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ABBY: I think that’s
definitely enough for today. You are dismissed. But before you guys go, we have
two more solos and no dancers to do them. We know we’re down one kid,
and we might be down two. So do you think
she’s giving out one, or do you think
she’s giving out two? I don’t know. I have three solos
competing this weekend– Pressley, which is fine. Then I have Elliana,
who doesn’t have the schoolwork thing taken care
of yet, so she’s on the fence. And I have Savannah’s
solo left to fill. So I’m waiting for one of these
girls to just raise their hand and say, I think I can do it. I want to do a solo
that was choreographed for somebody else. So who thinks they can
do Savannah’s solo? What tricks do you do, Hannah? (WHISPERING) What? I can’t hear you. The answer to the question
is, Abby, I could do this, this, this. Just say it. She’s afraid to
open her mouth. The longer she takes, the
worse this is going to be. Abby is testing you. Speak clearly, loudly. Be assertive. Put this whole “this
13-year-old doesn’t deserve on this team” thing to rest. We’re not losing
another soldier. Hannah, tell me
what you can do. ANN: Hannah banana. Hannah! Get in here right now. Hey, she wants you to walk in. You have to walk in. Calm down. Walk on my hands, elbow
stands, and chin stands. Walk up to her and say that, OK? Look at me. Let’s go. Come on. She is not. She’s not. She’s not going to yell at you. You’re the strongest
person I know. You can do this. [laughs] Ann has got to
stop speaking for Hannah. I mean, seriously, if you don’t
let your girl use her voice, she’s never going to make it
in the dance world, period. Where have you been? Why? You ask little kids– ask a
five-year-old, what’s the most advanced trick you can do? And they’re going to be
like– (IMITATING CHILD) –one-handed cartwheel,
locked-hand cartwheel. You obviously don’t know. Forget it. You’re not getting a solo. Nope, nope, nope, nope. WOMAN: I feel so bad for Hannah. Honest to God. She had a panic attack,
because she doesn’t want to be yelled at from you. And she’s so scared right now. ABBY: Then you need to go home. We’re not going home. We’re here for a reason! I know, but I’m
not going to teach a kid that’s afraid of me.
That’s psycho. That’s nuts. ANN: Well, no! (SIGHING) Oh, my gosh. You should be lucky
I know your name. I think you’re being
mean to Hannah right now. I was asking her
to do the new solo! We’re done. ANN: Abby.
– We’re finished. Abby. We are finished. I’ll never say your name again.
Don’t worry, sweetheart. ANN: No, please don’t.
– You won’t get picked on. No one’s going to accuse
me of picking on a kid. Bull. (SOBBING) Why do you
have to be so mean to her? Get out.
Go. I’m leaving!
Don’t worry! ABBY: Get out. Get out. Get out. You shouldn’t be in
here yelling at me. You should be out there yelling
at a 13-year-old kid that can’t remember what tricks she does. That’s ridiculous. Maybe if you gave
her the same respect that you give other
kids, maybe she would be able to answer your question. That’s nuts. Hannah is never going
to be an Abby dancer unless she learns to speak. I mean, come on. This kid’s not
ready to do a solo. No way in hell week.

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