Dihydroxy calciferol. It is a substance that our bodies will make when, we have our skin exposed to sunlight. The only reason that hormone started being called a vitamin was because early on the dairy industry began adding it to milk to make the consumption of dairy foods more attractive. So they put it in the milk and then they called it vitamin D. That would be like me putting testosterone in milk and calling it vitamin T – it’s not a vitamin, it’s a hormone. And 125 dihydroxy calciferol is not a vitamin it’s a hormone, and it’s a hormone as I said that all humans make when we have skin exposed to sunlight for significant periods of time. Now, granted, there is a problem for humans living in more northerly latitudes because of the temperate weather and the you know longer winters, we tend to be covered up and we tend to be indoors, so we don’t get the sun exposure we need to make adequate amounts of the Calciferol, but you can get so-called vitamin D supplements, you don’t have to drink milk to get it. There you can go to your drugstore and get your little bottle of vitamin D3, take it every day and you’re fine. And / or if you are able to be out the sun where you have your arms and torso exposed for you know at least a half an hour to an hour a day, depending on the latitude, you’ll make your own. But again you, don’t need to ingest this unnatural compound just because they poured something in it to try and sucker you into getting it.

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