Dakota Allergy & Asthma Promotion Video 2017

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They’re out there, lurking, waiting to attack. It’s your allergies. You’ve tried to avoid them but they follow
you everywhere you go. You’ve even tried all the antihistamines and
nasal steroids and still those pesky allergies hang on. You can’t shake them. They make you downright miserable. You’ve battled the sneezing, itchy, and
watery eyes not to mention the congested itchy nose, nasal drainage, and constant coughing. So what should you do? Let’s review. Are you currently taking antihistamines or
nasal steroids? Are you still sick all the time even while
taking medications? Are you avoiding life activities because you
are miserable but you are trying to avoid the allergens? Are you tired of taking your meds all the
time? If you answered “Yes” to these questions,
then it’s time to see Dr. Bubak, a Board Certified Allergist, and his team. Get seen. Get treated. Get better. Your visit to Dakota Allergy and Asthma will
start with a thorough medical history and examination to determine if it’s really allergies
or another condition you are struggling with. If needed, allergy testing will be performed
to help determine the cause of your symptoms. A summary visit and consultation with your
provider will outline the course of treatment to help you feel good again. If personalized allergy shots are in your
treatment plan, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Following allergy shots, nearly eighty-percent
of the people with allergic rhinitis benefit from allergy shot treatment. Be sure to see your provider for regular check
ups and maintain the allergy treatment plan set up for you. Send those nasty allergies packing. The providers and staff at Dakota Allergy
and Asthma will help you stop hiding from allergies and enjoy life again. The road to your allergy relief isn’t far
away. Schedule your appointment with the doctors
at Dakota Allergy and Asthma today.

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